Best Dune Buggy for Kids and Adult

When you are ready to start looking for a best dune buggy, you may not know where to start. There are many places you can check out. As well as many different models and types of dune buggies. So hopefully we can make that a little easier on you by going over some of the best dune buggy’s out there on the market.

One of the best places to look surprisingly enough for some is on Amazon. There is a great array of items as well as great deals to have. We are going to tell you about the best ones they have and what they have to offer you. 

Best Dune Buggy Compared







83.15 Lbs

2 X 12V Battery


69.5 Lbs

12V Battery


72 Lbs

2 X 12V Battery

12 MPH

Best of all they will be delivered right to your door, saving you time and money. We all love to save as much of those as we possibly can. We have some great choices to tell you about, so let’s get to it, so you can get to getting the dune buggy that is right for you.

Best Dune Buggy Reviews And Analysis

1. Pink Camo Power Wheels Kids Dune Buggy

This dune buggy is great for the younger ones you want to get into dune bugging. The dune buggy features two seats so if they want to ride with a friend they can. It has a beautiful design for those little country bumpkins since it comes in a pink camo as well.

kids dune buggy

Perfectly blends the colors of purple and pink in a way that looks great. Chrome accents and an open seating cockpit area. This buggy is as realistic looking as it can get in a child’s buggy. It is a great option for children ages 36 months up to 6 years of age.

The buggy features a monster traction design, so they can go on a variety of terrain. So they will be able to attack wet grass or rough terrain. It has a sturdy steel frame for durability and offers up two forward driving speeds to choose from.

This buggy also comes with reverse as well. It is made by a company that many have trusted for years. Fisher-Price has done it right on this dune buggy. It runs on a 12-volt rechargeable battery, that will provide hours of fun for your small one.

2. Razor Dune Buggy for Kids

When you are looking for a single seater dune buggy that is affordable, this one is a great option for you. This is an electric powered buggy, powered with a 350-watt electric motor. It reaches a great lower end speed of up to 10 miles an hour. Making it a great option for younger buggy drivers.

It is made of durable tubular steel and has a padded bucket seat for comfort and seat belt for safety. It offers a side roll cage to help keep the driver safe. This buggy is also capable low torque climbing and high torque gearing if needed.

The razor buggy also offers a hand throttle and brake controls, since it is electric it requires no fuel to run. It will support up to 120 pounds and is for ages 8 and older. The tires on this buggy are pneumatic tires and 8 inches in diameter.

The finish is powder coated, so it can hold up to some heavy play. There is also protective padding for safety. Diamond plated floorboards for traction, rear disc brake and a safety flag. It is also a great idea for those who want to conserve space, because you can be stored vertical. 

3. Green Power Wheels Dune Racer Kids Buggy

This kid’s buggy is great for the little ones just starting out driving a buggy. It is made by a company you can trust to make a product you can trust. It is green and black in color with a little silver thrown in here and there.

It has an open cockpit and seating for two, which is great for riding with friends. It also has what is called a monster traction drive system. So this buggy can go on wet grass, hard surfaces and rough terrain. So it makes is great for where ever you may want to take it and use it.

It also comes with a high speed lock out option as well as power lock brakes for the drivers on the younger end. This buggy has a durable steel frame and chrome accents. Has pretend seat belts so they can learn safety from early on. It has two drive speeds for going forward, as well as reverse.

If they have some buggy equipment to store, there is even a secret compartment offered underneath the hood. The buggy is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery. This buggy is great for ages 36 months up to 7 years of age. So it is a great item that will last them until they are ready for the next step up. 

4. Redcat Racing Rampage Gas Powered Dune Buggy

If you are looking for some RC dune buggy fun, this gas powered buggy will keep you busy. This RC buggy has a 30cc HY Gas engine with a fuel tank that has a 700cc capacity. It is so well detailed it even has fiberglass brake pads, 3 steel disc brakes and bead locked wheels!

The transmission is single speed on this RC. The chassis is lightweight aluminum alloy to make it faster. It also has aluminum body oil filled shocks. The air filtration is oversized and it has 4-wheel adjustable camber toe-in suspension.

This RC comes with a set of huge block tread soft RC off road tires. You can play with this one on and off track which makes it a great hobby to enjoy just about anywhere. This 4×4 RC is a force to be reckoned with and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time.

It is 2.4 GHz radio and a 6V 2500 mAh battery for receiver is included as well as the charger too. The overall product size is 35 x 22 x 14 inches and weighs in at a hefty 39.6 pounds. Suggested operating age range is 14 years old and older.

5. 125CC Fully Automatic Dune Buggy ATV with Reverse

When you are looking for the best dune buggy with ATV style, this is a great choice. This ATV buggy is power with a fully automatic 125 CC utility style engine. This ATV Buggy is air cooled not water cooled. It also features a remote kill switch, which is great when you have a young driver.

It also has dual brakes and independent shocks. It even offers up remote start and push button start. It has a chain drive engine gear and a forward/neutral/reverse shift gears. The fuel capacity is respectable at 4.2 liters.

The brakes are operated with a front hand brake and a drum rear foot brake. This ATV buggy has a rear suspension of 10.8 inches. A remote control and a speed limiter as well as the kill switch mentioned before. Making it an excellent choice for parents that still need to have control while offering some freedom.

This ATV Buggy weighs in at 255 pounds, so it is hefty but moveable. This is 2-wheel drive not 4-wheel drive. It also comes with 30-day replacement warranty for defective parts and a one-year warranty on the engine. Max weight by the manufacturer is 132 pounds.

6. Green Redcat Racing Sandstorm Baja Electric Dune Buggy

When you are looking for some RC fun that will have you jumping for joy, this is worth taking a look at. This RC Electric Dune Buggy will give you plenty Dune Buggy RC fun. This buggy is a 4X4 so it can get down and dirty in rough terrain as well as run on the track. It is ready to rock right out of the box.

This is a great starter RC vehicle for anyone wanting to get into RC vehicles. It is awesomely designed like the real thing, with a green and black design, complete with a brush guard. The wide big tires are ready to take on any terrain. The RC buggy features an electric brushed motor, with a forward and reverse transmission.

It also has four-wheel drive and a high torque servo. The radio is a two channel 2.4 GHz radio.  The body is polycarbonate, and the tires are soft compound off road trodden. The shocks are oil filled and aluminum capped. It also comes with a battery and charger! Age recommendation is for ages 14 and up. Overall product size is 27 X 14 X 9 inches and weighs in at 8 pounds.

7. 12 Volt Spiderman Web Rider Dune Buggy for Kids

Is your little one a fan of Spiderman and riding buggy? Then why not combine the two and get them a Spiderman buggy of their own to drive? This buggy offers up enough room for your little one and a friend or a sibling to ride along.

As long as they are within the age and size range. This buggy is all decked out in an awesome Spiderman design even featuring netted safety sides along the side rails. On top of the great looks, a water cannon is attached to the buggy to for some extra fun.

The buggy includes traction tires for durability. There is also a front and rear suspension in place for a smoother ride. It even comes with a horn to let people know they are coming. There are two drive speeds 2.5 mph or 5 mph.

There are two drive modes forward and reverse. The buggy runs on a 12-volt battery and it comes with the charger as well. Suggested age range is 36 months to 8 years old. The overall size of the buggy is 53 X 36 X 27 inches. The buggy’s overall weight is 51.8 pounds. 

8. Razor Ground Force Dune Buggy Drifter Cart

When you are in the market for a lightweight buggy that is meant for drifting, don’t pass up this one. This buggy drifter cart is made specifically for that it is made to take on asphalt with a smile.  

This cart is electric powered, so there is no need for fuel. It can go up to 12 miles per hour, which is pretty respectable as far as carts go. It will allow you to drift with ease around corners due to its design.

It takes on a classic cart design keeping it simple because that is what works best for this cart. It features low profile cast aluminum wheels and a steel construction. It offers variable speed via the thumb trigger acceleration control. The brake system is also hand operated too. Which also gives it more of that racing feel when driving.

The front wheels are solid rubber and the rear tires are super slider POM rear wheels. This cart offers up to 40 minutes of driving fun before it has to be charged again. It has a bucket seat, steel frame, flag and shoulder seat belt. It has a maximum weight capacity of 140 pounds and is suitable for riders ages 8 and up. 

9. Lava Power Wheels Kids Dune Buggy Racer

This dune buggy is a great way to get your young drivers started in driving. It is buggy build by one of the best makers in the market. This buggy is decked out in a lava looking decals and colors. It also has chrome wheels and chrome accents. It can seat two which is great for those who like to have company when they ride.

Of course they can still ride by themselves if wanted as well. It has an open cockpit design for easy access in and out. It comes with a monster traction drive system, so that way it can be used on several types of terrain.

It has a durable steel frame for durability. This buggy also offers storage under the hood, if they want to store some of their items to take for a ride. This buggy features two forward drive speeds as well as one reverse speed. It runs on a rechargeable 12-volt battery. The overall product size is 24 X 46 X 15 inches and weighs in at 68.3 pounds.

This buggy even supports up to an amazing 130 pounds of weight. There are side bars for safety and support as well. This buggy is great also because once they remove their foot from the pedal the buggy stops. It even comes with a respectable end to end warranty as well.

10. Chrome Fisher Price Power Wheels Kids Dune Racer Buggy

This kid’s buggy functions as good as it looks! This is a great option for the little ones you want to get started in the sport of buggy driving. The design is an array of blues and chrome. Giving the buggy a top of the line look of the larger real version.

It also can seat two if they decide they want to take a friend for a ride. The traction system used in this buggy is a monster traction system. Which allows this buggy to be driven on wet grass, hard surfaces and rough terrain. There are side bars for hand support and safety as well.

This buggy has a steel frame for durability and strength. This buggy also has two drive speeds that you can set to skill and or age. There is storage under the hood, for items they may want to store. The buggy runs off of a rechargeable 12-Volt battery.

The overall product size is 25 X 15 X 46 inches, and weighs 98 pounds. The suggested age range for this buggy is 36 months up to 7 years of age. This buggy also has a respectable 130-pound weight capacity as well. Your child will have hours of buggy riding and driving fun. 

11. Power Wheels Camo Dune Racer

This dune buggy will definitely catch the hearts of your young buggy driver. If they have been bugging your to be able to drive, this is a great one for them to be able to learn how to drive in. This buggy is a great starter buggy for any young child.

It offers monster traction that will allow them to drive on hard surfaces, wet grass and rough terrain. It has an open seating area with two seats, in case they want to include a friend in the fun. It also offers storage under the hood for some more of their goodies as well.

This dune buggy also offers two drive speeds so you can set to age and skill level. It also has reverse for when they need to use it. It has a steel frame that can hold up to a 130 pounds. The buggy is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery.

This buggy has an overall size of 25 in X 46 in X 15 inches and a total weight of 69.5 pounds. The recommended age for use is 36 months to 6 years. So this is an item that will last them for a few years at the least. 

Dune Buggy Safety Tips

You can have plenty of fun solo or with friends and family while enjoying dune bugging. But always care about the safety after purchase a dune buggy from a dune buggy for sale offer. However, you can have even more fun when you have to worry less about safety. There are many unwanted injuries that can be avoided just by remembering and following some basic safety things. Sure most or common sense, but if you keep them fresh in your mind. They will be there when you need them. 

  • Always wear a helmet, sure some carts are equipped with a roll cage but that doesn’t prevent head injuries. In some case it can actually cause them by hitting your head on them. Such as if you hit a hard bump, roll or get into an accident.
  • If you have long hair, keep it up. Put your hair in a ponytail, up in a hat or in a bun. Long hair can become entangled in moving parts of the cart.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing it poses the same risk as long hair does.
  • Driving goggles are a great idea since most carts don’t have a windshield. It will keep debris, bugs and other things out of your eyes.
  • Make sure you tie your shoe laces, another entanglement issue.
  • Never ride with anyone on your lap.
  • Use safety belts if provided.
  • Maintain your buggy on a regular basis, make sure all maintenance is done to prevent mechanical failures.

Knowing everyone is safe will let you enjoy a day of bugging without all the worries. Teaching the younger ones from the start will carry through with them and other generations as well. Always make sure you follow your manufacturers guide as well if you have one. That way you can make sure you are doing everything to the proper specifications for your buggy. A safe run is always a fun run in anyone’s book.

Dune Buggy Buying Tips

Shopping can be a headache after a while for anyone. Especially if you are not sure exactly where to start. Some people are scared to shop online, which really in most cases shopping online is the way to go. You can find more choices, better prices and more information online. Buying online gives you the chance to do your homework before you purchase. By following some basic buggy buying tips, buying your buggy online can be an enjoyable experience. 

  • Make sure you know what your needs are ahead of time.
  • To save money avoid paying for additions you don’t need.
  • Decide where you will be driving your buggy, so you know what type of buggy you will need.
  • Decide who will be driving the buggy, so you can purchase accordingly.
  • Decide if you will be driving solo or with someone else.
  • Make sure that safety wants are provided.
  • Make sure that durable materials are used in the build of the buggy.
  • Always check for warranties, most reputable products will have one.
  • Only buy from a reputable online retailer such as Amazon.

By following just a few buying guidelines, you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with the situations that come with an unwanted item. That way you will have what you want right from the start. For instance, you don’t want to put an unskilled child in a cart that goes 10+ miles an hour. Just like if you want a gas buggy you don’t want to end up with an electric one. Also make sure that if the buggy doesn’t come with the tools needed to finish any assembly you may need to do, that you have what is needed to complete it. Otherwise if you don’t know how to assemble you may have to have someone do it for you that does.

Final Note

Hopefully everything we covered here will help you when you are looking for a best dune buggy. While there is much more that could be added, hopefully the information provided will help you in your purchase. This is simply a guide compiled of opinions, this is not meant to guarantee any facts or statements made. It is just things to consider when deciding on what to buy and some of the best choices out there.  

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