Blue & Black Razor Ground Force Drifting Kart

If you are looking for an asphalt buggy that can drift, this is a perfect choice. This Ground Force Drifting Kart has a classic bare bones design. This is set up strictly for pavement and for drifting around those corners. This is an electric buggy with a chain driven motor. So there is no fuel to have to worry about. Since it is a simplistic design it takes up less room. One of the best features is this buggy kart features all controls on the steering column. So there are no foot controls to have to worry about.

ground force drifting kart

Since we want you to be happy with your online purchase, we are going to let you know what you are purchasing. We are going to let you know what this buggy drifting cart has to offer you. It may look simple but it does have some great things to offer you.​

Features I Loved About This Ground Force Drifting Kart

This Ground Force Drifting Kart is pretty basic in looks, but has plenty to offer in features. So you are sure to find a few or maybe all the features you are looking for. You definitely get your money’s worth with this buggy kart, especially if drifting is one of your favorite things.

Super Slick Wheels

This buggy kart comes with super slick tires, which are perfect for racing down the asphalt. They are a must have for perfect drifting as well. Tires are solid rubber, the rear wheels are POM rear wheels.

ground force drifter kart

Cast Aluminum Wheels

This dune buggy comes with low profile cast aluminum wheels. Which are perfect for this type of buggy kart.

Steel Construction

It is constructed of tubular steel for strength and durability. Supports up to 140 pounds of weight.

Upgraded Rear Axle

The rear axle was upgraded for better maneuverability while steering.

razor ground force drifter kart

Variable Speed

This buggy offers variable speed up to 12 mph.

Hand Controls

The acceleration is operated with a thumb control and the rear brake is also hand operated.

Electric Motor

No worries about fuel problems here, this buggy kart uses a chain driven electric motor.

Two 12 Volt Batteries

Two 12 volt rechargeable batteries power the chain driven engine. Providing approximately 40 mins of driving time.

razor force drifter kart

Safety Flag

Drifter buggy comes with a safety flag so they can be seen when needed.

Single Bucket Seat with Seatbelt

This go kart comes with bucket seating for one and an over shoulder seat belt for safety.


The drifter buggy kart comes with a 90-day warranty.


  • Karts over all measurements 28 X 10.5 X 40 Inches.
  • Products total weight is 68.88 pounds.
  • Battery needed 24 Volt, one supplied as well as charger.
  • Variable speed with top speed of 12 mph.
  • Push button throttle to control speed on handle bar.
  • No key, on/off switch power to use kart.


  • Chain driven electric motor, no worries that you would have with fuel engine.
  • Hand controlled brake and throttle.
  • Throttle governor button to control speed on handlebar.
  • Super slick tires, specially designed for asphalt and drifting.
  • 24 Volt rechargeable battery for power.
  • Steel tubular frame for strength and durability.
  • Single bucket seat and seat belt for safety.
  • Speeds up to 12 mph.
  • Cast aluminum wheels.
  • Safety flag to make them seen when needed.
  • Upgraded rear axle for better steering.
  • 90-day warranty on buggy kart.
  • Frame supports up to 140 pounds of weight.


  • Cannot use on dirt, the complete design is set up for asphalt and drifting. Wheels will slide on dirt and rough terrain.
  • Seat is not adjustable, so where it is placed is where it is.

Final Insights

If you are looking for a classic basic designed buggy kart that gets the job done. This ground force drifter kart is the one you need. Sometimes classic is better and in this situation it is. Since the design is simple it keeps the weight down, which is needed for drifting while on asphalt. The tires are flat and without tread which is also needed for drifting to go the way it’s supposed to. The electric motor is a great choice for someone who don’t want to deal with a fuel operated engine. The power is provided by a rechargeable 24-Volt battery. Even though the kart comes with one, purchasing a second would be recommended for heavy riders.

This is recommended for ages 8 and up. Which is great because this kart can last many years. Until height or max weight is reached. This kart only seats one, but offers up a comfortable bucket seat. It also includes an over the shoulder belt for safety. You will not be disappointed by this kart it is a great choice. It is also easy to assemble for most people in a reasonable amount of time. Your younger rider will love that you bought something that they will love to drive. Unbelievably or not it does teach them things they need to learn.​

Go Kart Review Team

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