Berg Pedal Go Kart – Compact Sport BFR

Pedal go karts are a perfect combination of fun and exercise for children. These four wheeled devices provide hours of entertainment for youngsters as they use their own body energy to power these machines and use their own imaginations to power the play time.

Berg Pedal Go Kart - Compact Sport BFR

Unlike those electronic devices that pull children indoors into sedentary modes, these wheeled machines encourage outdoor play and will give children the opportunity to make wonderful memories.

What I Love about this Pedal Go Kart

There are so many other riding toys on the market. I wanted to choose one that would best fit the needs of my children. The following features really made me fall in love with this pedal go kart.

The Swing Axle and Industrial Frame

The swing axle on this piece of equipment allows it to easily maneuver through rough terrain. The swing axle makes the front part of the vehicle sway when going over a bumpy and uneven landscape.

It also enables it to make tight turns without the danger of tip overs. These features allow for play in the urban setting as well as in a more rural setting.

My son has taken it over high street curbs and been able to play with it in the fenced yard thanks to the ability to make those tight corners. He has also had great fun running it while on his grandparent’s country place, going up and over hills and across the uneven ground found on their land.

The heavy duty industrial frame stands up to the roughest play that comes from children. It holds up to 150 pounds allowing kids of varying sizes to join in on the fun. The durable frame is perfect for all those trips over any uneven and rough courses that children’s imaginations can come up with.

The Handlebars and Seat are Adjustable

There are too many riding toys on the market today that are only good for the short period of time that the child can safely and comfortably fit them. This makes buying new ones roughly every year or so necessities since, as we all know, children grow so fast.

This pedal go kart comes with an adjustable seat and handlebars that allows the machine to grow with the child. This lengthens the amount of time a child can enjoy and use the machine, while stretching the parent’s hard earned dollar. It makes for years of playing fun.

The seat and handlebars adjust separately which permits the parent to accommodate each child’s individual torso, arm and leg length. This makes for a personalized and comfortable experience for each child.

The adjustments are quick and easy to make which made it easy for my son and his friends to take turns having fun on the riding toy.

The Tires

The tires are solid and durable. They are also of a larger size which makes them perfect for going over the uneven terrain and for climbing up obstacles.

Unlike bikes and tricycles that have a tendency to tip when children make sharp turns and corners, these four wheels stay on the ground and allow for greater stability of the go kart.

Growing up, scrapes and bruises were just a part of riding toys, but the design of these tires makes these pedal machines superior to those old ones, allowing for safer play for our children. Due to their solid construction they will never go flat and will not need aired up like their more conventional counterparts.


  • Adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Swing axle
  • Solid tires that are durable and do not go flat
  • Industrial strength frame
  • No batteries to charge, no gas to power
  • Lightweight yet durable


  • It does require some assembly
  • The pedals do still turn even when “coasting”

Final Thoughts

The safety of my children and the toys they play with is my number one concern. I want my children to have entertainment that is wholesome and powers their imagination.

This pedal go kart meets those expectations. The safety features are top notch and the engineering design allows my children to safely play and enjoy their outdoor surroundings.

There are many accessories that can be purchased that will enhance the enjoyment of this machine. My son loves the flashing light that can be attached. It really enhances the imaginative play of him and his friends.

The horn also adds to their fun while also adding to the safety of the bike since they can alert others to their presence as they are riding.

I would suggest that any child riding this toy, as I would with any other riding toy, be wearing a helmet while operating this vehicle. Adult supervision should also be used with any child who is enjoying outdoor fun and play time.

Heather Higinbotham

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