About Me

Go Karts Review was established because of my childhood love for riding these machines. Go karts are riding toys that have many sources of power. Generally a child starts out with one that is powered by their own energy and if they are lucky the last one they will own will be a gasoline operated machine that they get to ride on dirt tracks, and in city speed races.

I remember owning a go kart as a child and that memory brings back a lot of smiles, and a lot of pleasant feelings. I want everyone that has ever owned a go kart to be able to come to this site and share in those memories. I also want ever parent who has a child to come to this site and find ways to build these treasured memories for their own children.

At gokartsreview.com I strive to have a complete listing of all different types of go carts. I want people who have never owned one of these machines to be able to find the best one for their purposes.

This site is dedicated to helping people find out all they need to know about this type of riding toy so they can purchase one that will allow them to have the most fun possible when they ride. I also wanted to help experienced go kart owners find the machines they would like to have, or to be able to compare the machines they have with the ones that are available on the market today.

I have go karts on the site that are pedal powered. These are basically best for children between the ages of three years and twelve years. Some of these machines can be operated by older children because they are larger and can handle more weight than the smaller machines do.

I have electric powered carts featured in the reviews. Electric powered vehicles are usually best for children between the ages of five and fourteen. The electric powered carts come in different styles, different sizes, and they come with different motors so they can reach different speeds. I consider these to be fun toys to play with, and they are great machines to allow children to learn to ride go karts on. The electric powered machines do not go as fast as the gas powered machines so the child has an opportunity to learn to properly steer the device, and to learn how to ride without putting themselves in any danger.

I have gas powered go karts feature on this site because children from the ages of eight to eighty eight can enjoy them. There are many styles, and many sizes to choose from. The gas powered devices are great for riding enjoyment, and they can be used in races and competition riding.

I have included links to Amazon so people can find the go karts I talk about on gokartsreview.com. It is my goal to help every person to learn more about these machines and to be able to locate a machine that they can afford, and that they think is perfect for their needs.