EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine Review and Analysis

The EsyRoller is not your ordinary pedal go kart for kids. This machine has been designed with a different perspective so the rider is seated differently, they steer the device using their feet, not their hands, and they have their hands free for playing games, or doing other things.

EzyRoller Ultimate Riding Machine

This machine is very safe to ride because you do not have to have a perfect sense of balance to be able to stay seated on it. The seat back gives you a place to lean against, and the two side handles provide a means of you keeping yourself in a proper upright position.

The design is simple to steer, and people of all ages like to ride the pedal car. It works your leg muscles, and it also gives you a good cardiovascular workout while you are seated. It is simply fun to ride, fun to look at, and a great idea for all kids from the age of four to the age of ninety-four.

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Things I Love about this Pedal Go Cart

I loved the unique design on this pedal go kart. It is not the typical riding toy. This device is fun, innovative, and it comes in many attractive colors. I fell in love with it the minute I laid eyes on it. I especially love the fact that the design of this device allows more people, from different backgrounds, that have different disabilities, and abilities, to have the ability to go outside and feel the freedom of riding.

Hands Free Design

Your hands are not required to help you ride this machine. There are no handle bars that you must grip in order to turn the vehicle, and there is no steering wheel. You sit on the machine with your back pressed against the back of the seat and your legs are extended in front of you.

The bar at the front of the machine will determine which direction the device goes in. You steer the riding toy by gently turning that bar. Kids are very quick to learn how to steer the rider on the course they wish to travel.

This design looks very different and at first kids might find it intimidating. It may take them riding it a few times before they become comfortable with it. Once they have grown accustomed to it they will love it.

While they are riding they can toss a ball back and forth between them and their friends. They can hold drinks, text on their phones, or do many other things while they use their feet to steer and control their ride.

Great for all Riders

This go kart makes it possible for people with many disabilities to ride without assistance. A lot of people have poor balance due to their disability and because of that poor balance they have a hard time riding a bicycle, or traditional scooter.

In this riding toy the person is seated with their legs extended in front of them. The back of the seat helps to provide support and stability to the rider, while the two convenient handles on each side allow the person to hold steady while they ride.

You do not have to have a lot of strength or stamina to enable you to ride this pedal powered machine. That means that more people can get out and ride. It is great for someone who has recently underwent a surgery because it allows them to exercise without putting undo strain on their joints, or muscles.


The extension bar allows you to custom fit this riding toy to the person who will be riding it. Your five year old and your twelve year old can both play with the same riding toy, and be comfortable when they are doing so. The bar is easy to adjust and within a few seconds you can change the length to accommodate the next rider.


  • Assembly takes five minutes or less
  • Extendable bar to make the toy grow along with the child
  • Hands free design
  • Comfortable for all children even those with disabilities
  • Good for children and adults


  • Some assembly required
  • Not recommended for riding on grassy paths, or dirt paths

Final Thoughts

This riding toy has been made on a very simple design. The rider is leaning back in a comfortable position and being supported by the seat and the sides of the pedal car. It allows anyone who wishes to go outside and play the opportunity to do so.

I do recommend that all riders wear helmets while they ride this toy. I also recommend that you attach flags to the frame of the toy to make it highly visible because it is a very low profile riding toy.

Heather Higinbotham

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