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While there are plenty of good scooter options out there for transportation reasons, only a select few cater to stunt riders who want to perform more involved tricks. Important considerations like weight capacity, the material used and types of handlebars need addressing before you can select the best scooter for tricks. When you are flying through the air grinding or racing down a steep hill, you want to be sure your ride does not let you down when you need it the most.

Luckily, we included a carefully curated list with some of the best selections available on the market right now. We also provide a helpful user guide for individuals who are new to stunt scooter, which included some useful advice for first-time riders. So, if you are ready to find your next scooter, then keep reading! We gear this article more towards beginners interest in stunts, but we think at least one product will be the best scooter for tricks for somebody. But first, let us take a closer look at how we select the scooters we include on this list.

How We Choose
the Ratings for the Scooters on this List

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To select the best scooter for tricks, we apply preset criteria to each product included. For each scooter, we look at three areas that determine the overall value of the product. Specifically, we look at the quality, performance, and price of each unit. Following each city, we ask a series of questions that help us determine the strengths and weaknesses associated with each product. According to answers to these questions, we then assign the scooter a score out of five stars.

  • Quality — What material does the company use on the scooter? How much does it weigh? Can the scooter take a beating when you fall?
  • Performance — How does the scooter ride when you use it? Is it easy to jump? Can you perform tricks?
  • Price — How much does the scooter cost? How does the company justify this price? Is the scooter a good value?

Top Six Best Scooter for Performing Tricks

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We arranged these trick scooters from best to worst. However, keep in mind that even the scooters ranked lower on the list remain viable options for riders. As such, even the worst scooter is still a pretty good product. However, some offer higher levels of overall satisfaction.

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters - Trick Scooter - Beginner Stunt Scooters for...
  • 20" x 4" aluminum box-shaped deck w/ square edges for hand grabs
  • Strong V-Shaped Steel Handle Bars, Stacked Triple Clamp
  • Amazing 4 Spoke Metal Core ABS PU Wheels

The Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter remains our best scooter for tricks because it combines all the practical needs of beginner and intermediate scooter riders with an affordable price. The X-5 costs eighty-four dollars which makes it a suitable medium between the more expensive trick scooter models and the cheap, ineffective ones. They make the core of the scooter’s wheels out of a durable aluminum product that all for more speed and control while maneuvering it. The product weighs seven point four pounds, which makes it relatively light. 

People also say that the customer support for Fuzion scooters is excellent. If your scooter comes with a manufacturing defect, then the company will go through great lengths to rectify the problem. The only problem associated with the scooter is the lack of customization available for the product. If you think you want to upgrade the size of your scooter’s wheels at a later date, then you will want a different model. But other than that, we think this scooter is an affordable entry-level device for anyone who wants to get into trick scooters. 

Five stars out of five stars

Lucky Crew Pro Stunt Scooter, White/Blue
  • PRO TEAM TRUSTED - Ridden by the top riders in the game, Lucky scooters are designed to withstand the gnarliest tricks...
  • JOIN THE CREW - While designed for beginning and intermediate riders looking to advance, the CREW is built with detailed...
  • BULLETPROOF BUILD - Lucky holds all their components to the highest manufacturing standards, using aircraft-grade...

If you do not want to mess with entry-level scooters, then you should skip right to the Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter. As the name suggests, the only pros use the TFOX, including its namesake Tanner Fox. At seven point nine pounds it is a little heavier than the X-5, but it makes up for it with more robust, hollow-cored wheels. The handles themselves are much more extensive, which makes performing difficult swing tricks much more manageable than on basic Razers.

Similarly, the full 4.25-inch deck allows for added control and stability while grinding. More importantly, the scooter can take a beating which is essential if you attempt abrasive tricks often. So, if you broke your previous scooter doing tricks, then you should try this model instead of buying the same one. Consider the specs and name it comes with; the TFOX’s one hundred and sixty dollar price tag is not too bad — especially compared to some of the other overpriced models.

Five stars out of five stars

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter - Intermediate and...
  • 💪 BUILT TOUGH FOR ROUGH KIDS! What do kids love most about the Fuzion Z300? They can ride it hard just like the pros!...
  • 😍 THE ENVY OF THE SKATE PARK: While everyone else rattles around on those other scooters, your kids will look ultra...

If you want a cheaper version of the Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter, then the ​Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter will provide you with the same general feel, at a much-decreased price. Since you save money on the brand name, ​Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter offers the scooter for one hundred dollars. Unfortunately, it does weigh a little more — about eight point five pounds.

But besides the .6 pounds of added weight, the Airborne was made for performing tricks. Thanks to the military grade aluminum product included in the deck, the scooter can take a massive beating from frequent falls and scrapes. It might not feel as smooth as the upper tear models, but for anyone on a budget, it remains a good deal. The product will need assembly, but every customer reported that the building process is very straightforward.

4.5 stars out of five stars

S AFSTAR Safstar Pro Stunt Scooter, Best Entry Level Kick Trick...
  • Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, Solid PU wheels.
  • 2-wheeled freestyle kick scooter with oversized handlebars great for beginners.
  • Rear fender brake for Quick stops.

At forty-three dollars, the S AFSTAR Safstar Kick Scooter remains the most affordable product on this list. Ideal for someone interested in scootering, but who does not want to commit to an expensive new product. However, as you can expect by the price, the company does not make the scooter out of the best material. Some users reported that the wheels became worn down after frequent use. With that said, the handlebars, deck, and body are pretty durable, and the protect rides smoothly until the wheels give out. This wheel feature is not ideal for long-term use. But, for someone just getting started it can be a useful stepping stone to a better product later on in the future. At 8.6 pounds, it is light enough to try tricks on, but it is not the brightest in the business — a solid entry-level product.

Four stars out of five stars

No products found.

The VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter is another model ideal for riders between the ages of seven and fourteen who do not have any experience with stunt scooters. One model costs sixty-two dollars and comes in a variety of different styles of colors. The quality of these scooters is not the best, but considering the price, they are pretty useful.

Unfortunately, it does weigh around ten pounds. This high weight does not make it deal for attempting some of the more involved ariel tricks. As such, we only recommend it for beginners. Occasionally they will break early, or come with a manufacturing problem during shipping, though for the most part people seem satisfied with the purchase as an entry-level product for kids and teens. The manufacturer's customer service remains effective also. They can walk you through a problem, or replace the scooter without much hassle.

Four stars out of five stars

Arcade Pro Scooters - Stunt Scooter for Kids 8 Years and Up - Perfect...
  • ✅ 🔥ONE DAY SALE! 🔥 BUILT TOUGH! What do kids love most about the Arcade Stunt scooter? They can ride it hard...
  • ✅ A STABLE, QUIET GLIDE: You can’t glide with sticky bearings. Most entry-level kick scooters feature lousy...
  • ✅ THE COOLEST KID AT THE PARK: While everyone else rattles around on other scooters, your kids will be whizzing around...

The Arcade Pro Scooters make another excellent product for kids. However, for only seventy dollars you get a product that lies closer to an intermediate product than a cheap entry level products. The scooter weights seven in half pounds making it ideal for tricks at skateparks. Parents will also like the added safety features like hyper-responsive brakes and smooth bearings. However, beware the cheap material included on the product. Some people reported that the brake pedal snapped after stomping on it too hard.

Four stars out of five stars

Trick Scooter Buying Guide

Photo of a man on a blue scooter

Image Source: ​Pixabay​

If it is your first time buying a trick scooter, then you might not be sure what features come standard with most scooters. How much should you spend? What is the ideal weight for the product? We will answer these questions and some more in our buyer’s guide.

Scooter Weight



Scooter Size

Scooter Clamp

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