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So you don’t want a car and may not feel comfortable with motorcycles, but a regular bicycle just doesn’t give you the power or speed you need for reliable transportation throughout your city. What can you do? Well, it turns out that gas-powered scooters or mopeds may be the answer. Of course, it depends on your jurisdiction and what laws apply to wheeled transport.

Not all roads will allow you to have a motor scooter for safety reasons. However, many cities and small towns enable you to get to many destinations by taking smaller streets.

Benefits of Gas Scooters

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You can benefit from having a gas scooter in several ways:

  • Higher mileage
  • Lower cost of gas
  • More maneuverable
  • Can fit into tighter spaces

It can be hard to decide which scooter to get. We’ve picked out five candidates for the best gas scooter for adults. Some of them might be better for certain situations. We make our picks based on some of the features listed above, such as gas mileage (which may vary), weight, and workmanship and comfort.

Even if you don’t choose one of the scooters or mopeds we recommend, we hope to give you some insight on how to pick what’s right for you. That said, here are the best gas scooters for adults.

TAO SMART DEALSNOW Brings Brand New 150cc Gas Fully Automatic Street Legal Scooter TaoTao 150cc with Matching Trunk Included

This is without a doubt the best scooter we looked at. The 150cc engine can carry you at speeds up to 35 miles per hour, making this vehicle street legal in just about every state. You would, of course, have to register it.

One of the best features of this scooter is the relatively powerful engine. It is 150cc, which means that for every stroke of a piston it displaces 150 cubic centimeters of fuel/air mix. The more fuel used, the more powerful and faster the engine.

Also, this scooter has a heavy-duty steel frame that holds up well even in off-road terrain even though you’re most likely to be riding on streets. Another upside is the storage capacity. If you plan on using this scooter to commute, you’re likely to be taking things with you. In addition to the seat storage and the glove box, you can also get a detachable rear storage unit as an accessory.

This is the closest thing to a motorcycle you can get without actually getting one. It’s versatile and durable enough to be used both on the street and off the road. However, we did notice that some customers took issue with the quality of the oil that came shipped with the vehicle. Aside from that, we rank this scooter at 5 stars.

Coleman Powersports 98cc-3.0HP Coleman CT100U Gas Powered Mini Trail Bike

This is more of an off-road vehicle, but if that’s what you’re looking for you can’t go wrong here. The Coleman model has an even more powerful engine than the Tao Tao model, at 98cc, this scooter can displace even more gas. We can’t provide exact top speeds for this model because it also depends on the weight of the rider.

The biggest factor in this scooter’s success is the existence of the low-pressure tires. Even on rough, bumpy terrain, you can ensure a smooth ride. The scooter comes with a rear drum brake, making it easy to stop both quickly and smoothly. You don’t have to worry about skidding.

This scooter has a pull start, which may be difficult for people with less hand strength than others, but with proper priming, the engine should turn over with no problem.

Some customers reported that the product shipped with seat wing bolts or other small parts missing. Before you assemble, check to make sure all the parts are there as per manual instructions. That concern aside, we give this scooter 4 stars.

MotoTec Uberscoot 2X 50Cc Scooter by Evo Powerboards

This gas scooter for adults looks a little more like what most people think of as a scooter. It has a floorboard, handlebars to help steer, and an upright seat. On toy scooters, there usually isn’t a seat, but since this is an adult scooter presumably used for getting around, there is a seat. You secure it with a locking nut, so its height stays constant.

One thing we immediately noticed about this scooter was that it is collapsible. This quality makes it perfect for easy storage; you don’t need a large garage or even a parking spot. If your place of work is generous and has a safe place for employees to put things, you might even be able to take it inside.

The scooter has a 50cc engine, putting it just at the legal limit at which it would be a motorcycle. The same safety precautions apply: wear your helmet at all times.

The scooter has special knobbed tires designed to provide plenty of traction on both rough and smooth ground or pavement. Coupled with the front cam-link suspension, you can be assured a safe, smooth ride. Our only problem with this scooter is that it has a small gas tank: according to the manufacturer’s specifications, you can only travel 20 miles on a full tank.

If you plan on traveling further, invest in a gas can to take with you. The short mileage is a major drawback, but the scooter still has some good traits. We give this one 3 stars.

50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter TaoTao ATM50-A1 - Pink

This scooter is a little more powerful than some others on our list, and you may need to register it. However, because of its power and speed, you can likely take it on more roads than you could take an ordinary gas scooter. The engine is exactly 50cc. Unlike some other models, it is legal to use in the state of California.

Aside from the engine and legalities of the scooter, some of the things that stood out to us were the sleek design, the lightweight body, and the seat. Also included is a rear storage compartment. Many of the products we looked at offered space for a rear compartment but did not include one.

The scooter also has excellent performance. Its four-stroke engine is supplemented by a disc brake system that’s tested for resilience, as well as a front cam suspension system to give you a smooth ride. The downside is the assembly requirement. Some scooters come prebuilt, but this one you have to put together yourself. We give this scooter 3 stars.

Go-Ped Know-Ped Kick Scooter (Blue)

This is a more bare-bones scooter than many of the other models we looked at. It’s practically stripped down to the frame with few non-essential bits of equipment. However, this may add to its appeal. If you’re looking for a simple piece of machinery that can get you from point A to B, this scooter might help you.

It has a seat, so you don’t have to stand up the whole time. The engine can max out at 45.7cc, which seems a little less powerful, but there are fewer bells and whistles on this model. Therefore, you don’t need as much engine. The scooter, as a racing model, has front and rear brakes to provide the maximum amount of control and traction.

Because this is a racing scooter, it might not be the most comfortable and has few to no amenities. It’s built for speed and agility rather than carrying capacity. Overall, we give this scooter 3 stars.

Best Gas Scooter for Adults: Safety

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Now that you have your scooter, you need to know how to operate it safely. First, you need to consult your local DMV for advice on whether you can legally operate it in the streets where you reside. In many states, the maximum allowable engine size before a scooter has to be registered as a motorcycle. This is around 50cc but can vary depending on local laws.

Now that you know that you’re legal to drive the scooter let’s look at how to do it properly. While this isn’t intended as a driver’s manual, we can offer a few general tips.

First, always wear a helmet. Not only is it the law to do so, but you have nothing but open air between you and the road, and although you aren’t going very fast, it doesn’t take a lot of speed to hit a pothole and send yourself flying through the air to hit your head on the pavement. Without a helmet, your skull would crack like an egg.

Secondly, remember that again you have nothing between yourself and the road. Avoid weaving through traffic, even though you can doesn’t mean you should. Trying to lane split, as it’s called, is grounds for a citation from the police. You don’t want your work commute to be interrupted by a fine for hundreds of dollars. Just take your time and stay in your lane.

Next, avoid getting too close to cars or trucks. Larger vehicles have blind spots, and it’s much harder to see a small scooter or motorcycle than it is to see another car. If the other vehicle suddenly turns because they don’t see you, it can lead to a fatal accident for you. Always consider the abilities of the other driver: cars are not nearly as maneuverable as you are.

Safety Accessories

Most scooters have headlights, as required by law. That said, you should still look into extra wheel reflectors. The wheel reflectors on some scooters and bikes can be too small to see. If you’re driving at night, you need to have large wheel reflectors so approaching cars can see you. You also need a helmet.

A good helmet should fit snugly, but not tightly. If you want to wear a full motorcycle helmet, you can, but it gets extremely stifling. The purpose of a good bike helmet is to protect your head, so it needs to cover both the top and sides of your head.

Engine Power

First off, you might have noticed in our rundown that we talked about the CC measurement of each scooter’s engine. This is where some knowledge of internal combustion engines comes in handy. The cc measurement simply means the amount, in cubic centimeters, of gas or fuel mixture that can be held in the fuel cylinders.

More fuel being used translates to more power and speed. The higher the number, the more speed you can get when driving the best gas scooter for adults. As we said, generally anything over 50cc requires the vehicle to be registered as a motorcycle. In this case, you’ll likely need to get a motorcycle license and adjust your insurance accordingly.

However, if you’re just looking for a scooter to ride around occasionally and aren’t worried about taking it on the streets, you may not have to be concerned. You should still always follow local laws to avoid fines and lessen the likelihood of potential injury.

Amenities of Scooters

Aside from the basic functions, there are a few things you might want to add. Panniers or something like them are small side attachments, almost like saddlebags, that allow you to hold more items. A few of the models we listed have attachment points for storage compartments behind or under the seat, but these are aftermarket add-ons, not included..

Final Thoughts

Finding a scooter or moped to help you travel around doesn’t have to be expensive. There are some cheaper models on the market, especially if you end up getting a used model. The gas models are usually cheaper, so those might be a better buy. However, if you’re concerned about harming the environment and have the money, you can get an electric scooter.

When choosing a scooter, consider how sturdy the frame is. Steel or polycarbonate are the go-to for many manufacturers. Polycarbonate is lighter, but it can be more expensive, so decide whether you value price or durability more. Once you do that, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best gas scooter for your needs.

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