Top 10 Best Hoverboards

Who doesn’t love “hovering” around? The hoverboards are quite common among teens and youth who find them fun, stylish, and easy to commute with. These gadgets come in different shapes and sizes with different capabilities.

Before you spend your money on one, it is important that you do a thorough research. This is to ensure that you chose not only from the best hoverboards but also from the safest one. Lately, there have been increasing cases of falling accidents, overheating and blowing up of hoverboard batteries.

To help you get your ideal ride, here is a top 10 list of the best hoverboards you’ll find on the market.

10 Best Hoverboards to Buy in 2018

1. Swagtron T1

This high-quality and easily maneuverable hoverboard will offer you durability and excellent service. It is lightweight, easily portable when not in use, and offers a top speed of 8 mph. Its powerful motor easily gears to stabilization for better control.

It also features a unique Swagtron Sentryshield battery management system that will not only enable your batteries to last longer but also prevent overheating. Other cool features include different riding modes, LED highlights, battery indicators, and rubber bumpers.

2. Powerboard by Hoverboard

This hoverboard is known to be reasonably fast (a top speed of 6mph) with a smooth and simple acceleration. It is also very safe as it doesn’t overheat or spark.  Despite its great features, it is quite affordable compared to the others on the list.

3. Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard

Probably, one of the most technologically updated hoverboards on the list. It has a large LED battery indicator, fender bumpers, above-average steering aid called the EverBalance, a training mode, LED highlights, and many more awesome features.

It is also lightweight and has a great UL-2272 rating to guarantee you quality and safety.

4. OTTO 8” Hoverboard

The OTTO has a unique futuristic vibe to it that excites a lot of people. It sports flashing LED lights, inbuilt Bluetooth speakers, as well as a waterproof and fireproof protection.

It also comes with a superb OTTO hoverboard app which for better functionality and experience.

5. Techdrift Smart Board

This hoverboard comes with a chassis and protective caps on the wheels which give it a great look. Even though it’s lightweight, it can support a weight of up to 285 pounds. It has a top speed of 8 mph and can go as far as 13 miles when fully charged.

6. Koogo X1 Electric Skateboard

The chassis on the Koogo X1 makes its appealing to very many users. It is certified for safety and comes with a one-year warranty to guarantee you quality and durability.

It has a maximum speed of 7 mph and can go up to 15 miles when fully charged.

7. Halo Rover Hoverboard

Halo Rover Hoverboard

The Halo Rover has exclusive sensors that deliver a smooth ride on even the toughest terrain. It is durable and has a sturdy platform that enhances easy control and stability while reducing the risk of falling. Using its inbuilt Bluetooth speakers you can enjoy your music via the Halo Rover app.

8. Skque X1/I Series

Skque X1/I Series hoverboard

The Skque has a high-capacity UL-certified battery that lasts longer and works well on all terrains. It also has a safe electrical system and professionally tuned gyro sensors to better control. With its heavy-duty plastic cover and sleek design, the Skque is pleasing to the eye.

9. Hoverheart

If you are on a tight budget, but would still love to have the exquisite hoverboard experience, then the Hoverheart may be an excellent product for you. It is fun to ride on paved pathways but leaves little to be desired on an off-road terrain.

It’s also reasonably fast, has an efficient battery, and safe to use.

10. Tomoloo

Tomoloo hoverboard

With its impressive looks, solid build, and LED lights, this is definitely a good deal at an affordable price. In addition, it stands out with its cool highlights, Bluetooth speakers, and intuitive app, All of these combine to improve your experience and its overall functionality.

With a 12-mile range on a full charge, the Tomoloo offers a stable and reliable ride to both novice and seasoned riders.

Get Yourself a Hoverboard

The benefits of having a hoverboard are diverse – from entertainment to daily commuting. However buying cheap and uncertified models can be a safety hazard. Apart from having the high risk of falling, they may have low-quality parts that are hazardous to your health.

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With that said, always go for reputable and certified brands. These best hoverboards are all great choices.

Have fun!

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Melissa has been a technology writer for the last five years. She lives in New York City and during her vacation, you will find her riding scooters, reading books and hiking mountains.

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