Off Road Go Kart – A New Sensation

The majority of people played on a off road go kart when they were children. Some of us had pedal go karts, some of us had electric powered go karts, and some of us had go karts with gasoline engines. We played on these karts on the streets and sidewalks in our neighborhoods. We entered soap box derbies and raced down the largest hill in town to see who could go the fastest. Most of us never heard of off road go karts.

Off road go kart provides the same thrilling experiences for their riders except, the off road go karts can be ridden on dirt, gravel, grass, uneven turf, or smooth roadways made of asphalt of concrete. With an off road go kart your child will be able to ride in more areas and will therefore get more use from and fun from their riding machine.

Off road go karts are great for racing on dirt tracks, for taking into the woods, or for driving on the beach. Some manufacturers make dune buggies that they refer to as off road go karts. These riding machines are fun and they give you more freedom to enjoy them more often.

Features of an Off Road Go Kart

Off road go karts have some features that are slightly different from the street variety go kart. Read our article featuring the Top 20 picks for go karts to see some prime examples of off road go karts. Some of the most common differences in features are:

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires are perfect for riding over rough terrain. Hard plastic tires are not made to have the same ability to grip onto the surface they are crossing. In order for the go kart to have great speed, and for the rider to be able to control the direction the go kart is traveling in pneumatic tires are a must.

Cast Aluminum Wheels

Cast aluminum is a lightweight metal that can withstand forces almost as great as solid steel piping. The big difference in cast aluminum is that it will not corrode or rust where other metals will easily corrode. If you are riding an off road go kart then you are likely to get your wheels wet and if you have steel wheels on your machine you are likely going to get rust that can either slow you down or cause you to have to replace the wheels sooner. Look for cast aluminum wheels so you do not have rust to worry about.

Sealed Wheel Bearings

When your go kart travels through mud, sand, wet grass, and other terrains that produce moisture or dust, then these contaminants from the roadway can get into your bearings and cause them to seize up. An off road go kart should have sealed bearings that you do not have to grease so you have less maintenance woes, and fewer break downs.

Shoulder Harness Restraints

The street go karts often have lap belt restraints, but an off road go kart really needs shoulder harness restraints. Shoulder harness restraints are more adept at firmly holding the rider in position. The off road go kart is ridden over rough terrain at top speeds and it is more likely that the driver, or the passenger, will be jostled, or possibly thrown from the apparatus if they are wearing no seat belt or just a lap belt seat restraint.

Roll Bars

An off road go kart should have a roll bar in my opinion. Not all of the machines do have roll bars, but a roll bar protects the rider from serious injury in the event of a rolling over of the machine during an accident. I think that you should consider the terrain that you will be riding the go karts over, and the rougher the terrain will be the greater your need for a roll bar will be.

Bucket Seats

A bucket seat with a high back on it is more likely to protect the rider from injury. In a bucket seat with a high back the head and shoulders of the rider can press firmly against the solid back so the rider is more stable during the time the machine is being driven.

Swing Axles

Fix positioned axles are more likely to break under the pressure of rough terrain. A swing axle moves and flexes enough that the pressures of hitting bumps will not snap the axle into more than one piece. The swing axle also allows the driver to be able to maintain better directional control of the vehicle.


Headlights are more common on off road go karts because there is always the chance that someone riding off road may not make it back to the home base before the lighting outside becomes dim. Headlights and fog lights can help the driver of an off road go kart to make it back home safely when night overtakes them on a ride.

Rear Wheel Drive

A lot of the off road go karts have steering capabilities on all of their wheels. The front wheels often control the direction of the machine, but when you have the ability to steer the rear wheels so that they follow the direction of the front wheels exactly you have fewer accidents.

The front wheels are also the ones that usually do most of the pulling of a vehicle like these. If the rear wheels are set up to also pull the driver gets more traction when they are driving over rough areas.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes are sealed in such a manner that they take in less road debris and therefore they have less maintenance issues. An off road go kart should have disc brakes.

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