5 of the Best Tire Pressure Gauge to Buy

The tires take on an unprecedented role in your car’s control, comfort, and safety. For this reason, tire care and maintenance are crucial.

One of the ways of ensuring your tires last longer is having them properly inflated to their appropriate Pound-Force per Square Inch (PSI). The PSI is the standard measure of the air pressure in a tire.

Usually, you’ll get the appropriate PSI number on the owner’s manual, on the driver’s door jamb, or go to your local auto maintenance and repair shop. It is important to get a good tire pressure gauge for pressure maintenance.

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Importance of a Tire Pressure Maintenance

Proper tire inflation brings many benefits. It can improve fuel efficiency, result in your tires wearing evenly, and generally prolong the life of your car. You’ll also have better control and feel more comfortable with the dependable traction.

Problems with Underinflated Tires

If you underinflate your tires, they will lose their form, increasing the surface area that meets the road. This will significantly reduce the life of your tires.

As a result, your engine will need to work twice as hard to turn the wheels, consuming a lot of fuel. You’ll also have to deal with poor vehicle control and risk the chances of getting an accident.

Problems with Overinflated Tires

You may think that inflated tires will help on a rough terrain, but will only bugle out and promote faster wearing and tearing. They’ll also be more likely to get punctures and blowouts.

Things to Remember when Inflating Your Tires

  • Temperature differences affect the tire pressure: The air pressure in your tire will rise when the climate is hot and drop when cold. Check your tire pressure as the season changes.
  • Check your tire pressure before you drive: To get the accurate reading, check your pressure before you drive your car. You may not be able to get a correct PSI after it’s driven.
  • Always set the tire pressure according to the owner’s manual: Different cars have different tire pressures. So ensure you check your manual for the correct reading.
  • Use a good tire pressure gauge: It’s recommended to always have a pressure gauge to keep tabs on the condition of your tires.

Here are some of the best tire pressure gauges currently on the market:

Top 5 Tire Pressure Gauges

1. Michelin MN-12279

This digital tire pressure gauge has all amazing features you may want in an ergonomic size. It comes in a metal casing with a rubber grip for durability.

The MN-12279 also allows you to program your desired reading settings for both the front and rear wheels and is incorporated with a LED flashlight that helps you to see the air valve in the dark.

2. TEKTON 5941

With its high-end resolution display screen and lighted nozzle, this TEKTON digital gauge offers great visibility. Its nozzle perfectly fits the air valve’s stem for quick and easy PSI measurements

3. JACO Elite Pressure Gauge

Made of brass and steel, the JACO Elite is durable, to say the least. It feels solid and ergonomic in the hand and has as a rugged outer case that protects it from accidental knocks and drops.

Apart from its sturdy design, its features a swiveling pressure head, a pressure release button, and a gauge that can measure up to 60 PSI.

4. Accutire MS-4021B

The heavy-duty design of this tire gauge is sustainable for long-term use. The large, easy-to-read display screen means that you get the correct PSI measure every time.

This gauge also has a unique shut off feature that prevents the tire from deflating when taking the measurements.

5. Craftsman Digital Tire Gauge

This digital tire gauge is programmable and simple to use. It has an air bleed feature to help you get the appropriate PSI measurements of your specific tires. In addition, its large backlit display allows you to easily take the readings both day or night.

Proper Tire Pressure Maintenance

Your tires’ pressure doesn’t remain the same – it changes with temperature and altitude.  Therefore, make it a habit to check your tires’ pressure as part of your routine maintenance program. This means that the next time you drive to a station to fill your tank, check your tires. If you clean your vehicle every Saturday, check your tires.

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Knowing the condition of your tires and taking the necessary maintenance actions quickly will help improve their longevity and save you lots of money in repairs.

Make sure that you have a reliable tire gauge that will give you accurate PSI measurements. Also, stick to one tire pressure gauge for consistency – using different gauges might give you a variation of the PSI readings.

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