Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart


Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

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I want a Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart! I want to be able to get up to twelve miles an hour and then drift around the corners of my neighborhood streets as I zoom down the road. I think that any child would love to own this amazing electric go-kart. Out of all of the electric go karts for sale, this is one that I am sure the majority of kids will enjoy.

Razor Go Kart Drifter Review

The Razor go-kart drifter is a great investment toy for any parent. These riding toys will handle older children so your child will get to use the toy more than they would most other go karts for kids. The Razor go-karts are built so solidly that they last through many years of kid drifters if the go-kart is properly cared for.

Features I Love about this Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

The only feature that I really do not love about this Razor electric go kart is the fact that it supports weights of up to one hundred forty pounds only and I am heavier than that. This go-kart for kids is a toy that I would love to play with myself. It is sleek, attractively designed, and it looks like a blast to ride. The following features of the electric go-kart are ones that make me keep recommending this Razor go kart to all of my friends with kids.

Razor Ground Force Kart

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Bucket Seat with Shoulder Harness

You want your child to have a lot of fun while they ride their electric go-kart. Your kid’s fun factor will surely reach 100% once they sat on the bucket seat and buckle them up using the shoulder seat harness. These safety features will ensure you and your kid that they will be driving safely whenever they reach the maximum speed of 12 miles per hour and drifting around corners. Your kid will be the drift king or drift queen in the playground.

Slick Back Tires for Drifting

Very few of the electric go karts for sale come with specialized slick tires for drifting. The rear wheels are made of solid, sturdy plastic with larger slick, solid rubber tires. The front tires are molded aluminum rims with solid rubber tires. The larger rear wheels work in conjunction with the rear brake that causes the drifting and 180-degree cornering and spins to occur. Children will love that they can do the drifting tricks they see on their favorite movies, and their little friends who do not have electric go-karts with POM tires for drifting will be jealous.

Battery Charger Included

Not all electric go-karts with rechargeable batteries come complete with the battery charger, but theRazor go-kart does. It does make sense that Razor Ground Force drifter charger is included in the package because of the rechargeable battery that powers the electric kart’s engine.  This also means one less accessory that you have to buy before your child can thoroughly enjoy their new go kart for kids.

The initial charge is 12 hours to fully charge the battery pack. You need to turn off the kart’s power located at the back. Remove the plastic cap off the charging socket next to the power switch at the rear of the kart and then plug the supplied charging cable into the kart’s charging socket.

Plug the charger unit into the wall socket. Do not overcharge the kart for more than 12 hours. One full charge will last 45 minutes to one hour of riding time or a travel distance of 7-8 miles. All subsequent Razor Ground Force drifter battery charging will be 6 hours. What kind of battery is in razor ground force drifter kart? The Razor Ground Force drifter kart has two 12-volt batteries used in series making this a 24-volt system.

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Steel Frame

The kart’s frame and flooring are constructed from steel and durable plastics for the fairings. The kart weighs 65 lbs, and a flag comes with the package for added visual safety. Weight limit of the kart is 140 lbs. Your child will also be a lot safer if they were to ever have an accident using their go-kart because the steel frame will protect them where a plastic frame would shatter and allow them to be hurt.

There are no exposed holes in the floorboard that can scrape the driver’s feet. The Razor drifter is a solid, robust kit as compared to wooden go-karts. The durable paint-work will protect the frame from rust and corrosion. The opinions on the steering rack are protected by rubber covers to prevent the fingers from getting pinched or trapped in any moving parts. There is no suspension on all the wheels of the kart and Razor recommend it should only be used on smooth, flat surfaces only. The Razor Ground Force drifter parts need to be assembled out-of-the-box. Assembling the drifter kart is, and an Allen wrench is supplied in building the kart.

How fast does the razor ground force drifter go? Once assembled and fully charged; the Razor Ground Force drifter rear wheels, front wheels, and handlebars are fully checked, the kart can go up to 15 miles per hour.

The Drifter Brake

The go-kart brake works by squeezing the brake lever on the steering wheel just like when you brake on your bicycle. The brake lever pulls the brake cable that goes inside the steering column. The wire is fed out to the rear wheels a subsequent adjustment for the brake cable is also located. The brake mechanism is a belt that grips the brake drum on the wheel’s rear axle. The harder the squeeze, the faster it stops.

Steering Assembly

The handlebar is already assembled right out-of-the-box. Just install it to the frame, fasten the pinions and the steering mechanism is done. The bike-style brake lever is located on the left side while also the throttle control is mounted on the right-hand side.

The throttle is variable, meaning it has both half-speed and full-speed positions.

The Razor Ground Force Drifter can accelerate pretty well from a standing start due to the high torque of the electric engine and grippy Razor Ground Force Drifter tires.

Ground Force Drifter Kart

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  • Razor drift kart have variable speed
  • Chain driven motor
  • Race tuned chassis
  • Super slick back tires
  • Thumb trigger acceleration
  • Hand operated rear brakes
  • Can handle a weight of up to one hundred and forty pounds
  • Operates continuously for about forty minutes on each complete charge
  • Bucket seats with shoulder safety harness
  • Molded aluminum wheels
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Steel frame
  • Two 12V rechargeable batteries for power
  • Flag included
  • Battery charger included


  • Some assembly required

Razor Drift Kart Final Thoughts

One thing that you might want to purchase as an accessory to this electric go kart is a helmet. No one likes to think about the possibility of an accident but there is always a possibility of such an occurrence and a helmet is a protective gear that can stop a minor accident from becoming a major event. Refer to the owner’s manual for the correct operation and maintenance of the drift kart.

I highly recommend this item to everyone that I know.

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