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The razor flash rider 360 looks like a big tricycle. One front wheel provides the steering power. The child sits on a seat and pedals to provide the power, and they hold onto a set of handlebars that are attached to the front tire and that steers the machine. This trike is just simply fun.

Things I Love about this Pedal Go Kart

I just love this pedal go kart. I love the design, the color, and the durable materials that are used to construct them. I like that my children can play for hours and I am assured that their toy is safe and that the toy can withstand the punishment my boys can dish out.

High Impact Front Wheel with Flat Free Tire

When you put a child on a kids scooter or riding toy there is going to be the need for a high impact front wheel. Children are going to test everything and push their limits. That is how they learn about their world, and how they learn what they can, and what they cannot do.

The kids will try to ride over all sorts of debris like sticks, pieces of concrete, pine cones, clumps in the grass. The kids will also try to ride over ramps and things and make their riding toy jump over curbs.

The high impact flat-free tire of the Flash Rider 360 Razor is designed so that they can do all of those things, and their riding toy will still be suitable to ride when they are finished.

You will even be able to pass this toy down to another generation because of the strength of this high impact front wheel provides.

You and the kids will love the flat free tire. There is nothing more disappointing to a child, or a parent than the child going out to play on their riding toy and not being able to because of a flat tire. The child gets disappointed when this happens and the parent has to either listen to the child be upset, or they have to stop what they are doing and go repair the flat tire for the child. This flat free tire will stop this from happening so when the child goes out to get on this riding toy the toy will be ready to go.

The caster wheels also lower the caster tricycle's center of gravity making it perfect for fast cornering. Based on Razor's award-winning caster tricycle, this zippy version turns and drifts on dual inclined caster wheels, with an exciting Spark Bar feature resulting to the razor one of the best spark scooters in the playground today. The Razor 360 Flash Rider Spark replacement cartridges are sold separately.

Double Crown Fork

The double crown fork increases the strength of the welded steel framework that is holding the front tire in place. This is a crucial portion of the little vehicle because it provides the stability you need to steer the toy, and the strength the framework needs to remain intact. The double crown fork comes down on each side and firmly holds the front tire in position.


This pedal-powered vehicle looks like a giant tricycle. It is The steel frame designed to look like the tricycles we rode when we were toddlers. The tricycle’s welded steel frame, flat-free tire, and drift design create a stable toy for a child to ride on because it creates a solid base that is difficult to tip over.

This allows younger riders to be able to ride on the toy with the same confidence that older riders who have a better sense of balance have.

It makes it fun for all, and for me, it simply reminded me of the many happy hours that I spent riding my tricycle around my grandmother’s house and yard. I know that is sentimental but I feel that if a design is not broken then do not fix it, and the design of the tricycle is not broken.

Razor Flash Rider 360 measures 24.5 x 25.75 x 40 inches (W x H x D) and weighs 17.5 lbs. Maximum carrying capacity is160 lbs. You may also be wondering “What is the age limit for razor flash rider?” Age limit is between 6-12 yrs old. 

MX Style Handle Bars with Rubber Grips

MX style handlebars are positioned so that they are comfortable to hold. Your arms sit proportionally to your shoulders and when the seat of the riding toy is adjusted to the proper height your arms should not be in any strain when your hands are gripping the rubber handles.

The rubber handles cushion the end of the handlebars and that keeps your hands from aching when you have ridden a long time. The rubber grips also cushion the bar and provide protection in the event of an accident. The rider will not be cut by the metal handlebar because the rubber grip will be protecting them.


  • Dual inclined wheels with casters to make turning and drifting easier to do
  • Spark bar. You can buy replacement cartridges for the spark bar
  • MX style handle bars
  • Double crown fork design
  • Flat free tire
  • High impact front wheel


  • Some assembly required

How to Assemble Razor Flash Rider 360

The estimated assembly time of the Razor Flash Rider is 15-20 minutes. The tools required are already included in the package upon purchase:

  • Two (2) 5 mm Allen wrenches

  • 10 mm and 13 mm wrench

Below are the steps for assembling the razor Spark trike.

Attaching the Trike Frame

  1. Using two 5 mm Allen wrenches, Remove the coupling bolt on the end of the frame using two 5 mm Allen wrenches and discard the plastic insert. Remove the coupling bolt in the middle of the frame.

  2. Insert the rear frame into the frame assembly and then securely fasten the coupling bolt on the rear frame using the two 5 mm Allen wrenches.

  3. Securely fasten the coupling bolt in the middle of the frame using two 5 mm Allen wrenches.

Attaching the Razor Spark Bar

  1. Remove the coupling bolts from the Spark Handle using the 10 mm wrench and the 5 mm Allen wrench.

  2. Insert the Spark Handle on the right-hand side and the Spark Bar on the left-hand side into the frame’s spring mechanism. Align the holes on the Spark Bar with the hole on the spring mechanism and fasten the coupling bolt with the 10 mm wrench and the 5 mm Allen wrench.

  3. Align the holes on the Spark Handle with the holes on the Spark Bar and fasten the coupling bolts with the 10 mm wrench and the 5 mm Allen wrench.

Attaching the Razor Front Fork

  1. Remove the steering bolt and locknut from the frame assembly using the 13 mm wrench and the 5 mm Allen wrench.

  2. Insert the front fork into the trike’s frame assembly.

  3. Properly align the slot on the headtube with the pin on the front fork.

  4. Reinsert the steering bolt and secure with locknut using the 13 mm wrench and the 5 mm Allen wrench.

Front Wheel Attachment

  1. Remove the four coupling bolts from the front fork using the 5 mm Allen wrench and the 10 mm wrench.

  2. Insert the wheel assembly into the front fork and align the holes. When installing the wheel, make sure the letter "F" and arrow that is located on the side of the wheel are facing the forward direction.

  3. Reinsert the coupling bolts through the front fork and fasten securely.

Attaching The Bucket Seat

  1. Remove the four coupling bolts from the frame using two 5 mm Allen wrenches.

  2. Align the four holes in the seat with the four holes in the frame. Insert the coupling bolts through the top and bottom of the frame.

  3. Tighten the coupling bolts using the two 5 mm Allen wrenches.

Spark Cartridge Replacement

  1. Press tabs on both sides of the cartridge using your thumbs to release from the bracket. Slide the cartridge away and remove from bracket

  2. Place the new cartridge in back of the bracket. Make sure to align the slots on the cartridge with the two legs of the bracket. Slide the cartridge forward until you hear a click and the thumb tabs are locked in place.

For the Razor Flash Rider 360 parts and product support at www.razor.com or call toll-free at 866-467-2967 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time. you need to provide the product ID located on the bottom of the frame for better assistance.

Final Thoughts Razor FlashRider 360

I know that the design of this pedal powered riding toy is like a tricycle and that we associate tricycle riding with very young children. I still think that any child riding on the toy should have a helmet on for their own protection.

You can also buy some great decorative items to put on the handlebar grips, and a bell or horn to attach to the handlebars.

Heather Higinbotham

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