Top 7 Electric Go Kart Models Of 2019

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​Whether you are interested in getting a go-kart for a young person, or you want to celebrate your inner kid at heart, you should consider an electric go-kart.

Some of the best go kart models are electric run, efficient, and provide perks that a gas-run go kart may lack. 

An electric go-kart makes an excellent gift for a child who is growing out of their bike or scooter, and is looking for a way to enjoy more speed and adventure outdoors. Go-karts can be ridden around or designated trails in wilderness areas, on private property, or zipped around indoor tracks.

Kids can enjoy getting outdoors to race friends in their go-kart, explore uncharted territory in the neighborhoods, and just have fun. Go-karts have been a big part of many childhoods since their inception, and have not managed to lose their appeal despite the prevalence of video games and smart technology.

If a kid is still too young to drive a car or live out their fantasies of being a stock car driver, go-karts are a family-friendly solution. Go-karts that run on electricity are a comfortable option for kids ranging in age from six to about twelve-years-old. When kids are a bit older and approaching the teen years, a gas go kart may be more desirable for higher speeds.

Comparison Of The Best Electric Go Kart Models

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History Of Go Karts

The sport of go-kart races and the go-kart itself developed in the United States in the 1950s. For the most part, racing go-karts is a recreational pastime for kids, but some adults like to get in on the action competitively at a professional level.

The creation of the first motorized go kart is attributed to Art Ingels and Lou Borelli, who were neighbors. Using an engine from a lawnmower, adding a low-set chassis which hovered a few inches above the ground, and an open seat, the modern go-kart was born.

Art Ingels participated in a local race using the go-kart contraption and influenced others to follow suit in making their own vehicles. Early go-kart races took place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, and quickly increased in popularity. Between 1957 and 1958, the Go Kart Manufacturing Company Incorporated was established, and go-kart kits were sold to enthusiastic parties.

During the 1960s, go-kart racing surged in popularity, and tracks began to spring up to meet the needs of recreational riders.  In the 1970s, European interest in go-karts and go-kart racing replaced American’s waning interest, but in the 1980s, the hobby transformed into a recognized sport. 

Go-karts were initially designed to travel on the paved sidewalks or small roadways in neighborhoods, but regulatory bodies, such as The World Karting Association and the International Karting Federation made racing in an oval circuit a standard practice.

Many professional race car drivers can credit their early years in their youth spent racing go-karts for their current skills and profession.

Electric Versus Gas

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Image by Alex Andrews via Pexels

Although gas go karts were the original prototype, electric go karts are believed to have some advantages to the original racing machine.

Electric go karts offer some of the following benefits to go-kart drivers.

  • More torque allows drivers to hit a higher speed faster than gas models
  • Mechanical components are covered to prevent injuries on contact
  • The weight distribution between the battery and engine is less likely to trigger flipping
  • No exhaust fumes equal a more pleasant experience for your lungs and others

One of the only downsides with go-karts run on electricity compared to gas types is that electric karts require charging and may not last as long. 

Troubleshooting Your Go Kart

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Image by Gonzalo Facello via Pexels

Even if you get a go-kart form the most reputable brand or dealer, you will still need to get familiar with your go kart’s parts and functions. Routine maintenance of your go kart can help you eliminate issues, or help you deduce when something needs replacement or repair.

Problems with go-karts may include some of the following.

  • Go kart idles too quickly or slowly
  • Spark plug gets loose
  • Engine starts and stops

​Checking up on the working parts of your go kart can help optimize your riding experience, and may encourage longevity of your vehicle. Additionally, there is wiggle room to upgrade parts and customize your go kart.

Riding Safety Tips For Go Karts

Go karts are a blast to ride, but they can put a rider in danger if not cautious. Accidents involving go-karts have resulted in traumatic head injuries, scrapes and bruises, and in the worst-case scenario fatality.

First off, riders should always wear a helmet when operating a go-kart. In the rare occurrence that a go-kart does flip over, you want to protect your head and neck.

Man in green helmet riding go kart

Image by Alex Andrews via Pexels

It is important to wear a safety belt, as it can help prevent a rider from flying or floundering about in the event of a crash. A roll cage may be helpful in case of emergency, but it can also present a problem if a rider collides with another vehicle.

Any long or loose hair should be tucked in a helmet and out of the way, as tangled hair can exacerbate an injury in an accident. It is better to wear heavy clothing that fits closely to the body and to wear protective gear to keep the chest, neck, and head from detrimental impact.

Always check the go-kart before riding, and make sure everything is in working order and in good repair. Make sure the pressure in the tires is proper, the brakes work, and that there are no worn out parts that can fail or become loose.

Only drive in an area where it is safe or designated to do so in a go-kart, practice safe driving habits, and never let anyone ride in your lap when operating a go-kart. Riding safe saves lives and can prevent needless injuries from taking place.

How We Choose Our Ratings

Men racing

Image by atanaspaskalev via Pixabay

We choose what we felt were the best go karts worth mentioning, after spending time looking into brand reputation, reviews from real customers, and the value offered for the price point.

Depending on your lifestyle and the rider of the go-kart you choose, we wanted models that could be a good fit for lots of different people. When deciding on an electric go kart model, you want to consider the following criteria.

  • Top speed
  • Style of frame and construction materials
  • Charging time and desirable included features

It is important to spend time looking over the go-kart you choose to spend your money on, but it is equally important to invest in safety gear and learn proper operation to reduce accidents.

Top 7 Electric Go Kart Models

There are plenty of go-kart models that run on electricity out there, but we felt these top seven models were a cut above the rest. Read here to learn more about the pros, cons, and get an overview of the best go kart models on our list.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Fury Ride-On Go Kart

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This go kart is ideal for older kids, but the weight limit of 140 pounds for a rider may be a slight drawback for some youth. Riders can hunker down in a bucket seat with an included shoulder harness for safety. This go kart was made for drifting, as riders can only reach a maximum speed of 12 mph. The tires at the rear are constructed from solid plastic with stable rubber tires.

The larger rear wheels are made to encourage drifting, because of how they work with the rear brake. Riders can also get a kick out of 180-degree cornering and getting the go-kart to spin. The front tires include molded aluminum rims and are outfitted with reliable rubber tires. If a kid is a fan of movies like Tokyo Drift, or a race fan, they can emulate their heroes drifting away in their go-kart.


  • Made with a brake set-up and tires conducive to drifting, hitting corners, and making spins 
  • High torque electric engine allows for fast pick up from start
  • Includes battery charger for two rechargeable 12-volt batteries


  • Requires some time to assemble and charge

One plus about this go kart is that it comes with a battery charger included, so there’s no need to spend more money on the necessary accessory. The initial charge time for this go kart is 12 hours, and a fully charged battery gives rider up to an hour of riding time or covers a distance of seven to eight miles. 

After this go kart undergoes an initial set up and ready to go, this go kart will require six hours of charging time to be fully charged. The steel frame offers more protection than a plastic one that would easily crack or shatter in an accident. 

MotoTec MT-04 Solar Electric Go Kart 24v

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This go-k​​art is made or riders over the age of 12, and has a weight limit of 150-pounds. Thanks to the 4-watt solar panel at the go kart’s rear and a 16Ah 12-volt battery pack, this recreational vehicle is ready to zoom along up to 15 mph. Riders can enjoy up to two hours of driving time, which is higher than other electric models.


  • Longer riding time of up to two hours
  • Solar panel equals zero emissions
  • Sturdy construction


  • Assembling this kart may be a bit more difficult than others

The go-kart comes with 9-inch pneumatic tires, uses a rear disc brake with hand lever, and is constructed with a steel frame. You can use the solar panel to charge the go-kart in about 12 hours, or if you use the battery charger, it’s ready to ride after four to six hours.

Actev Arrow Smart-Kart Electric Go Kart

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Kids ages five to nine were the ideal rider for this go kart, which includes a front collision avoidance sensor and reaches top speeds of 9 mph. Parents may appreciate the built-in safety features and controls for this go kart, which can be adjusted via an app remotely using a smartphone. The app allows parents to stop the go-kart completely, or limit the speed as desired. 


  • Great go kart choice for kids ages five to nine
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows parents to control the go-kart remotely
  • Packed with technology and uses Formula 1-style steering wheel


  • It's an additional cost to get a silver or red body, which adds to the weight

This go kart was made from experts in racing and enthusiasts, so it comes with a Formula 1- style steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, downloadable engine sounds, and an LCD display. This go kart is better for riding around outside because of its speed limits, and it feels a bit too fast or riding indoors.  The kart weighs 73-pounds and is made for riders up to 130-pounds.

You can charge this go-kart in about 10 hours on a standard outlet, which gives you 30 to 60 minutes of driving time per charge. If you shell out an extra $50 for a faster charger, the go-kart is ready to go after 90 minutes.

Razor Electric Dune Buggy

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Depending on a kid’s height and weight, riders age eight to 14 will enjoy riding around on this go kart. Riders that like to venture off the beaten path, or don’t have a lot of paved roads or paths in their area will want to grab this go kart. It’s outfitted with pneumatic tires that are knobbly to tackle rough terrain without problems. 


  • Tubular steel frame construction with a roll cage
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and charger
  • Hand operated throttle and braking system


  • Weight limit is 120-pounds for riders and charge time is long

The initial time it takes to charge the batteries for this go kart is 18 hours, and afterward, you’ll have to wait up to 12 hours before it’s ready to ride again. The average amount of time for riding is comparable to other go-karts, with a limit of 40 minutes for each charge. Controlling this go kart is easy, as it comes with a hand-controlled thumb trigger and rear disc brakes that are hand operated. 

The sturdy steel frame is ready to handle bumps, minor crashes, and dings. While riders take light turns, the roll cage helps keep them from tumbling out.  Comfort and safety are valued in this go kart’s construction, complements of the cushioned bucket seat with an included shoulder harness. The center of gravity is low on this vehicle, so the chances of it flipping are reduced.

48v 1000w Off Road Go Kart In Black

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This go ka​​rt is built for kids, but with a weight limit of 220-pounds, big kids can have fun too. The top speed for this go kart is 27 mph, which is wickedly fast compared to typical electric models. If parents have concerns about the speed of this go kart, they can use the speed limiter control.


  • 2 hour drive time per charge
  • Speeds of 27 miles per hour
  • Weight limit of 220 pounds


  • Best suited for older drivers

The frame is made from steel for durability, and the hydraulic brakes apply optimal stopping power when needed. Riders can enjoy cruising around in this go kart up to a maximum of 2 hours, thanks to the included batteries. The tires are made to handle off-roading on rougher terrain, so look out world.

Topvendor 12V Kids Electric Go Kart 

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This go kart was made tough for venturing on rougher terrain, complements of its heavy duty tires. Riders won’t be feeling the wind whip through their hair on this go kart, as speeds top out at 16 mph. The engineering and construction on this go kart is pretty solid, and the engine is quiet. 


  • High weight limit of 300 pounds
  • Tires built for rough riding on harsh terrain
  • Ideal or older riders preparing to drive cars


  • Battery life is a little over an hour

Big kids who are learning to drive will appreciate this recreational vehicle and the handling.

Migotoys Kids Racing Pedal Go-Kart Ride On, Red

[amazon box=”B0794RG482″]

Speed demons will rejoice with this go kart model, which clocks in at 25 mph. 


  • 2 hour driving time
  • Fast speed of 25 mph
  • Quick to pick up and go from the start


  • Hard to find, but similar models available

It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of comparable go-karts, but it’s a good choice for teen drivers who want to spend longer time cruising around. This go-kart promises riders a drive time of up to 2 hours and delivers some serious kick on pickup.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you plunk down your money for a go-kart, make sure to consider the rider’s level of comfort, ease of use, and cost for maintenance for replacement batteries. Depending on the rider’s age, whether the go-kart will be ridden indoors or outdoors, and experience operating a small vehicle, the best go kart option may vary.

Safety features, durable construction materials, and smart design are of utmost importance, as accidents can happen. Consider well the following criteria, and make the best choice for your go-kart enthusiast.

  • Age of rider and weight limits for go kart
  • Speed limits for go kart
  • What safety features are offered, such as roll bars or a side cage

​No matter what type of go kart you choose, riders should practice proper safety measures, such as wearing a helmet and knowing what to do in case of an emergency. 

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