New XRX 300cc Go Kart Trail Master Brand

New XRX Go Kart 300cc Trail Master Brand

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Speed, power, precision handling, and realistic safety features make this off road 300cc go kart one of my favorite riding devices for me and my kids. I like the fact that these dune buggy styles go kart can handle about five hundred pounds of weight so that I can ride with my kids, or I can ride alone when I choose to.

Features I Love about this Trail Master 300cc Go Kart

This off road go kart for kids has numerous features that make it a great buy in my opinion. I decided to select a few of those features and talk about them here. There are a lot more things to love about this machine; these are just the first ones that popped into my mind.

Electric Start Battery

You can go ahead and call me lazy but I like an electric start off road go kart. I like having the back-up pull rope to start the machine when the battery malfunctions, but for the majority of the rides I want to be able to turn a key and hear the motor fire up. I do not like to pull on a rope repeatedly every time I want to ride the machine, or when my kids want to ride the machine.

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Safety Cage that Includes Foam Padding

The more protection that an electric go kart provides during an accident the better parents like the device. Parents always look for the safety features because adults know how easy it is to be injured severely. This machine offers a safety roll cage that is padded with foam padding.

The roll cage prevents a large number of serious injuries and the padding stops you from striking your head on the roll cage frame. This is a safety feature that is going to make most parents very happy with the off road go kart.

Shaft Drive

The greatest part of having a shaft drive electric go kart is that your machine will require far less maintenance and repairs. If you want to ride more and work on your machine less then you want to buy a device that is shaft driven instead of just chain driven.

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Independent swing Arms

If you want to make sure that you have all of the balance and control possible then you want to look for electric go karts for sale that offer independent swing arms. These independent swing arms on kids go karts create the ability to control the machine better so the driver does not have as many accidents, and the driver does not have to have a lot of muscle strength to turn the machine.


  • Can reach speeds of 50 mph
  • Gas tank holds 2.25 gallons
  • Great customer service from the manufacturer
  • Electric start
  • Dual wheel drive suspension
  • Independent swing arm brakes
  • EPA certified engine
  • Single cylinder four stroke engine
  • Water cooled displacement
  • Can easily climb an eighteen degree incline
  • Weight capacity of 500 pounds
  • Has reverse


  • Does not have a speed governor
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Final Thoughts

I really cannot find any flaws with this off road 300cc go kart. It has the speed I want to have, and it has safety features that keep riders protected. It is rugged and climbs an eighteen degree incline easily so I can take the machine just about anywhere I want to go, and it has room for passengers so I do not have to go alone.

I like the affordability of this electric go kart, and I am in love with the manufacturer and the way they treat their customers when you call to ask a question. I recommend this machine. According to me this is one of the best go karts and tried to cover all it’s features, pros and cons. If I missed anything please let me know via comments so that I can add that in this article and make this more helpful.  

Heather Higinbotham

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john linder - 5 years ago

Got this go kart for my grand kids but it a adult size kart.
My 9 year old grandaughter loves it.
seat all the way forward and seat cushion behind her she can reach the pedals fine. she handles the power fine. she wants to race. great gokart for kids to learn to drive. my 4 year old grand son is learning how to stear sitting on my lap. the smiles are priceless. they have put 190 miles on it now.
2 oil changes air filter change and gearbox lube change. lot of greasing on zerk fittings wish it had more grease fittings for rear swing arms. hard to lube chain with out taking off guard. steering colume has rattle at idle. but works fine. it is street legal in my town adults only. had to put slow moving triangle on back. have had trouble with shifter selector adjustment. overall this has been a great investment for grandkids. smiles per mile.

Bob - 4 years ago

It keeps saying it’s an “Electric go kart”, no it isn’t it’s a 300cc gasoline engine with 17hp. electric start.


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