The Best Go Karts Review | Fast But Not Furious Vehicle

Go karts have been a part of my life since I was able to ride one. So continuing the enjoyment of having one I have had to buy a few over the years. So I have been there when it comes to the hard decision of which go karts are the best go karts.

So after having to spend many countless hours searching go karts, I thought to myself what can I do to save someone else the time and effort. Well that was simple since I have already done my homework on go karts, I would share what I found.

I compiled a list of the best go kart reviews and including guide information to go with it. Now, I want to share the best of the best with you.

Best Go Karts Compared








Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Razor Dune Buggy

120 Lbs

14.75 x 21.75 x 36.25 Inches

10 mph

350 Watt

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On

Razor Drifter Fury Ride-On

120 Lbs

14.75 x 21.75 x 36.25 Inches

10 mph


XRX Electric Start Go Kart

700 Lbs

90.5 x 53.1 x 57.1 Inches

50 mph


razor crazy cart

Razor Crazy Cart

140 Lbs

24 x 19 x 37 Inches

12 MPh


Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

242.5 Lbs

74.81 x 49.22 x 51.18 Inches

40 mph


fully automatic atv

Fully Automatic 125cc ATV

255 Lbs

Wheelbase(inch): 31.89


125 CC

Now we are going to get to the good part! All of the Best Go Karts reviews that I have compiled for you. These are all the ones that I have gotten the best feedback on from others that have purchased the following carts. Many of these I have either had or at the very least rode or driven in at one time or another as well.

Best Go Kart 2022 Reviews – Picked by User

1. Razor Dune Buggy

Not all go karts for off road are made with the same high quality materials that go into go karts made by Razor. The Razor dune buggy is designed of tubular steel to be strong and light. It is powered by two twelve volt rechargeable batteries that can reach a speed of ten miles per hour easily.

This go kart has knobby pneumatic tires that allow it to provide a smooth ride no matter what type of ground it is being ridden on. Safety belts is one of the most important element of this go kart which keep the riders protected, and it will operate for almost a full hour on each full battery charge.

Razor Dune Buggy

2. Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

The slick back tires on this go kart allow the driver to gain speed and then drift around corners with accuracy. The race turned chassis, chain driven motor, and powerful twelve volt batteries provide your child with the power they desire to go as fast as twelve miles per hour.

With great speed comes an increased need for safety so the manufacturer has installed a comfortable bucket seat and a shoulder harness to make sure that the rider remains comfortably seated during their ride. The rubber tires provide a smooth ride while the thumb controlled accelerator allows the driver to have full speed control.

3. Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

This go kart will provide your child with many hours of riding pleasure. It can support a weight of one hundred and forty pounds so it is not a riding toy designed just for kids. The solid rubber tires insure a smooth ride while the shoulder harness insures that the rider stays safely in the bucket seat while the vehicle is in motion.

Your child will be able to ride at speeds up to twelve miles per hour because of it’s two twelve volt batteries. The batteries are rechargeable and they provide about forty minutes of continuous power on each full charge.

4. XRX 300CC Gas Electric Start Go Kart by Trail Master

New XRX Go Kart 300cc Trail Master Brand

This is a great gas go kart that you are sure to have fun in. I have taken a couple of rides in one of these and they are fantastic. This is a go kart that can handle just about anything you can throw at it. It is also a two seater that can handle a decent amount of passenger weight. Being 300CC it has the power you need as well.

This is a great go kart for the intermediate or well experienced go kart driver. This is a great kart for riding solo or double and is equipped with lighting that will allow for low light or night driving. The size engine is perfect for the load weight to still allow you to get the best power you can.

Things I Liked

There are several things I liked about this go kart. It is a double seater which is great for when I want to ride with another person or want someone to ride along with me. The load weight is at a great limit and will accommodate almost any pair of people riding together. The 300CC’s are plenty enough to not feel like dragging when carrying the extra weight of a second person.

Things I Don’t Like

The only thing I don’t like about this go kart is the weight. It is pretty heavy which contributes it to being well built and durable. However, in the chance it may need to be maneuvered manually, it will take a few people or more.


This beautiful bodacious go kart has many features you are sure to love. So I want to make sure you know what they are.

  • Automatic CTV.
  • Water cooled engine, to keep the heat down during heavy use.
  • 6500 RPM max torque.
  • Max speed of 50 MPH.
  • Ability to climb up to 18 degrees.
  • C.D.I. Starting system.
  • Max load weight of 500 pounds.
  • Ground clearance of 8.5 inches.

5. Pro TT Honda Go Kart CRF Series 4 Seater Automatic with Reverse

Looking for the best go karts with room for the family? Well, then look no further then this 4 person go kart. This one is great if you want to ride with the family or with some friends. I rode in one of these when on a hunting trip. Since it was easier and quieter to take one go kart instead of several. You won’t be disappointed in what this go kart has to offer.

This would be a great addition to any family. It would also be a great addition for group hunting or fun functions. Since this has reverse, means there is a less chance of you having to maneuver by hand. Anyone over 5ft 7 inches may fit, but it wouldn’t provide the most comfortable seating. So trying to stay under that is the best idea.

Pro TT Honda Go Kart CRF Series 4 Seater Automatic with Reverse

Check More Photos and Price at:

Things I Liked

The biggest thing I liked about this go kart is pretty obvious. This kart is big enough to carry along a group of up to 4 people. No worries though you can still ride by yourself if you choose. The roll bar design helps to protect all the passengers as well. It also has everything you need for night driving, even has enough to qualify to be street legal in some states. Always check your local laws first though before riding on public roadways. The back rack is a nice bonus for when you need to bring extra gear with.

Things I Don’t Like

The engine is on the smaller side and I would’ve liked to seen a bigger engine. Especially since this cart will hold up to 4 people. With that said this would still be a great choice for those who don’t need something that is crazy fast.


There are plenty of features to get your attention, I sure know there was for me. So I want to make sure you know them, you already know it looks good, but see why it makes my list of best go karts.

  • Automatic with reverse.
  • Electric start transmission.
  • Front hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Kill engine switch.
  • Ground clearance of 5.9 inches when loaded.

6. Trailmaster 163CC XRX Two Seater Mini Go Kart

163CC XRX Two Seater Mini Go Kart by Trailmaster

Check More Photos and Price at:

This mini double seater was an excellent addition to my best go karts list. It is best suited for the smaller drivers and riders out there. I got this one for my grandchildren, it was the perfect solution. It is great for them just to cruise around the yard, or to follow me down a trail. Since it is a mini it saves space when storing as well. It also looks really neat around my bigger kart as well.

This is the best choice for that beginner in your life. It also has the safety aspects that you would want, to make sure they are safe while having all that fun. It is great that it does offer up headlights even for a mini kart. This is one to add to your collection as long as you have some little ones around.

Things I Liked

One of the best aspects I have love about this go kart is the remote control. Your younger riders can have the freedom they want, while you still maintain the control that you want. Two kids can ride at a time as well, which is great if they want to ride and drive around with a friend. The max speed offers them a little bit of thrill, while keeping it at a level that keeps you feeling comfortable. It is a great intro starter kart for the young ones in your family or circle.

Things I Don’t Like

This go kart only offers three seat settings 23inches, 26 inches and 29 inches. I would be nice to be able to set it to more along that line since kids tend to have different growth height needs.


Even though this is a mini, it still has plenty to offer. It just offers some great things in a smaller package. So let’s see what this beautiful machine has to offer you!

  • Headlights for low light and night driving.
  • Remote control system, so you have control while still giving them some freedom.
  • 4 Stroke single cylinder, air cooled gasoline engine.
  • Max horsepower is 5.5 HP, with a max RPM of 3600 RPM.
  • Max speed of this go kart is 12.4 MPH.
  • It has a climbing ability of 12 degrees.

7. Two Seater 110CC Double Seater Semi Auto Go Kart with Reverse

This is a great addition to my best go karts list for looks as well as features. I love the design of this go kart, it makes it stand out from the crowd. You can drive by yourself or bring someone along for the ride.

Comes with fully functional lights as well, so you can see where you are going if you decide to keep it out at night. The side view mirrors also allow you to keep an eye out for what is around you. This is a great intermediate kart, for those who have driving one down. It offers a decent ride and an excellent body style.

Two Seater 110CC Double Seater Semi Auto Go Kart with Reverse

Sure you won’t be running any races with it. Yet, the engine offers enough power to get a great ride and or drive. It does have enough features to make it street legal in some areas, but that is something you will have to confirm with your local laws.

Things I Liked

My top favorite feature of this go kart is the reverse gear. These machines are not light, so being able to go in reverse without having to physically move it is great. This is a great size for two small adults or an adult and a child or a couple of teens. Having the headlights is almost a necessity so it is great that it has them.

Since it has a rack and pinion steering, it has a great turning radius. Giving you steering that is similar to a vehicle. I also liked the high height design of the roll cage, so there is more headroom for those taller riders and drivers.

Things I Don’t Like

The weight limit on this kart is kind of low for it being a two seater. Sure you may be able to just go over it, but not recommended. Since it only has a 110 CC engine, too much weight will cause a drag in power and speed. There is no rearview mirror, but there are side mirrors.


Now I am going to tell you all the great things about this kart that you want to know. These in addition to the beauty of it will make you want to have it arriving at your door sooner than later!

  • Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear.
  • Front dual swing arm with coiled spring shocks suspension.
  • Rear suspension is also dual swing arm with coiled spring shocks.
  • Has Rack and Pinion Steering.

8. ATK-125A 125CC Semi-Automatic 2 Seater Go Kart by TaoTao

ATK-125A 125CC Semi-Automatic 2 Seater Go Kart by TaoTao

This makes my list of one of the best go karts because of its simplistic design. This is a great go kart for those looking for the basics in a double seater go kart. Since the design is simple it helps keep the weight of the kart down, which is important to some. I have had the pleasure of owning one of these and I can say I wasn’t disappointed. This was a great choice for my older grandchildren and their friends to have some fun with without being crazy scary fast.

This is perfect for those who are making that step up from beginner. All tires, suspension and braking are all the same. So if you are looking for something crazy off-roading this is not it. This is best suited for road riding or basic dirt trail riding. You will be pleased with the things it has to offer you.

Things I Liked

I like the design of this rig because I can easily clean it after a long day of play. It also has an engine that is big enough to get you where you need to go without being too fast. No mixing of gas and oil either as some have asked about. It is easy to use not overly loaded with things you may not need for basic riding. It still has all the basic but much needed safety features you are looking for.

Things I Don’t Like

There wasn’t really anything I don’t like about this rig for at the level it is at. You really have to adhere to the weight load of it, since the framing doesn’t seem as loaded as other machines. That shouldn’t be a problem though since it is best fit for two younger adults or an adult and child or solo riding.


You shouldn’t buy anything without knowing the features, so I want you to know them. I want you to know what is great about this kart right down to the wheels!

  • Rear hydraulic disc foot brake.
  • Suspension height is 14.15 inches for both front and rear.
  • Total max load weight is 220 pounds.
  • Seat height is 11.8 inches.

9. Coleman Powersports 196cc Go Kart Gas Powered Off-Road

When you look at this go kart, it is easy to see why it made it on my list of best go karts. This go kart speaks fun on the run! It has everything the intermediate/experienced driver may want.

You can drive this one alone, or take another person along for the run since it has two seats. You can see the suspension is well built and out there. This a great one for the trails or the road hands down, you won’t want to get out of this one once you get in it. Great kart for the experienced kart driver.

It has the capabilities for on or off-road use, which is great for someone who wants one they can use for both. It is gas so no worries about having to plug in somewhere and waiting for a charging to complete. Has a decent warranty on the engine, ground clearance with current tires is also decent.

Things I Liked

When I first saw this go kart I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The design and the mixture of the colors makes it a very attractive kart for sure. The suspension looks very durable all around as well. Knowing this also was automatic means I can spend more time driving and not shifting. Having reverse with a kart this size was a definite bonus. The side protection is great, because it is there without inhibiting getting in and out of the kart.

Things I Don’t Like

There really isn’t anything I found that I didn’t like. Although some would probably like to see a bigger engine in something this heavy and big. It also does require 90 or higher gas for best performance. So people who like to use less may not like that factor, but is really is better for the engine.


This kart just doesn’t have a couple of features this kart is loaded with features. So even though you may see the obvious ones, I am going to give you a run-down of all the great features. So let’s get started on what it has in store for you!

  • 150 CC automatic 4-stroke engine.
  • Rear wheel drive.
  • Max speed of 38 MPH
  • Max torque of 6.6 Ft-Lbs.

10. Monster Moto 79.5 CC Go Kart with Real Tree Design and Race Cart Styling

Monster Moto MM-K80RT 79.5cc Go Kart - Realtree Design

You will get that race kart feel with this kart, it is a must for my list of best go karts! This is a really great looking unique go kart, it takes on the look of a miniature race cart. It is great for a beginner driver, that wants to feel like a real racer.

Of course this isn’t going to go as fast as the bigger counterpart, but they will love it just the same. It also comes in Realtree Camo color. Everything is perfectly matched on this kart to give it a well put together look.

This is truly the ultimate cart for the beginner in your life. All the safety aspects are there that you would want including the governor. It’s not a speed demon, but it is not supposed to be. It is built well enough to last years with basic maintenance. So it is one you could keep passing down the line with the right care. With the easy assembly it is almost ready right out of the box. With no electronic ignition, it is as simple to start as your lawn mower.

Things I Liked

I love this kart, because even though it is meant for the younger riders it is pretty tough in looks and build. It looks like the big version but is made for the young learners in mind. The colored pedals are a great asset, because it is something most young riders can learn quickly. The tires will allow them to be able to drive around the backyard with ease. The body surrounds the driver offering superb safety and you get to control how fast you want it to go.

Things I Don’t Like

The seat is hard, would have been nice to see a little padding on it. However, it is curved so it kind of encompasses them. Other than that there really isn’t anything else that I found that I didn’t like.


Sure most of us see this and we would by it just because it looks so cool. However, it is still important to know all the features it has to bring to the table besides its awesome looks. So let’s get started on what those features are!

  • Pull start, which is great if you are worried about electronic failing.
  • Easy assembly only need to attach roll bar and front bumper. Then just add gas and you will be ready to use.
  • Super grip tires for great traction.
  • Tube steel frame for durability.

11. 150CC Two Seater Go Kart by Kandi with Reverse

This is the king of my best go karts list! This bodacious go kart is one you won’t want to shut off. I sure didn’t when I had the thrill of driving one. It is well built all the way around, from end to end and top to bottom.

You don’t have to enjoy it alone either because it has two seats! The hard part is giving up the driver’s seat to someone else. Glad it has reverse because that is a must have, otherwise it can be difficult to manually move these big carts around.

150cc two seater go by kandi with reverse

This is obviously not the kart for beginners, but it is definitely a great choice for intermediate and avid kart drivers. This one will give you endless hours of fun with basic maintenance. Maintenance with this is pretty straight forward and easy to do. This one is built well enough to last through the years for sure, so you can choose to share it with the kids or keep it all to yourself. Since it has reverse you will be able to back out of those situations where you would have had to manually move your kart. Buy it, love it and you will not regret it!

Things I Liked

There is plenty to like about this Kart, I like everything about this kart. It has the speed that I need as well as the safety features I would expect. It looks sleek and well-built from any angle. I can use this one on or off pavement which is a great bonus since I like to change it up from time to time. This one is just not for the kiddies either. As long as you stay within the weight requirements solo or doubled up, you are good to go.

Things I Don’t Like

What is there not to like? Well, I guess you are going to have to tell me if you find anything, because I couldn’t find anything that was worth mentioning. It does have a higher price tag, but this is one of those situations where you get what you pay for. With everything it offers though, it is still an awesome deal.


It would be a shorter list to tell you what it doesn’t have, but I want you to fall in love with it as much as I have. So instead I want you to know what there is to know about it. So I am going to tell you all about the features it has for you to enjoy!

  • 150CC Single cylinder, air-cooled engine.
  • Dual rear swing-arm dual cover over shock suspension.
  • Headlights, fog lights, rear tail lights, turn signals, horn and side mirrors.

Best Off Road Go Kart Reviews

When you see an advertisement for Best Go Karts, you automatically think back to when you were a child and how much fun you had riding one of these vehicles. Go karts should provide a child with a lot of fun and their first taste of control over their destinations as well as their first taste of freedom. Go karts are a right of passage that each child will be honored to have experienced.

The following descriptions will let you know the main reason I chose each of these vehicles.

1. BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart

You might have thought that in this day of electronics pedal powered toys were a thing of the past. You would have been wrong because this pedal go kart is readily available and will give your child some of the same riding experiences that you had when you were small.

The swing axle on this go kart for kids insures that your child can easily maneuver the device across any terrain that they want to drive on. The adjustable seat tells you that as your child grows you will be able to change the riding toy so they can continue to enjoy it.

BERG_Toys_24.20.60.00_Buddy_Orange_Pedal_Go_Kart.jpgClick Here to Check the Price

2. Hauck Nascar Lightning Go Kart

The adjustable bucket seat on this go kart will allow your child to ride the toy longer because as your child grows the seating on the go karts can be changed so taller children still ride in comfort.

The riding toy has rubber wheels and three point steering to enable the rider to have complete control over where the machine goes. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle decals will impress all of the “Turtle” fans, and make them want to ride even more.

This is a safe riding toy that provides a source of fun exercise for your child, and helps them to develop coordination skills, and balance skills.

3. YBIKE Explorer Pedal Car

This is an excellent go kart for kids. It has the unique side handle steering that gives children the optimum amount of control over their riding apparatus. This go kart is excellent for all children, but it can be exceptional for children who have special needs because the steering handles are positioned on either side of the riding toy.

The child is positioned in a sitting position and they do not have to lean forward to reach the controls. They have excellent leg and back support while they are riding. You will find that the rubber tires add to the stability of the device, and the flags help to make the go kart visible to higher profile vehicles like cars and trucks.

4. Vroom Rider Zoom Pedal Go-Kart Ride Ons with Pneumatic Tire

This go kart is designed for riders who weigh less than sixty five pounds. It is a first time go kart for kids that will allow them to experience the thrill and freedom of riding without putting them in any danger of reaching speeds that could allow them to be injured severely in the event of an accident.

These go karts teach younger children how to maneuver on a go kart before mom and dad buy them a battery powered machine or a gasoline powered machine. The pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride on all surfaces and the child learns to steer properly and maintain balance while riding.

Click Here to Check the Price

5. Razor Ground Force Electric Battery Powered Go Kart – Silver – 24 Volt

This battery powered go kart can reach speeds as great as twelve miles per hour. The manufacturer has constructed the apparatus out of steel so the frame is strong and can withstand all of the play that your child puts it through.

You will like that the batteries charge quickly so your child will get more fun and play from their toy. The go kart also comes with a seat belt for safety and a chain driven motor that will take very little maintenance.


Your child will get a lot of pleasure filled hours of riding from this go kart. They will also gain valuable driving experience before they graduate up to the powerful gasoline fueled go karts for sale.

6. Buzzy Pedal Go Kart

Give a child a toy that encourages them to get outside and do physical activity and you give them a toy that will improve their physical and mental health. The Buzzy pedal go kart provides a child with valuable exercise, and experience in learning to maneuver their territory on a riding machine.

The swing axle insures that your child will have the most control possible while they ride. The adjustable handle bars will assure that as your child grows their favorite go kart can be adapted to allow them to ride comfortably.

You can even store the go kart vertically in the garage when it is not in use.

Click Here to Check the Price

7. Razor Ground Force Go Kart


This go kart for kids is fast, durable, fun to ride, and filled with safety features that allow you to not worry when your child is playing with their riding machine.

The cheapest go karts are not always the best go karts to buy, but Razor has designed a battery operated machine that is priced affordably and built to last.

The go kart is powered by two twelve volt batteries and the charger is included with the purchase. The steel frame gives you a sturdy go kart that is durable, and the cast aluminum wheels provide you with wheels that do not rust or corrode.

8. Berg Pedal Go Kart Jeep Revolution BFR

The pneumatic tires, steel frame construction, and quality craftsmanship that goes into this pedal go kart provides you with a riding toy that can support a weight limit of around two hundred pounds. That means that this go kart for kids is designed to allow all kids an opportunity to ride and play.

The parking brake helps to keep the go kart from rolling down an incline while the child is off of the machine. The braking system is operated by a hand control and it spreads the stopping force between the front and rear brakes evenly so when the go kart is brought to a stop it is a slow smooth action.

9. Berg Toys Junior Buddy – White

A lot of people think that little girls will not want to ride on go karts for kids. They believe that little girls will not be attracted to the masculine toys, the speed, and the outdoorsy sport of riding go karts for kids. Those people have never laid eyes on the Junior Buddy with the bright pink accents.

The go kart has an adjustable steering wheel so the child can have a comfortable position on their riding toy. The swing axle increases their ability to steer the go kart properly. The high back bucket seat allows the child to have stability and comfort so they ride longer and have more fun.

Click Here to Check the Price

10. BERG Toys John Deere Buddy Pedal Go Kart

Once you get this go kart kit assembled your child will have a great time riding all over the yard. The rubberized pneumatic tires will help them to be able to ride on any surface material, and the adjustable seat will provide them with the ability to keep riding their favorite go kart as they grow taller.

Go karts that are kid powered allow a child to develop better skills at steering their riding toys before you give them a more powerful battery operated go kart. This go kart provides many years of pleasure for a very affordable price.

BERG_Toys_24.21.24.00_John_Deere_Buddy_Pedal_Go_KartClick Here to Check the Price

Best Go Karts for Kids – Reviews and Expert Analysis

A kid go kart is a special toy that a child loves to own. Best go karts for kids come in different sizes, different shapes, and are powered by different means. I believe that it is best to start a child out on the cheapest go kart that has pedals and uses kid power to propel it.

Then the child should graduate to an electric kids go kart that is battery powered and can reach a top speed of about twelve miles per hour. Finally the child will be old enough to get their first gasoline powered kids go karts to ride when they are go kart racing.

1. BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart

This pedal powered go kart is a prime example of a beginning go kart for kids. It is made from durable materials and designed so that a child can easily reach the handle bars and all of the pedals on it.

This go kart includes all of the basic features a child needs to learn to be familiar with. Braking and steering are two of the main concerns when a child begins to ride.

You want them to be able to steer properly before you put them in an electric go kart for kids that is going to go faster. You also want them to be familiar with stopping the vehicle they are riding.

This off road go kart for kids will help them to learn to balance their weight and maneuver their go kart over all types of terrain.

Click Here to Check the Price

2. Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

The electric powered go cart for kids will allow them to begin to enter go karting for kids circles with other children in the neighborhood.

This go kart for kids is powered by two twelve volt batteries so it has plenty of power to propel your youngster around your home, but it does not go so fast that it will be likely to cause them any serious injuries.

This machine has all of the safety features that you want including a seat belt and a bucket seat for good support. It has the acceleration button on the handlebars and the brake pedal is also located on the handle bars so the child can easily stop the machine.

3. Razor Dune Buggy For Kids

Kids prefer to ride their go carts for kids with other children. Playing is more fun when you can play with someone else so this Razor dune buggy is a great choice as best go karts for kids.

It has two seats so your child and their best friend can ride into the adventures that the world of kids go karting has in store for them.

This dune buggy has safety restraints to help protect the riders and it has a roll bar to make it look more realistic and to add extra protection in case there ever is an accident.

This machine will reach speeds as great as twelve miles per hour, but will go slower when it has two passengers in it.

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4. Yellow Gas 4 Stroke Semi – Auto Buggy Go Kart

This two seat kids go kart is loaded down with features. It is a perfect selection for a child who is graduating up from a battery powered kids go kart to a gasoline engine go carts for kids.

This machine is fully automatic and easy for a child to operate. It is safety enhanced with a roll bar, flood lights on the roll bar, and headlights mounted on the grill. It has padded bucket seats and harness restraints like you see in race cars.

The independent double wishbone suspension makes this machine easy to steer and comfortable to ride in. You will also like the fact that this is a low maintenance item.

Click Here to Check the Price

How to Choose Go Karts – Tips and Tricks

Whether you are an avid go kart rider or new to it there are some tips and tricks that may help you along the way. Some you may know and others you may not, some may serve as just a refresher. Either way lets go over some before we move on to other things.

  • Always pick a go kart that fits your skill level. If you are a beginner, you want something that is easy to control. After all you can always upgrade down the line. If you are a moderate to experienced rider, you want something that can keep up with you.
  • Decide on whether or not you want to invest in a gas or a battery operated go kart. If you plan on riding frequently and have a place to plug in electric is a great option. However, if you are nowhere that you can plug in and you don’t want to change batteries or wait to charge then gas is the one for you.
  • An electric go kart is less maintenance then a gas one. If you are mechanically inclined though gas is not a problem. Many say that the gas also tends to have more power.
  • Then decide if you would like to ride solo, or if you want to ride double. If you like to ride with someone or would like to accompany a younger driver a double is a great choice.
  • Pick the go kart that will handle the terrain that you will be riding on. Some are best fit for roadway tracks, while others will handle off road terrain. Some will handle both with a change out of the tires.
  • You will also want to make sure that there are proper functioning safety features as well. Seat belts are a given, but many today also come with a kill switch which is great. Some also offer up a speed control as well. So make sure the one you choose has what you want.
  • It also a great idea to make sure you always have an extra set of tires. Since either terrain you are on can wear on your tires.
  • When looking to buy do some comparisons, see which one gives you the most bang for your buck. Yet while doing that make sure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer.
  • Always check for a warranty and what it has to offer you. Of course it is important to have a warranty for the whole cart. However, the most important aspect is a good warranty on the engine.
  • Always follow the manufacturer specs that come with your kart. That way you know you will get the most out of your cart. Do all require maintenance on a regular basis.

Go Karts Buying Guide

The selection of the right go kart can make the difference between having a machine you and your family enjoys, and having a nuisance that you regret buying. I suggest that you read our detailed go kart buying guide before you begin to make your final selection.

How to Make a Go Kart

There are plenty of different go karts to choose from. If you specify by fuels than you will get these three types.

  • Powered by the energy of the rider
  • Powered by batteries or electricity
  • Powered by fuels such as gasoline.

​There are thousands of people who would prefer to build their own go kart rather than buy a pre-made version.By building your own riding machine you get to have the vehicle that suits your needs best. If you are going to be racing the item you can include the proper clutches, tires, and carburetors, to allow you to build a sleek machine that can speed down the road.

In order to build your own device you must either draw up a set of blue prints detailing everything about the machine, or you must purchase a set of blue prints that details everything about the device. A well thought out plan will save you time and money in the long run. While you are planning you can choose what materials you want the machine built from, what type of engine you will want to use, and other key factors about your project.

To build your own vehicle you should create a plan, then assemble the components completely before you begin to work.

Go Kart Clutches

The clutch on a go cart attaches to the shaft of the engine and it keeps the engine from stalling when it is put under a heavy load, or when it is idling. The clutch can increase the stamina, power, and speed of a riding machine. There are several different types of clutch assemblies used on go karts.

Centrifugal clutch assemblies are the ones used the most often on go karts. This is because these clutches have a relatively simple design. They are generally easy to install. They are long lasting, and they are cost effective.Variable transmission clutches enable your go kart to be operated at lower speeds, but allows the machine to reach higher speeds. These are great clutches on go karts that will be used in racing.

Belt clutches are considered to be the cheapest clutches to use on these riding toys, but the configurations for the belts, and the proper placement of the pulleys can get quite complicated.

Electric clutches are more expensive to buy, and they require the machine to be operated at speeds no less than three miles per hour so they are not good on a vehicle that will be idling from time to time.

There are also liquid clutches and hydraulic clutches, but each of those types of clutch assemblies are expensive, and not really designed for the simplicity of a go kart.

How to Buy Go Karts for Kids [ Step by Step Guideline ]

When you see kids go karts for sale you might start to consider whether one of these items would be a good investment for your family. There are a few things to consider before you choose a kids go kart.

The Age of the Child

The age and abilities of the child that will be riding the go kart for kids will determine what type of apparatus you should buy.

  • Children under the ages of eight should be given kids go karts that are pedal powered, or that are powered by one twelve volt battery, or by a six volt battery. These devices will travel at slower speeds and the child will be less likely to be injured while riding them.
  • Children from eight to eleven years of age could have a lot of fun riding on battery powered kids go karts that are powered by two twelve volt batteries. These devices will reach speeds of about twelve miles per hour. They steer and break like the traditional gasoline powered go karts for kids so the child will gain valuable riding experience.
  • Children over the age of eleven will more than likely be too large for the battery powered go karts for kids and will need a gasoline powered machine to ride. The motors on these items come in different sizes so they will have different top speeds. You will also find that these items are capable of handling different weights. Most of them will only support a rider that weighs less than two hundred pounds so look carefully if you want a heavier person to be able to ride, or more than one person to ride at the same time.

Guide to Go Kart Features Available On Today

If you are looking to buy a ready built, go kart or a go kart kit. You want to make sure that go kart has everything you are looking for. There are many features that are available today. Some you may need and others you may just want. Some have different roll cages that are suitable for younger children, such as roll cages that also have side panels. Which are also great for those looking for more protection from fall outs. Some come with headlights and speedometers, for those looking to be able to ride at night or want to know how fast they are going. Some have beefed up suspension for heavy off-roading.

There is different size go karts as well, such as one and two person karts. There are a few that even carry more, but only a few opt for those. Two seaters are great if you want to ride with another rider such as a younger rider still learning. Since it is never safe or recommended to lap ride in any case. There is just so much to offer you today in go kart features.

You will want to consider what type of riding your child will be doing, and what features the kids go kart has. You want to pair the right child with the right machine.

  • Knobby tires are best for rough or uneven ground. Children who ride on dirt or grass will benefit from knobby tires.
  • Slick tires are essential for drifting. Hard plastic slick tires can help a child make their kids go kart drift around street corners.
  • Pneumatic tires provide a smoother ride so they are best if the child will ride on rough ground
  • Disc brakes are sealed where dust does not easily get to the working components so they are best if the child rides on dusty paths.
  • Aluminum wheels or cast aluminum wheels are a great choice if the child will ride through water, mud, or possible grass that is wet. Cast aluminum does not rust.
  • Hand brakes help a child to slow the kids go kart when they are going around corners.
  • Roll bars help to protect the child from the weight of the go kart if the machine were to be turned over
  • Shoulder harnesses protect the child from being thrown from the kids go karts. Kids can be thrown from their vehicle if they are going very fast and hit a bump and they can be thrown if they have an accident and run into something.

Go Kart Maintenance Guideline

One of the biggest ways to save yourself some money and to keep yourself safe is easy. All you have to do is to make sure to keep strict with yourself to keep up on your go kart maintenance. There are somethings that should be checked regularly and other things that can be done at the end of go karting season. Then you have simple check overs that can be done riding for the day. It only takes a few minutes and those few minutes can save you a lot of headaches.

A basic visual inspection is something that you can do easily. When you get to park it for the night, take the time to check for any stress cracks, welds, tires, leaks and more. Things that are obvious to the naked eye. Then on a regular basis or as your manufacturers manual suggests do your oil changes, lubrication, adjustments and more on the frequency it suggests. If you don’t have a manual, for the most part common sense. The more you ride the more frequent you need to do it.

Basic Go Kart Safety Guideline

Go karting is an extreme sport like stunt scooter riding that is enjoyed by many, by making it safer it helps keep you worry free. There are many injuries that can be avoided by simple safety measurements. Many are pretty common sense but by keeping them fresh in your mind, will help to remember them when needed. You want to also make sure you pass down the importance of safety down to younger riders as well. The biggest and most important thing of go karting safety is maintenance. Knowing your kart and keeping it up to par, the rest will follow.

When it comes to personal safety there is plenty out there in gear if you want to buy it. There are jumpsuits, gloves, goggles and more. The most important thing you can wear is a helmet though as with any other sport. You may have a roll cage around you, but when you are bouncing around it can also be another item that you may bump your head on. So besides a helmet, it may be a good idea to cushion wrap your roll bars. There are many other ways to keep safe while enjoying some go karting fun.

Ask any parent what they worry about most when they think of best go karts for kids and they will unanimously tell you that they worry about the safety of their child. This is understandable, and most accidents are preventable if your child is prepared, and the kids go kart they have has the proper safety features installed.

  • Helmets are the number one safety feature that you can provide for your child when they are riding go karts for kids. Helmets should be furnished from the time the child begins to ride pedal powered devices and the child should be instructed to never ride without their helmet. Make sure the helmet fits your child snugly so that it provides maximum protection.
  • Flags are important safety feature on kid go carts because these devices are often low to the ground where people in vehicles do not easily see them. The flags stick up high enough that people driving cars can see the kids go karts.
  • Seat belts are crucial on any go karts for kids that travel faster than a child can pedal. Safety harnesses should be the type that comes over the shoulder of the child and not just a strap that crosses their laps.
  • Keep away your kid’s go kart from fire. Sometimes, children ride their small kart inside the home, be careful about this as they may have a close connect with wood stoves or electric fireplace in living room. Though, these carts don’t utilize much fuel, but there is chance of catching on fire.

Thanks to John Dean, the Chief Editor of Hothomeair Blog for providing us the above safety tips.

Safety Tips to Teach your Child

  • Teach them to put their helmet on before they ride
  • Teach them to wear their safety belt
  • Teach them to never ride without telling an adult where they will be
  • Teach them to never stop their kids go kart behind a vehicle
  • Teach them to never go out into the street on their machine

The Different Types of Go Kart Tires

Having a go kart in many ways is like having a small car. It still needs many of the same things as it larger counterparts. One of those things that they need are tires. Again just like your car, just any go kart tire will not work. Your tires for your go cart have to work with what you are planning for your go kart. If you are going off-roading for instance, you are not going to used slicks or something with very little tread.

If you are going to be racing on asphalt, tons of knobs are going to do you no good when wanting to corner. Off-roading tires are also typically softer, meaning the sidewalls have some give. Another thing you don’t want when cornering on asphalt. You don’t want hard sidewalls when driving on rough terrain. There are several things to consider and there are more things for you to read about, to help you choose the right tires for your go kart.

Go Kart Tracks – Which One Is the One for You?

If you are getting into the sport of go karting, there are things to know. You can’t just hop in and go! First off you have to select a kart for the type of go karting you want to do. There is asphalt, off-road and there are a select few that offer both. You need to pick the one that is appropriate for the type of track you intend on driving on. You can’t take on set up for asphalt and run it on dirt. If so than you are asking for a disaster waiting to happen.

There are many things that are different between the two. Your go kart equipment needs to match the track you are using. Such as your tires, engine size, suspension and ground clearance to mention a few. If you want to offer up the cost for having a cart that will work for both than that is your choice.

How to Select Go Kart Engines Step by Step Guideline

When you ready to take on the building of your go kart, the most important part of your build is your engine. So when you are looking for an engine you want to make sure you get the right one. There are many factors that come into play when selecting the right go kart engines for your needs. The same goes for if you are replacing an engine. If you are replacing an engine with the same type, then there is nothing to look into. However, if you are deciding to change up on the type of engine you have several choices.

One of the factors to consider is speed, you want to know how fast you want your go kart to be able to go. Another is what type of go karting are you planning on doing? Are you planning on asphalt or off-roading? Also you want to consider the size of your frame and tires, more weight means you are going to want to have more power to move it.

The main focus of this article is to help you choose the best go karts for kids. I want each child to be able to have a riding toy that they can operate safely. That they can be confident when they ride and will last a long time.

Each parent who buys kids go karts should feel confident after this article that they have made a sound choice. I want them to give their children something they feel good about and that they trust their child to play on.

You should go with the that kids go kart which is best suited for your needs and your budget. I love these toys and I want to share that love with the world.

Final Verdicts

You often see go karts for sale at private homes, online, and in classified ads. I hope that the information you find on our web pages will help you to distinguish the best go karts for your children to own. Buying a go kart should be fun for the parent as well as for the child, and owning a go kart should never be a frustrating experience.

You might like to read our how to build a go kart article before you shop for go kart kits, or the in depth articles about each of the go karts included in my favorite list. I hope that you find the perfect machine and have many years of riding fun.