The Prodigy S5 Scooter | Complete Review by An Expert

So far, I have never been disappointed in prodigy and once again, I am amazed with this upgraded version which is an ideal solution for all riders of all ages who want to implement their riding skills and tricks. This is a newly upgraded 5th version of the prodigy that comes with amazing added qualities.

As compared to the last edition, this is fitted with 1200mm wheel to enhance the speed and comfort together with new bar to improve the strength of the scooter. There are also a variety of colors to choose from; red, black, smoky blue and candy..

This type of scooter is perfectly designed to allow the kids to try out all their tricks and implement them in the process. This is enabled by the highly modified wheel that can withstand the high speed and assures the safety of the rider during tricks.

Prodigy S5 Scooter

Comparing the quality of the best stunt scooter to the price, you will realize that the scooter sells at a cheap price. It has an exceptionally designed aluminum deck measuring 495mm long by 120mm to make the rider much comfortable when practicing his magic tricks. It has nylon brake of high quality with spring steel insert.

Prodigy Scooter

The safety of the rider is something of great concern and therefore the scooter comes with a standard headset together with aluminum dust cap. Most people prefer Prodigy S5 Scooter due to the great grip it has coupled with smoothly rolling wheels.

You do not have to exert a lot of force to push the scooter forward during riding. What’s more? The delivery is also super quick, funny enough, most clients complain of earlier delivery than they expected. The scooter is durable and can last you for decades with low maintenance.

Features of The Prodigy S5 Scooter

  • 1200mm wheels: this is uniquely designed to improve speed and efficacy. They are made of aluminum alloy to last for decades. The wheels have nine bearings.
  • Color: the color is commonly black oil slick, but other varieties of colors such as red are available to choose from.
  • Weight: The Prodigy S5 Scooter is super light and weighs just 8.82 pounds
  • Height: the overall height of the scooter is 5X 21X 27 inches. This allows all children of all ages to easily ride it. TPR handgrips: each handgrips measure 160mm long coupled with nylon bar ends to make the rider comfortable and enjoy the ride.
  • Headset: the scooter comes with fully sealed incorporated headset to offer protection to the user.
  • Grip tape: the scooter is fixed with high quality grip tape for smooth riding.
  • Deck: the 5th version has six series ALU prodigy deck measuring 4.72”W X 19.5”L.


  • It comes in 5 different amazing colors that will really attract your attention.
  • Its parts are painted with liquid paint and polished with anodize.
  • The front plate is included in this type of the scooter for easy identification.
  • Made of aluminum, hence long lasting and reduced maintenance cost.
  • Uniquely designed 1200mm wheels to accelerate the speed of the scooter.
  • Great scooter for learning and implementing tricks.
  • Super smooth wheels coupled with wider tricks to enjoy the ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am 5’5 tall; Will the scooter be perfect for me?
yes, it will be ideal for you as I have a son who is 5’7 and the scooter fits him perfectly well.

Q: what is the height of the bars?
24.5” from the deck, but at all if you are asking from the ground then it is 30”

Q: does the scooter have a braking system?
yes, it is located at the rear wheel foot

Q: What is the weight of the scooter?
The Prodigy S5 Scooter is super light and weighs just 8.82 pounds

Q: how wide apart are the bars?
The width from one bar to the next is about 22.5”

Q: with a height of 5’3, can I be able to ride in the park?
Yes, you can ride perfectly well. My son is 5’7 and loves in riding in skate park

Wrapping It Up All

Arguably, this is one of the best-selling scooters in the market due to its outstanding qualities coupled with affordable prices. This 5th version introduces magnificent features that have never witnessed before. It is fixed with the responsive wheel with the 1200mm, IHC compression to keep the rider lite and make him feel nice during the ride.

The same can be said about the wide deck and the front deck plate for identification. The Prodigy S5 Scooter accommodates all kids of any age group as long as you fit within the standard height of the scooter. If you are looking for a scooter where your son can freely learn and implement some of the riding tricks, then this is the ideal scooter for you. Put a smile on your kid’s face by ordering this affordable prodigy S5 scooter today!

Melissa Gibson

Melissa has been a technology writer for the last five years. She lives in New York City and during her vacation, you will find her riding scooters, reading books and hiking mountains.

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plz, are you able to facilitate me?

    Melissa Gibson - 6 years ago

    What’s the main problem you’re facing?


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