Gas Vs Electric Go Karts: The Little Differences That Count

Gas vs electric go karts

There is something about go kart racing that makes it one of the most loved sports today. The adrenaline rush you get when navigating those sharp corners and overtaking your opponents is just out of this world.

Speed, power, handling, and acceleration are some of the common considerations when choosing a racing go kart. But that is not all there is to a good kart, your experience on the race circuit will also be determined by the type of power you are using. There are two common types of go karts in this regard – gas vs. electric go karts.

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If you are new to go kart racing, you’ll certainly find yourself caught up in a gas vs electric go karts debate. Opinions may differ from different go kart enthusiasts, but the facts never change.

Here’s comprehensive comparison to help you decide which is more suitable for you:

6 Differences Between Gas VS Electric Go Karts


 Speed, Acceleration, and Handling

When it comes to raw speed, your safest bet would be on gas powered karts. They take more time to get to top speed but when they do, the results are exhilarating. In terms of handling and acceleration, gas karts are slightly edged out by their electric counterparts.

If you have to choose between the two for a race, consider the shape of your race track. If it has sharp bends that require deft handling and fast acceleration, go for an e-kart – you won’t be disappointed. But if you are racing on a fairly straight track, gas karts are ideal.

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Because of their light and evenly distributed weight, electric karts are generally more stable than gas karts. Therefore, they are safer to ride as they wouldn’t flip over easily.

Gas-powered karts lack efficient stability because of their heavy engines and compact designs.


Race Durability

Gas karts are better suited to long races than e-karts. A typical e-kart can only last up to 40 minutes on a full charge. Moreover, the time needed to recharge an electric car is way more than the refueling time of a gas kart.

If you plan on participating in endurance go kart races such as the Ironman, a gas kart will serve you better.


Buying And Maintenance Costs

gas vs electric go kart

Gas karts are cheaper to buy or rent. You can easily land a good go kart with a lively engine and a durable chassis without necessarily having to dig too deep into your pockets. However, there is a catch.

Gas karts have so many moving parts that require regular maintenance. They are also more likely to develop mechanical problems compared to their electric counterparts.

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Electric karts, on the other hand, are quite costly to purchase. In fact, you may end up spending almost three times the cost of a regular kart! Although they cost more, e-karts make up for their hefty prices by having low maintenance costs. The only thing you need to worry about is charging their batteries.



With the ever-increasing global warming awareness, zero-emission automobiles have been seen to have the upper hand over fuel-based vehicles.

Electric go karts are environment-friendly as they don't produce any emissions. On the contrary, gas karts use combustion engines that emit hazardous fumes such as carbon dioxide and soot, which are harmful when inhaled or released to the environment.

Furthermore, gas karts contribute to sound pollution, courtesy of their noisy engine growls. Although some people say that the noisy engines make the racing experience more thrilling, this is not a valid excuse for causing environmental pollution.

If you are an environmentally conscious racer, always go electric when kart racing.



Electric karts are generally safer compared to gas-powered ones – they are more stable to race on. Apart from having a great balance, they also have bumper covers to protect racers from nasty burns. Unlike gas karts, they also don’t spill oils on the race tracks, which can easily cause accidents.

Additionally, e-karts pose the least possible threat of engine fires and overheating. Even better is their remote controlled system which allows the safety team to turn off the motor in case danger strikes.

Bottom Line: Have Fun Racing Your Go Kart!

Do not let the gas vs electric go karts argument sway your attention to the most important thing in go kart racing – having fun. In the end, that’s the only reason you are on the circuit. If anything, prioritize your safety and the rest will follow.

Happy racing!

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