TrailMaster Go Kart Prices And Reviews

As a child, is there anything more exciting than the raw power of a go-kart? Okay, maybe for some kids there is, but these mini cars make the top of the list. Bringing the fun of the racetrack to your home is easier than ever these days.

With that possibility, however, comes a lot of models on the market to choose from. How can you decide which one is the best? You want something fun, but it also has to be safe and reliable for your child. What about a TrailMaster go kart? 

If you’ve come across these products and wondered whether they’re worth the purchase, then this article is for you. Here’s everything you need to know about them as well as our personal opinion on their go-kart products. 

What Is a TrailMaster Go Kart and How Does it Work?

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TrailMaster is a well-known brand when it comes to all-terrain vehicles. Their karts and buggies are trusted by thousands of individuals who love the outdoors, so you might assume that their line of go-karts is also reputable. 

That’s a safe assumption. The company produces premium go-karts and parts for children as well as adults that live up to the standards of their ATVs. While you or your child won’t be climbing the side of a mountain in these, you can have a blast riding them. 

You’ve probably seen a handful of go-kart styles at a local racetrack, but TrailMaster’s models are a little different. Instead of featuring race car-type bodies with open tops, these models employ a roll cage design similar to their ATVs. 

They feature four burly wheels ranging from tread made for the street to tread designed for off-road enjoyment. Almost every model is a two-seater, allowing you to enjoy this product with your child, and they vary wildly in engine strength. Choosing the right model is often a matter of who will be driving this kart the most.

What Makes a TrailMaster Go Kart Unique? 

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Off the bat, any TrailMaster go-kart is unique in name alone. This company has a longstanding reputation for producing top-quality products, and their go-karts are no exceptions. These are top of the line in build quality, safety, and design. While there are competing companies that also produce high-quality products, Trailmaster is often considered one of the best. 

As for the go-karts themselves, each model is crafted to be unique from the next. There’s the XRX-R 200cc kids’ model with its superb emphasis on safety, 30mph top speed, and electric start engine. Then there is the EPA certified 150cc with a 500lb capacity and backup 12V battery. Every model is different, and getting to know them will help you make the best buying decision.


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Pricing for TrailMaster go-kart models varies wildly from one model to the next. Your retailer of choice can also tack on cost, so knowing where to buy them comes in handy. Prices can range from around $1,000 to over $4,000. Since the model drastically changes the price, we’ve included a few to help you get a better idea of what this might cost you. 

When it comes to a go-kart your kids can enjoy, the TrailMaster MINI XRX is one of the top rated. It’s small stature, and automatic transmission make it kid-friendly, while ample amounts of design safety features ensure your little ones are kept safe. This model costs $1,050. 

The 150cc XRX GTS is another popular model, which features a more rugged design and lights for nighttime excursions. Its cargo holder in the back makes it camping-friendly, while a more powerful motor, better tread, and mud flaps make it more off-road capable than the MINI. This model costs $2,464. 

The 200cc XRX is similar to the 150cc model but takes away some additional features in favor of a simpler appeal and more power. It is designed to whip through trails and give its passengers a thrilling experience. This model costs $1,364. 

The 300cc model brings back the rear cargo area, adds a water-cooled engine, and boasts a max speed of 50mph. A C.D.I. starting system keeps things simple, while it’s climbing ability of 18 degrees allows you to get down and dirty. With upgraded shocks, electronics, and side mirrors, this model costs a cool $3,850. 

Finally, several owners enjoy the mid-size 200cc XRX-R for their family, which features everything on the regular 200cc on a smaller scale. This model is excellent for blazing trails or simply riding around for fun. Its price rests around $2,000. 

When shopping for TrailMaster products, Amazon is an excellent place to start. You can often find the best prices through this online marketplace, but don’t be afraid to shop around. We found that retailers like PowersportsMax, Power Ride Outlet, and GoKarts USA tended to be more expensive. Still, it doesn’t hurt to look. 

Public Perception 

Public perception is mixed when looking at different models. Some perform exceptionally and leave customers ecstatic, while others fail to hit the mark. Since this is a single brand, we’ve grouped the pros and cons from various models to help you identify TrailMaster’s strengths and weaknesses.

The number one positive comment was that children love these vehicles. It’s hard not to when you’re that age, even if the model features lower CCs. Speeding at 20mph can feel like 100mph if you’re young enough.

Parents were quick to point out safety highlights and concerns in their reviews. Certain models include added roll bars, upgraded brakes, and harnesses to increase the level of safety for their passengers. Others are a little barer, though every go-kart does feature roll protection.

Next, customers spoke about durability. Some models seem to be of higher quality than others. The 200cc Mid-XRX, for instance, featured several reviews detailing constant fixes and repairs. The XRX MINI was another model that seemed to come with excessive issues after a while of use. Engine issues were the top mentioned complaint regarding durability.

Reviewers also mentioned several aspects from lights to electric start motors. All in all, people were highly satisfied with the accessories and features of their go-karts. A few reviewers noted that their model could benefit from extra light bars due to excessive deer in their area.

After combing through countless reviews, we noticed that the smaller sized models had the most problems. From cylinder replacements to new shocks, it seems that durability was sacrificed for a compact size. That might not be an issue if you’re handy with an engine, but it could become a nightmare.

Larger models boasted the longest lifespans and the highest level of durability. Larger engines, a better roll cage, and higher-quality tires allow them to take a beating without stopping. One other issue we noticed, however, was that tipping the karts over could potentially cause the engine to flood. 

How It Compares 

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There are a few companies offering ample competition out there for TrailMaster, with Hammerhead and Coleman being the most popular. It’s important to compare companies, especially when making a larger purchase like a go-kart. 

TraiMaster vs. Hammerhead

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Hammerhead offers everything from small, simple design to sleek models with racing-style seating. Their smallest model is the Torpedo, which pumps out 136cc and is designed for children six and older. The largest of their lineup is the GTS Platinum, boasting nitrogen gas shocks along with a digital speedometer and 12V outlet. 

The main difference between these companies’ models is their use. Hammerhead models can handle rough terrain like any other go-kart, but their design and functionality is built more for fun. TrailMaster models, while also built for fun, feature a more rugged body for the avid outdoors type. 

Both can serve the same purpose, but Hammerhead lacks the horsepower that TrailMaster offers. If you want features, then Hammerhead might be a better option. If you need to use your vehicle for hobbies or work, then stick with TrailMaster.  

TrailMaster vs. Coleman 

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Coleman offers a comparable lineup to TrailMaster, featuring tugged karts with steel roll cages and plenty of horsepower. The first major distinction you’ll notice is that their smaller models are more powerful, featuring more torque. That can’t be said for every model, but it is true for many. 

As far as frame design goes, Coleman go-karts are similar in build to TrailMaster models. Most go karts are similar looking to comply with safety regulations in the most efficient way possible. Motors vary on all models, of course.

Price points drop dramatically with Coleman, saving hundreds of dollars on comparable models (when purchased from the right retailer). Not all models are trail-oriented, though. Several are more akin to the types of karts found on a racetrack with a roll cage added for protection.

What We Think 

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TrailMaster is a top brand in off-road vehicles and truck parts, which made it disappointing to hear that their go-karts weren’t as impressive as other products. We give their line of go-karts a 3 out of 5 stars overall, though some models far surpass others. Here’s how we came to that rating. 

First, we looked at durability. These off-road vehicles are going to flip over sometimes, tackle rough terrain, and occasionally take a beating from rocks or tree branches. The steel frames used in these go-karts are tough, and that’s something we like. You don’t have to worry about dings or your safety. 

Speaking of safety, there are a few changes we think could be made. Overall, the roll cage and harnesses do an excellent job of protecting passengers. However, we think adding at least one or two bars on the sides of the vehicle would be an improvement. Should your harness come undone for some reason, these would add an extra layer of protection.

As far as internal workings go, the larger models with more power are excellent. Every TrailMaster go kart can tackle rough ground, but those with higher CCs feature a far more stable engine. Compact models sacrifice this level of quality for their miniature stature, which is a letdown when purchasing these for children. 

Another aspect we weren’t happy to hear about was the amount of possible maintenance smaller models could potentially need. Go-karts are far from cheap, so we don’t expect customers to have to pay for repairs just a few months into ownership, especially with engine issues. 

We did enjoy the additional features found on several models. Added lights, easier starting mechanisms, and cargo bays in the back add an extra depth of safety and fun to using your TrailMaster go kart. While models without added features are cheaper, it might be beneficial to pay the extra money for some of them. Either way, having the option there is something we like. 

After looking at every aspect of TrailMaster’s go-karts, we simply weren’t as satisfied as we thought we would be. The company’s reputation is grand, but this lineup of XRX karts doesn’t live up to the standard set by their other products. It’s a little disappointing, but we decided to go with three stars since there are models worth your money.

Coupons and Deals 

After an extensive search, we weren’t able to find any reliable sources of coupons or deals currently taking place. What we did find was plenty of financing options from retailers, making your model of choice more affordable. 

We recommend waiting for company discounts, whether that’s an annual sale or a holiday special. Knocking a couple of hundred dollars off the price tag is well worth the wait for these go-karts. What we do not recommend is purchasing a used model. Here’s why.

Unless you know the person personally, picking up a used model could come with a headache. Several TrailMaster models require maintenance anywhere between a year to three years, with some customers reporting issues after just a couple of months. Buying a brand new model ensures you don’t have to worry about how well the previous owner treated their kart and prolongs the need for any repairs.

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