Best Beginner Dirt Bike for Adults: Top Six Revealed

Riding a dirt bike is a fun and exhilarating experience. It’s also an activity that is very accessible if you are willing to take a few riding safety classes. It’s important to choose the best beginner dirt bike for adults, so you have a good experience with your first dirt bike. Here are a few recommendations.

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We compared different dual sport, motocross, and trail dirt bikes to find the best options for new riders. Here are the things we looked at to choose bikes and assign ratings:

  • Is the bike suitable for a beginner? We looked for features such as an automatic transmission and a push-button electric start.
  • Different motor ratings. You will find bikes with different motors so you can choose the best dirt bike in function of your weight and level.
  • Street legal or off-road riding. Some of the bikes we selected are street legal while others should only be ridden on dirt trails.
  • Fun to ride. Riding a dirt bike should be a fun and exciting experience. We chose bikes that will deliver this type of positive experience.

Top Six Best Beginner Dirt Bikes For Adults

These dirt bikes are worth considering if you are shopping for your first bike. Compare their features and specs to determine which bike is best for you.

The Honda CRF230F is a great dirt bike for inexperienced riders because it is easy to manage. You will feel confident right away with this bike, which is important when you work on developing riding skills.

This dirt bike has a 17-inch wheel in the front and a 19-inch wheel in the rear. These wheels are ideal for dirt trails with a few obstacles. The tires are wide and make the bike stable.

The bike weighs just under 250 pounds and has a 1.9-gallon tank. The seat height is 34,” which is ideal for most adult riders.

The bike has a 223cc motor. This is sufficient to make your riding experience fun and exciting without being overwhelming.

The suspension is somewhat of a drawback. There is 9.5” of travel in the front and 9” in the rear. This is sufficient for a lightweight rider or for riding on a trail designed for beginners. If you want to ride on more technical trails, we recommend that you choose a dirt bike with more suspension.

This Honda dirt bike is an ideal choice because it is very accessible, it delivers a comfortable riding experience, and you can easily find mods, accessories, and aftermarket parts for it.

This Apollo dirt bike is an affordable option for beginners. We think it is ideal for lightweight riders thanks to its 125cc motor. The maximum speed of the bike is 55mph.

The suspension is one of the standout features of this dirt bike. There is a little over 12” of travel in the front and rear, which is sufficient for most of the obstacles you will encounter when riding off-road.

There is a 17” wheel in the front and a 14” wheel in the rear. The relatively small size of the bike makes it an interesting option for women.

There are two drawbacks associated with this dirt bike. It features a kick start instead of an electric start feature. The kick start requires some getting used to so you can start the bike on the first try.

The other drawback is the manual transmission. This is something you can easily get used to with some practice, but you might want to look into getting a bike with an automatic transmission if you want to start riding right away.

This Apollo dirt bike is still a good option for beginners due to the forgiving suspension, wide tires, and affordable price.

This is a more performing dirt bike, but it is still adapted to new riders. It’s a durable dirt bike that would be a great choice if you are serious about riding.

This is a 249cc bike with five speeds. The suspension has 12” of travel in the front and rear.

It features wide tires and deep knobs. These tires will give you traction on a wide range of surfaces.

The quality of the grips is another positive point for this dirt bike. It only weighs 215 pounds and features adjustable forks and shocks. The adjustable forks and shocks are an interesting feature since you can customize the feel of the bike.

The kick start is a downside, but this is something you can get used to with a little practice.

The Kawasaki KLX 140L is one of the best off-road bikes for tall riders with its large wheels. The ground clearance is also ideal for trails with obstacles.

We like the push-button electric start feature. This is a simple feature that makes a difference for beginners since mastering a kick start can take some time.

The 144cc motor is ideal for new riders. There is a manual clutch with five speeds. The manual clutch is something you will have to get used to, but the 144cc motor will give you enough power to have fun without being too much to handle.

The front wheel is a 19-inch wheel, and you will find a 16-inch wheel in the rear. The seat height is 31.5,” and the bike has 10” of ground clearance.

There is a little over 7” of travel in the front and rear. This amount of suspension is suitable for most dirt tracks.

This is a high-quality bike that is perfect for tall riders. There are other options to consider if the seat height is too much for you since riding a bike that isn’t adapted to your size isn’t safe.

We like this Yamaha dirt bike because the 110cc motor makes it very accessible for beginners. It’s also the best beginner dirt bike for adults as far as maintenance goes since it’s a bike with a durable design that requires very little maintenance.

The 26.4” seat height is ideal for women, and the bike has 7” of ground clearance. The one-gallon tank should be sufficient for most trails.

This is a lightweight off-road bike at 159 pounds, and it features an electric starter. The four-speed automatic transmission is an interesting feature since shifting with a manual transmission can make riding less fun for beginners.

The suspension is the main downside of this dirt bike. There is 4.5” of travel in the front, and 4.3” of travel in the rear. This is sufficient for lightweight riders, but you might want to invest in a bike with more suspension if you want to ride on technical trails.

We recommend this Suzuki dual sport bike if you want a bike that is street legal or are looking for something more performing. The 398cc motor might be too much for some beginners, but this is still an option worth considering if you have some experience with riding motorcycles or aren’t afraid to get started with a more powerful dual sport bike.

This is a fun bike that is very responsive. There is 11” of suspension travel in the front and rear, and the seat height is 36.8.”

There are a five-speed automatic transmission and an electric starter. This is a very reliable bike that you should consider if you are looking for quality and performance.

How To Choose Your First Dirt Bike

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You should do some research before purchasing your first dirt bike. Trying out a friend’s bike or signing up for a class will help you get a better idea of what to look for.

How To Choose Your First Dirt Bike

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You should do some research before purchasing your first dirt bike. Trying out a friend’s bike or signing up for a class will help you get a better idea of what to look for.

Your Different Options

Is The Bike Adapted To Your Height?

Motor And Suspension

Tires And Transmission

Other Features To Look For

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There are a few other things to look for when shopping for your first dirt bike:

  • Sturdy and durable frame
  • Make sure spare parts are easy to find
  • An electric start can be an interesting feature
  • Consider the weight of the bike, especially if you will need to load it in the back of a truck
  • Make sure the handles and grips feel comfortable
  • Look for a bike with a throttle limiter if you are new to riding

These tips should help you find the best beginner dirt bike for adults. Don’t forget to establish a budget for your first dirt bike so you have a better idea of where to start looking.

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