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Micro Kickboard Mini Scooter

Brighten the day of your child by presenting to him or her with this amazing gift: Mini Micro Kickboard Scooter. It is the ultimate quality kids scooter designed and constructed to be used by young children. It features “lean to steer” which allows the children to ride the scooter by the use of their body […]

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Razor E300 electric Scooter

Razor is one of the outstanding companies dedicated to providing both children and adults with high quality scooter at an affordable price. E300 is the fastest scooter designed and constructed by Razor. This electric scooter has a speed of over 15 miles per hour. This is a fast speed that enables the user to reach […]

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Razor E125 Electric Scooter

Since the introduction of scooters in the market, it has been selling like hotcakes. It has gained popularity among people of all ages; young and adults alike. One of the outstanding companies that have been offering its customers with high quality scooters at an affordable price is Razor. The latest invention is the Razor E125 […]

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Razor A Kick Scooter

Worried that the cheap price of the scooter might equal to low quality? Worry no more; I was also concerned about the cheap price of the scooter till the day I bought it for my precious little nephew two years ago. To date, the scooter is still strong and appears as if it is brand […]

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