Best Pedal Go Kart Reviews for Kids 

Forget the battery operated toys. Forget the gaming systems that keep children tied to a sofa all summer long. Buy your child a toy a Pedal Go Kart that will make them to want to go outside and play.

Always choose a toy that is powered by the child’s own energy. I will suggest to buy them a pedal go kart and watch them grow in confidence, agility, and strength.

Best Pedal Go Karts Compared







15 Lbs

27.13 x 10 x 23.25 Inches


12.8 Lbs

18.5 x 16.3 x 5 Inches


Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

39.7 Lbs

43.3 x 25.6 x 25.6 Inches


58 Lbs

53.1 x 32.3 x 30.3 Inches


15.4 Lbs

32.7 x 19.3 x 19.7 Inches


These riding toys are ones that I find to be priced reasonably. They are also riding toys that I would have loved to own when I was a child.

They are vehicles that give a child the freedom to feel the wind in their hair, and the confidence to know that they can do what they want to do.

Best Pedal Go Kart 2017 Reviews

1. BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart

The one thing that a child wants from a pedal go-kart is speed. They want to be able to ride as fast as possible, and this pedal-powered machine will allow your child to reach maximum speeds because the frame is constructed of tubular steel.

The BERG pedal go kart powder coated tubular steel frame provides a stable framework for the riding toy. It is tough and can withstand rough terrain, being out in the weather, and any punishment that can be dealt with it. The great thing about these tubular steel frames is that they are light.

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A lightweight go-kart body mean that the riding toy will go faster with less effort from the child as it gains speed but remains safe to ride and drive.

Some children’s riding toys have the ability to go forward, but they cannot go in reverse. That means when the child reaches an obstacle in their path someone has to remove the obstacle, or physically turn the riding toy around for them. This particular rider has a break, forward, reverse, system in place.

When the child pedals forward, the toy moves forward. Stop pedaling the machine stops rolling. Pedal backwards and the kart goes in reverse. The child has complete control and can easily maneuver around obstacles.

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Each wheel on this pedal go-kart has sealed bearings. The sealed bearings eliminate the need for you to lube them, and they can withstand a child riding through puddles of water without being damaged.

The pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride even when the child travels over uneven terrain. Pneumatic tires provide better grip and give the needed traction over slippery surfaces like wet concrete or wet grass.

2. Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart – White and Pink

This pedal go kart is every little girl's dream ride. It is pink and white to make her happy and it is built to last for years of go kart enjoyment. The age range for this go kart is from 3-8 years old.​

Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart – White and Pink

It is constructed of high quality materials, and every detail has been designed so that the rider gets maximum enjoyment while maintaining maximum safety. This is a four wheel go kart that has a beautiful pink seat, and pink wheels.

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The adjustable seat provides a custom fit for any child. This feature is an advantage because the rider will be able to sit and reach the pedals comfortably when riding the pedal go-kart. This pedal go kart is not only made comfortable by the adjustable seats, it also has a swing axle that allows it to give the rider a more comfortable ride when they travel over different terrains.

The swinging axle also makes the go-kart easier to maneuver and turn the vehicle

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When your child pedals the vehicles pedal in a backwards motion the vehicle will move in a backwards motion. The rider can go forward, back up, or simply stop whenever they chose to do so. There will be fewer accidents because of this stopping ability.

3. Berg Toys Junior Buddy – Orange

When selecting a go kart for your child you need to consider your child’s height, weight, and age. Your child will thoroughly enjoy the go-kart if he/she can operate and ride it well. Berg Toys Junior Buddy kart frames are constructed from lightweight and durable tubular steel frames making it easy for any child to ride and drive the go-kart.  

The go-kart is adjustable so children of all heights can enjoy it. The kart can support up to 150lbs of rider weight, and the pneumatic tires make it possible to ride rough terrains like gravel, grass, dirt, and pavement.

4. EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine

An Ezyroller ultimate riding machine is a three-wheeled, pedal-powered-go kart, that is uniquely designed for maximum comfort and fun. This is not a riding toy that your child will easily outgrow.

EzyRoller Classic Ride On

This riding machine can be enjoyed by anyone from the ages of four to ninety four. There is some assembly required when you get your riding machine, but the instructions are easy to follow, and it can be done within 5-10 minutes. The package also comes with an extendable bar that allows you to lengthen the frame of the Ezyrider as the child grows.

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The child sits back with their legs extended in front of them to ride on this device. The average steering wheel has been replaced with two handles positioned on each side of the framework.

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The child holds onto the handles with each hand, and they push the handles to make the back wheels of the machine turn for them.

This unique design is fun for all kids to ride, and they quickly learn how to manipulate the steering, and use the hand brakes to stop their go-kart. It is also a great design for a child that might have a physical disability.

The seating allows the child to lean back and not have to balance upright while they are riding. The two handle steering allows for more control and stability for the rider. The child rider’s confidence will grow as they learn to steer and ride.

5. Razor FlashRider 360

The Razor FlashRider 360 is not your ordinary, run of the mill, pedal go-kart. The Razor FlashRider 360 is a state of the art, precision riding toy that allows for perfect control when the rider is moving fast, drifting around corners, or making a sharp turn.

One of the things that parents will love about this three wheeled riding toy is the welded steel frame and fork that holds the front tire in position. Welded steel is a strong alternative to many of the average materials used to construct this type of toy for children.

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The front tire of the machine will not go flat. It is puncture proof and will be able to ride over rough terrain without going flat. The dual inclined casters allow the rider to make the go kart drift around a corner, or make the machine turn a sharp corner without turning the machine over.

All children over the age of three can ride on this fun toy because it can handle a maximum weight of one hundred and sixty pounds. Small adults can even take this tricycle styled machine for a spin around the block if they choose to do so.

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Your child will love the spark bar on this riding toy. As they drift around the corner they can apply pressure to the spark bar causing it to shoot sparks and look awesome. You can even buy refill cartridges for the spark bar so your child does not run out of sparking power.

The spark bar does not emit sparks that will burn, or injure the child. It does, however add a cool look when your child turns the corner and the other kids see the sparks it will appear that your child was flying around the corner, and they will be the envy of the neighborhood.

6. Buzzy Pedal Go Kart

You cannot help but compare this Buzzy pedal go-kart with a tricycle. It has the same basic design as a tricycle, but it has four wheels that help to give it more stability so even the youngest of riders can ride with confidence.

The seat and the handlebars of this riding toy are both adjustable. The adjustable seat and the handlebars make it possible for kids of all ages to enjoy the Buzzy go-kart. The arm and leg reach can be adjusted to fit the kid rider. This also gives the Buzzy true value for money because it can be enjoyed longer due to its customizable adjustments.

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I love value-packed items like this. The design of this rider includes a swing axle. A swing axle ensures that the rider will be able to keep all four wheels on the ground as they race around corners, and make sharp turns at high speeds.

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Without this type of axle, the riding toy would have a tendency to flip over as a child sped around a corner, especially if the child is riding on pavement, or asphalt surfaces.

Your child will get hours of riding fun from this vehicle. It is  The parts are constructed of durable materials that are designed to last even if the toy is stored outside. The bright yellow paint makes this riding toy highly visible. I do recommend that the child wear a helmet while riding this, and all moving toys.

7. Berg Pedal Go Kart - Compact Sport BFR

The Berg pedal go-kart compact sports vehicle is intended for children who are five years or more. It can support a weight of up to seventy-five pounds, and it has four wheels, so the younger riders do not have any trouble balancing on the riding toy.

Berg Pedal Go Kart

Most ride on toys for children of this age group have a simple pressure applied braking system. This vehicle is a little more sophisticated with a system designed to let the rider pedal the pedals in a forward motion, or there is a coast and stop motion when the rider stops pedaling, and if the pedals are pushed backward the vehicle moves in reverse.

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Driving the go-kart is easy, and the rider will be able to evade road obstacles and coast downhills just like older kids do. A parking brake is built in for added stopping power and security specifically on inclined roads. You and your child will not worry about the kart rolling out of control when no one’s riding.

Your child will not have to worry about their vehicle rolling when they are not behind the wheel, or when they are not ready to move. The manufacturer made this device a long lasting toy by using steel for the framing, and by including steel ball bearings.

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You do not have to worry about the frame bending easily if the vehicle is in a minor accident because the framework is made of a sturdy steel material. You also have steel ball bearings in the wheels, so they turn smoothly and do not require lubing.

Not every child has a perfectly smooth surface to ride on so the manufacturer designed a swing axle that can tolerate rough terrain. With this axle design when the child drives over something the axle will flex, and this reduces the pressure applied to keep the axle from breaking.

8. Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

​The powder-coated tubular steel frame of this pedal push cart gives it a lot of strength without weighing down the whole structure. The BFR Hub will allow the rider to pedal on forward, coast ahead with the pedals being static, and even pedal in reverse if required. This also means that you can pivot easily for the highest possible control on uneven terrain.

best pedal go kart reviews for kids

You also get a more controlled ride with this model as it comes with pneumatic tires. These provide excellent traction and ensure that the whole mechanism is durable.

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With the sealed bearings in each of the wheels, you can keep your cart rolling without much effort. Besides, there’s no need for lubricants on those wheels.

Parents would love the enjoyment their kids get from this adorable and sturdy cart, especially as it’s also a breeze to assemble. The steering and pedaling are smooth and effortless for all ages. Plus, the seat setting is adjustable for both younger and older kids. 

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This pedal go-cart is also a winner when it comes to its engineering. For instance, if you’re pedaling forward, a pedal backward will immediately cause the brake to kick in.

That enhances the safety of the bike and makes the experience more assuring for parents. Those who’ve made this choice have reported that the bikes last for years and years of rough use and fun.

9. Berg Pedal Go Kart – Compact Pink BFR

Who said that pedal go karts were not made for girls? This Berg Pedal go kart is feminine and pink, and it is just as tough and has all of the features that “boy” riding toys have. Look out boys, The girls have wheels of their own now.

Berg Pedal Go Kart - Compact Pink BFR

This ride is suitable for girls ages five and up. It has an innovative steering system and an industrial frame that makes is sturdy, built to last, and easy to control.

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There is even a swing axle to make the pink cruiser easy to steer when your princess rides it in situations. We know that just because they are girls does not mean they are not rough, tough, and capable of going anywhere the little boys go.

The braking system is designed so that the child can pedal the car in reverse and get out of tight situations they may get into. Sometimes when you are riding off road there are obstacles in your path that you simply cannot ride over.

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When this happens, it is handy to have reverse pedaling as an option. The parking brake will help keep her pretty pink vehicle parked where she left it. The parking brake can also be used as a handbrake to slow the vehicle if she is going to fast when she goes down a hill, or when she takes a corner.

The handbrake can slow her down enough to keep her on two wheels, but let her go fast enough that the boys will not pass her by. Just because something is pink, does not mean that it is fragile, and this go kart proves that point. It is pretty enough to appeal to her girlie side and tough enough to do what she wants to do with it.

Pedal Go Karts Tips

If you are undecided as to whether or not to buy a pedal go kart for your child, then take the time to read the following tips, and to look at the in-depth articles on each of the aforementioned go karts that made up my top picks.

Riding toys will provide your children with physical activity. They will have to manually push those pedals with their leg muscles and that type of activity strengthens the heart muscles, leg muscles, and improves hand to eye coordination.

Pedal-powered machines cost a lot less than the battery, and gas powered machines. They are easy to ride, and they are easy to store because since most of them are smaller than other pedal-powered or gas-powered go karts. You should look for the following features on the riding toys you are considering, and decide if your child is the right size, and age, for the device. 

  • check
    Is the seat adjustable for children with shorter or longer legs
  • check
    Is the steering wheel adjustable so the child can ride even after they grow some
  • check
    What weight is the device capable of carrying
  • check
    How many seats does it have
  • check
    Is it a three wheel or a four wheel device
  • check
    Can you pedal the car in reverse
  • check
    Is there a parking brake?
  • check
    What type of tires does it have? Pneumatic tires are best if the child will be riding it on anything other than concrete, or smooth pavement.
  • check
    What type of brakes does it have?
  • check
    Will the pedals move if the child is just coasting down a hill
  • check
    What age group is it recommended for
  • check
    Is it made of steel
  • check
    Is it heavy
  • check
    Does it have steel ball bearings that are sealed

Final Thoughts on Best Pedal Go Kart for Kids

I know that I loved these types of riding toys when I was a child. Spent countless hours riding around my neighborhood with all of my friends. Didn’t realize that the toy I was playing with was improving my health, or helping me to maintain a healthy weight. All I knew was that I was having fun, and that I wanted to have more fun.

I suggest buying a pedal go-kart that will grow as your child grows because of the more adjustments on the riding toy that can be made so that the toy can handle a taller child, the better. You want these items to last your child for several years.

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