Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

This Razor electric go kart can accommodate a weight capacity of one hundred and forty pounds. It is made for children who are eight and up, and it is designed from steel so it can handle the additional weight of older children. Most battery powered riding toys are strictly made of molded plastic.

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The molded portion of this go kart is the aluminum molded wheels that hold the solid rubber tires. I love this toy and it is suitable for small adults to play on as well as children.

Features I Love about this Razor Force Drifter Kart

When you get a new toy like this you soon find out what features it has that you love. The following features are simple, but they are ones that make me appreciate this go kart more than some other electric go karts for sale today.

Battery Powered

I love the fact that this Razor electric go kart is battery powered not gasoline fueled. If my child has an accident in this electric go kart then they do not stand as great of a chance of being seriously injured.

Go karts for kids should not use gasoline because gasoline is combustible, and the child is in danger of being seriously injured when they have an accident in one of those vehicles.

Comes with two 12v batteries

The two twelve volt batteries give this off road go kart plenty of power to provide ample speed and fun for older children.

This electric go kart is designed to be used by children who are eight years and up, and at that age children want to be able to go faster than the battery powered toys that are powered by a single twelve volt battery. This Razor electric go kart can reach speeds of twelve miles per hour.

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Solid rubber Tires

The solid rubber tires are less likely to have a blow out and cause an accident. Solid rubber tires assure you that you will be fixing fewer flats.

All Tools Included

When you see an electric go kart you might not realize that brand new go karts are not completely assembled inside their packages.

The great thing about this Razor electric go kart is the tools you need to assemble it are included with the components. You do not need to own any special tools, or go out and buy, or borrow any special tools. 

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  • Comes with two 12v batteries that are sealed so you do not have to add battery acid
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Will operate for about 40 minutes per battery charge
  • Steel construction
  • Variable speed
  • Hand operated rear brake
  • 90 day warranty
  • All tools needed for assembly are included
  • Can go up to 12 mph
  • Chain driven motor
  • Has a bucket seat that has a safety shoulder strap
  • Molded front wheels
  • Solid rubber tires
  • Battery recharges in four to six hours
  • 140 pound weight capacity


  • The owner’s manual leaves a lot to be desired. The manufacturer does say that a new manual is currently being written so let us hope that one is a better version.
  • The battery charger is not included

Final Thoughts

Electric go karts are the step up from a small child riding toy, and they bridge the gap for children who are too young for gasoline powered devices, and too old for Barbie jeeps. These devices are fun, tough, and they let your child have a sense of freedom that they have not had prior to this. This device comes with a safety shoulder harness, but you will need to buy the crash helmet separately.  

Heather Higinbotham

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