Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart Analysis

The fact that this best pedal go kart has the Batman logo and the batman coloring will make it a favorite toy for many little boys. Batman is one of the favorite super heroes of all time.

Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

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Little boys love to have clothing, toys, and other items that have the batman logo on them so they can pretend to be the caped crusader fighting crime in Gotham City. So if your child loves Batman and Robin, then they are going to love this ride on toy.

This machine is built of durable materials so that it will last for several years, and if properly cared for this machine could be saved, and passed down to another child.

The quality of the craftsmanship that has went into the design, and assembly, of this riding toy guarantees that you are getting something that has the potential to be passed down through a generation or two.

Things I Love about this Go Kart

I love the amount of detail that has been put into this go kart design. This is a toy meant for a child to play with but the manufacturer has look at every aspect and incorporated features that will enhance the riding experience.

The Bucket Seat has a High Back

A bucket seat is comfortable for a child to sit in. The high back on the bucket seat reduces the chances that the child will be thrown from the riding toy if there is an accident.

The bucket seat cradles the rider so there is very little chance that they will be thrown from the vehicle or slide down while they are riding.

Race car drivers sit I bucket seats while they are racing because those seats provide them support on their backs, and they help protect them on impact. I like the safety this type of seat provides.

Three Point Steering

The three point steering gives the child better control over the riding toy. When they turn their wheel the cables provide tension at different areas so the machine appropriately responds and turns in the direction the child wants to go.

The child will never be aware of this feature. It is a lot like having a car with power steering instead of a care that has no power steering.

Has Reverse

When children are riding their toys with their friends they do not plan a route. They simply get on their riding toys and they start to ride. If they come upon an obstacle in the road ahead of them they get off and move their vehicle, or get off and move the obstacle.

With this riding machine the child can simply approach and obstacle, decide their best plan to get around the obstacle, and then pedal backwards to make the vehicle move in reverse.

Handbrake to Slow Down when Going too Fast

When children are riding their go karts they go full speed ahead forwards. They rarely consider the turns or curves that lie in their path up ahead.

They get their riding toy going as fast as they can and then when they get to the curve they often find themselves tipping over, or taking the turn on two wheels.

The handbrake on this riding toy allows the child to go full speed ahead and when they find that they are traveling too fast to go around a curve they can apply the handbrake to slow them down enough that they do not have an accident.

The handbrake is also very useful when the child is going downhill and gets to moving too fast.


  • Three point steering that makes the riding toy quick to respond to the commands of the steering cable
  • Race style petals make it easier to ride
  • 8 ball style brakes
  • Handbrake for speed regulation
  • Batman logos
  • Goes in reverse
  • Hard rubber wheels
  • Adjustable bucket seat
  • Bucket seat has a high back
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

Children love the look and feel of this riding toy. It has the high back bucket seat like the seat that Bat man has in the Bat mobile. It has the logos that depict the child’s loyalty to the caped crusader and his faithful side-kick. It has the stability a parent desires, and it has the speed, and prowess that a child desires.

I advocate the wearing of helmets, or head gear, for all riding toys. The possibility of a child having an accident and being injured while riding this toy are few, but there is always a possibility and it is much better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your child’s health.

I also advocate putting flags that stick above the back of the seat so that motorist can easily see the child and their riding toy.

Heather Higinbotham

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