Go Kart Plans: How To Build And Design A Go Kart For Your Family

Go kart plans

Go karts come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are gasoline powered, but there are others that use electric motors.

As difficult as it may look, building your own go kart is relatively easy. All you need is four wheels, a strong frame, a motor for power, and a few other accessories. It can be a really interesting DIY project for you and your family.

But before you start, keep in mind that building a go kart will require some special tools, time, dedication, and some money.

Building A Go Kart 101

Follow these simple steps:

1. Draw Up Or Look For Go Kart Plans

Go kart plans

Go karts are amenable to any designs that you may throw its way. Your go kart plans need to have basic elements such as a braking/steering system, a simple engine, and a chassis. Get creative in drawing up your go kart plans by looking at different designs online for inspirations.

Separate go kart frame plans are recommended for better results and accuracy. How long and wide will it be? Draw it on a copy paper and figure out all the angles and dimensions that will be appropriate for the project.

Next, transfer this small drawing onto a bigger sheet of paper so that it’ll be the exact size of your would-be go kart.

If you wouldn’t mind having some else do the planning or you just find it difficult to draw up a design, you can find go kart plans online. Download a template and modify it to suit your needs.

2. Gather Your Materials

Go kart plans

From the go kart plans and the frame design, you’ll have an idea of what materials you’ll need and their respective size.

For a typical DIY go kart, you’ll need a square tubing, steel barstocks, plywood for the floorboards, and a seat for the chassis system. An engine, sprocket chain, bolts, and washers for the engine system. And a steering wheel, wheels, handbrake, gear, drive and steering shaft, a throttle, and bearings for the drive train.

If you are on a tight budget, you can visit a scrap yard or use parts from a junk go kart or lawnmower.

3. Build The Frame

Go kart materials

Use a chop saw or hacksaw to cut the metal stocks to your appropriate length. Clamp the steel and file the cut edges smooth. Using a welder, tack the parts together to the best fit and make the final welds.

4. Build The Steering Shaft

Go kart steering shaft

The length of this shaft will be determined by the position the steering wheel. Once the driving shaft is done, you’ll need washers to firmly hold the shaft it in place so that the wheels turn instead of the whole shaft. Next, place the steering wheel for control.

5. Build The Front A-Arms Assembly And Attach The Front Wheels

Go kart Front A-Arms

Measure the steel materials and use the go kart plan to make sure that the A-Arm is equal and accurate all through. Weld all the pieces and joints together and use the appropriate nuts to lock the bolt.

6. Build The Rear Axle

Go kart Rear Axle

Weld the bearing hangers to the bottom frame’s rear and center the brake drum and sprocket on the axle. On each end of the axle, mount the wheel hubs, properly fit the tires to the rims, and bolt the wheel hubs to the rims.

7. Mount The Engine

go kart engine

To ensure compatibility, buy accessories together with your engine or source your engine and its components from one place. Then, weld the plate to the back center of the frame and bolt the engine to it. Align the clutch sprocket with the axle clutch, and ensure that everything is firmly in place. Finally, loop chain both sprockets.

8. Attach The Cables

Go kart engine

Attach the throttle and brake cable to the right and left foot pedals. Lead the cables to the rear axle and fasten its sheaths to the frame. Ensure the cables are pulled to the point of tension.

You can use a wire stop to pin the brake cable to the brake band and pin the throttle cable to the engine.

Start the mounted engine on blocks to test the connection of the cables. Attach a seat on the plywood floorboard and bolt a seat belt to the frame.

You Can Now Hit The Road

man on a go kart

Your go kart is now ready for the road. But remember to always stay safe – just ride around the block.

Again, go karts come in different shapes and sizes. This guide describes how to build a typical go kart. So, you can still add some steps to suit your specific preferences.

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