The Razor Power Rider 360: What Exactly Does The Razor Power Rider 360 Do?

The Razor Power Rider 360 – now that is a really cool name. And this fun-to-ride scooter for kids deserves such a cool name. Cool name, cool looks, and great fun – what’s not to like about this nifty ride? Well there is one thing not to like, but I’ll tell you about it later. First, the fun part.

The Razor Power Rider 360 – Envy of All (Both Young and Old)

Watching the kids enjoy the Razor Power Rider 360 evokes strong emotions in me. Sure, seeing them happy makes me so happy to the point of shedding a tear or 2 (I’m a softy I know). But the second tear is actually a tear of regret. Yes, regret. And no, I don’t regret buying the Razor Power Rider 360 (who on earth can regret the fun and joy it brings?). My only regret is that I never got to enjoy it when I was young - that’s the problem of being a dinosaur born in the stone age. That’s a selfish reason I know, but, who wouldn’t envy such fun?

And if it turns an old man green with envy, what more your children’s peers? This is the coolest bike you can get them. And it will immediately make them the envy of the neighborhood. Nothing makes a kid as cool as having the coolest toy on the block, and that’s exactly what the Razor Power rider 360 will do for your kids.

Razor Power Rider 360? What on Earth is That?

Only the coolest bike ever!

The Razor Power Rider 360 is an electric powered, chain driven, 3 wheel bike that your kids will love. Not only is it effortless to ride, but it is also very safe fun.

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

With a solid steel frame and double crown fork design, it is a sturdy and strong ride that will be a family asset for a long time. Unlike hot bikes, the wheels on this baby are durable and will last a lifetime – or more. The front wheel is a high impact pneumatic wheel while the 2 back ones are inclined casters for awesome spinning and drifting. As for mounting and dismounting, this is made easy by cleverly designed foot pegs.

“Did you say electric powered?” Yes, I did. The Razor Power Rider 360 comes equipped with a rechargeable 12V sealed lead acid battery system that powers the chain driven motor. Both chain and battery are placed safely to avoid injuries so you can stop worrying. To start the “engine”, a push button throttle makes it easy to get going. As for the braking system, it’s a convenient front hand-operated system.

What Exactly Does The Razor Power Rider 360 Do?

What does the Razor Power Rider 360 do? Good question. But first, let me tell you what it won’t do. It won’t disappoint your kids (and you, this is a purchase you won’t regret). What does it do? Well, besides putting a smile on your kid’s face and promoting you to coolest dad/mom ever, here are some of the things the Razor Power Rider 360 can do.

Fast And Exciting Ride

razor power rider 360

Whoa! Wait, I don’t mean fast as in your speed as you ride your motorbike. Speed hear is relative. Going at a whopping 9 mile an hour, the Power Rider is fast enough for your toddler to enjoy the ride.

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Effortless Drifting

razor power rider 360

Yes, your child can replicate the cool drifting moves they are always in awe of. And no, they won’t fall off. The Razor Power Rider 360 is a very safe toy, even when drifting. Now your child will love that.

Dizzying, But Fun, Spinning

razor power rider 360

No kid’s toy can give this kind of fun. This is what gives this bike its name – the 360-degree spins. Again, no need to worry about falling as the bikes low profile and 3 wheels make it impossible for the bike to fall over.

How Hard Is It To Assemble?

razor power rider 360

The Razor Power Rider is easier to assemble than a traditional bicycle. 15 minutes is ample time to complete the assembly, 20 if you are slow. The instruction manual is easy to read and understand so no time wasted trying to figure out the parts and where they fit.

“15 minutes and my child will be wheeling away?” Not exactly. Remember when I said there is only one thing not to like? Well, this is where I tell you about it. The battery leaves a lot to be desired. After assembling the Razor Power Rider 360, you have to charge it for 12 hours. That’s a long time to keep a child waiting. My advice is to assemble it and charge it while they are sleeping. And still on the battery, it only gives an average of 40 minutes of fun. Bummer.  Another piece of advice – get a second battery to extend playing time.

The Razor Power Rider 360 – What’s Not To Like?

Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle
  • Blast into the future with the PowerRider 360 - all-new, electric powered 3-wheeler from Razor!
  • Features push button throttle and reaches speeds up to 9 mph with up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Cut full 360 degree spins, slide, even drift on its duel inclined rear caster wheels

There you have it. what’s not to like about this great toy? Sure the battery is a downer but the fun your kids will have riding this bike is well worth it. Last piece of advice – if you want to be the coolest dad/mom on the block, place your order now.

Heather Higinbotham

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