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This unique go kid kart is designed with stick steering on either side of the body of the riding toy instead of having a steering wheel like most riding toys have. The stick steering is great for children who have special needs who may have difficulties handling a steering wheel. The stick steering is also unique looking and causes children to be interested in mastering how to operate the toy.

I believe that this pedal powered go kart for kids is a great way to get your children off of the couch and outside to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. We all know that increasing the amount of exercise our children get each day will help to stop excessive childhood obesity, and will give them stronger lungs and hearts.

This riding toy is unique enough to make your kids want to ride, and it is safe enough to stop you from worrying while they are riding. There are no batteries to recharge and no gasoline to buy. You will have very little maintenance to do and your kids will get many hours of enjoyment from their off road go kart.

Features I Love about this Kid Kart

The main feature of this off road go kart that attracts everyone to it is the unique steering system. The riding toy looks different, handles different, and that is what most people refer to when they critique the toy. I personally found some other features that made me want to tell people about this off road go kart.


Rubber Tires 

The rubber tires are in place over hard plastic tires. The rubber tires give the go kart for kids a smoother ride over grass, or unlevel areas. We all know that our kids are going to ride these toys over the yard, down dirt paths, and in any place they can ride them. We know that they need rubber tires to help them navigate all of the different riding arenas they go to.

Rear Wheel Steering

If you are riding an ordinary electric go kart that has front wheel steering and the front wheels hit a small bump then the off road go kart is going to veer off the path you are traveling. At times this can lead to an accident occurring.

With this go kart for kids that will not happen because the rear wheels are actually the ones being turned and keeping the riding toy on track. If the front wheels hit a bump they will not cause the rear wheels to be turned off course. Children have better measures of control while they ride.


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90 Day Warranty

You can call me old, old fashioned, or cautious, but I like items that come with a warranty. To me the warranty proves that the manufacturer has a distinctive level of confidence in the item and they expect the item to last longer than the amount of time they guaranteed it for. I like the warranty and I recommend items with a warranty quicker than items with no warranty.


  • Rear wheel steering
  • Kid powered
  • Good customer service from manufacturer
  • 90 day warranty
  • Flag poles
  • Unique side handles makes controlling the device easier for some children
  • Rubber tires
  • Easy assembly instructions


  • Some assembly required
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Final Thoughts

The biggest drawback to this off road go kart is that it requires some assembly before the child can use it. The good part of that is the assembly instructions are easy to understand and most people say they have the riding toy put together in fifteen minutes or less.


Janice Friedman

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