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Whether you’re an adult looking for fun go-kart you can enjoy with the entire family or plan to buy a special child in your life their very own go-kart, these motorized karts can offer fun for all ages.

Learn what makes a Yerf Dog model different from the competitors, see how they work, and check out what real customers think of their go-karts before you spend your hard-earned money.

Yerf Dog go-karts were created by a man named Godfrey, which is Yerf Dog spelled backward. The company debuted in 1996, and they manufacture go-karts in the United States for an affordable price. These full-featured and affordable go-karts, ATVs, mini bikes, and other compact utility vehicles have been sold to over a million happy customers in North America.

The company partners up with the experienced drivetrain and engine partners, and with over 50 years of experience, the karts they manufacture are safe, reliable, and easy to use. They perform well, which is why there have been over 20 million units sold since their creation.

Yerf Dog is also a Flexible Flyer or the motor drive division of FF Acquisition Corp (FAA), which is a leading distributor and manufacturer of engineered customer products. The FAA operates three facilities, with over one million square feet of operating space.

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How Does It Work?

There are many different types of go-karts, and they’re
typically broken down based on these three different ways to power the kart:

  • Powered by batteries or electricity
  • Powered by gasoline fuel
  • Powered by the rider’s energy

Go-karts can take a lot of time and energy to build, so many customers tend to buy a pre-made kart. The type of kart you buy may depend on your needs and how you plan to use the kart. If you plan to race to go-karts, you will need proper tires, clutches, and carburetors for safety and speed. 

Typically, they can only seat one or two people, and there are only a few  components that create a go-kart, which makes it one of the simplest four-wheeled machines you can find. They’re four-wheeled machines that are made with important parts, such as:

  • Steering assembly – The simple mechanism used in go-karts for steering is called a wagon-style system, which attaches to the front axle. This means that when the wheel turns, they kart’s wheels face various angles.
  • Chassis – The most important part of a go-kart, the chassis is made from a steel tube and designed in various ways. More complicated designed are used in professional racing whereas personal go-karts will have an open design with no roof and the driver’s seat located in the middle.
  • Braking system – A simple baking system is used in go-karts to allow you to stop on command.
  • SeatGo kart seats are in often a fixed position depending on your chassis, so they don’t move. The seats are made from fiberglass and finding the right sized-kart for you comes down to fit in the seats since they don’t adjust.
  • Engine – Made with either a two or four stroke engine, go karts with four-stroke engines are often quieter and run smoother. However, they are also slower than two-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines rev higher and can reach 19,000 revs in a minute while four strokes only reach 11,000 revs. The choice comes down to what’s most important to you: a fast or smooth ride.
  • Wheels and tires – Wheels designed for go karts are typically made using aluminum, and they’re much smaller than a car’s tires at only 5-inches wide. Tires for go karts are made using a soft rubber compound that’s designed for use on a track, whereas outdoor karts will have wet tires that work well to prevent slipping on wet road conditions.
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Finally, racing karts tend to come with more bells and whistles, such as a larger engine or a lap timer. They may also offer more aerodynamic enhancements to allow you to drive faster in competitions, whereas normal karts don’t come with these added features (which can also cost extra money).

No matter which type of kart you enjoy the most, regular maintenance is vital for your kart’s upkeep. The Yerf Dog manual will explain all the important owner’s information. A Yerf Dog go-kart, for example, require SAE 30 motor oil EXCEPT for the 150cc-engine models.

A Yerf Dog go-kart will top out at speeds of around 30-35 miles per hour, and you can typically buy parts from other brands for your kart, although it’s not recommended. Using the manufacturer’s brand will ensure the parts you get work well, as using universal parts can be dangerous if they don’t meet to OEM part specifications just right.

Parts are available from your local dealer or Yerf Dog, and the company suggests that you don’t change the tire size on your kart in the interest of safety and stability. Products ordered often ship within 48 hours, and you can call them at 888-926-6554 if you need help finding an approved dealer near you.

Pricing Information

Yerf Dog’s karts range in price depending on the features. A higher-powered motor will also boost the price. For example, the Yerf Dog 3203 with the 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine will cost around $$$ while the Yerf Dog 4209 GX 150 kart with a 7.8 150cc engine is priced over $$$.

Any regular gas-powered kart will cost at least $500 while electric and battery-powered models start out around $350-$400. Expect to pay closer to $1,000 or more for a Yerf Dog kart though, as many adult models cost much more than those designed for use by kids only.

If you prefer to find a deal and save some cash, you can look for pre-owned go karts near you on Craigslist or Autotrader, or perhaps find a slightly used model from someone you know.

What The Public Thinks Of Yerf

Because there are so many different models of go-karts made by Yerf Dog, we’ve broken up what real customers think of the brand based on the model of go-kart they use. The following 11 go karts, labeled as model numbers, are the top models created by Yerf Dog:


red 1204 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

Seating two people, this kart has a 5 HP engine that allows it to reach up to speeds of 23 mph, no manual shifting necessary. It has an easy on-off switch and adjustable seat, making it perfect kids between the ages of 8-12. The drum and band brakes stop quickly, and a safety flag makes your vehicle easy to see from a distance.


yellow 30032 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

The 6 HP Tecumseh motor in this model is durable and comes with a two-year warranty from Tecumseh for added peace of mind. It comes with an on/off switch, adjustable bench seat to hold a passenger, and reaches speeds up to 25 mph. However, you may need to assemble some parts yourself.


red and white 30034 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

Another 6 HP Tecumseh motor with a warranty, what sets this model apart is the added front-end suspension for a smoother ride. It reaches 25 mph, has an adjustable bench seat, and protects passengers with an additional passed brush guard. The flag allows parents to spot their kid’s cart from a distance, and this cart meets all industry safety standards.


racing design 3203 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

One of the most popular models, customers have been known to find the 3203 on Craigslist for a decent price. This model has a powerful 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine, no manual shifter, full suspension, and both front and back brakes. The tie-rod steering is durable, and all-terrain tires make it easy to drive over various tracks or outdoors. It tackles corners with ease and maxes out at 28 mph for safety purposes.

Seat two people in this kart comfortable, with safety seat belts for both the driver and passenger. This kart is limited to 250 pounds of weight though. Users have also said the ride is a bit bouncy and the engine doesn’t seem as fast or strong as some other models available.


mustard yellow 3205 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

Another model with a powerful 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine complete with a two-year warranty, this kart offers a torque converter for a smooth drive, full suspension with both front and back shocks for the best handling of any Yerf Dog, and all-terrain tires to add traction while turning corners, even in the rain.

Unlike other go-karts on this list, however, this model is made for people over the age of 16. This is a kart for teenagers and adults only, and while it seats two people, the passenger weight limit is still 250 pounds maximum.


black and red 3206 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

A customer favorite, the 3206 model comes with the faster engine from any Yerf Dog cart. The 7.8 HP, four-stroke engine is extremely quick and offers more torque than ever. It comes with a rack and pinion steering control for ultimate cornering maneuverability, a continuous variable transmission, full suspension, and spider box, heavy steel frame to keep your kart running for years to come.

The Super Turf-tech tires and 12-volt electrical system allows you to even run headlights, and this kart tops out at top speeds of 35 mph. This kart has it all, with cockpit-type seating, glossy paint, a cargo storage rack, and adjustable shocks. It’s recommended for riders and drivers 16 years of age and older though and may require some small assembly.


camouflage color 3208 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

With a 6.5 HP Tecumseh engine, mossy-oak camouflage appearance, and full suspension, this kart will blend in, run well, and handle smoothly. The all-terrain tires allow for added traction while turning, perfect for off-roading adventures, and the speed will max out at 28 mph. The three-point safety restraints meet industry standards as well, but this kart is better for those 16-years-old and up.


black and white 32091 Yerf Dog

Image via Yerf Dog

Another kart with a powerful 7.8 HP four-stroke engine that can reach up to 35 mph, this model will only seat one person. It has rack and pinion steering for added control, a continuous variable transmission that doesn’t require manual shifting, and a spider box steel frame for comfort, safety, and longevity. With all-terrain tires and a 12-volt electrical system, you can take this kart off-roading with ease.

Like other fast models, this kart is best for people over the age of 16.  The dual headlights allow you to ride around long after the sun goes down as well, which is a huge bonus, and the cockpit seats are comfortable for long rides.

How Yerf Dog Go Karts Compare To The Competition

Some of the top name brands in go-karts are Coleman Powersports, Razor, Berg, MotoTec, and Trailmaster. While these top brands tend to attract more interested experts and customer reviews, many customers find the 3206 model is the best go-kart or mini buggy Yerf Dog ever made.

Customers say their Yerf Dog always starts right up and works well. There are also upgrades you can purchase and have installed on many models that help improve the appearance or performance of your kart as well. However, Razor dune buggies, electric go karts, and drifter karts are considered the industry leaders. They offer more options, such as the type of power, and work well for all ages.

What We Think

Overall, the best Yerf Dog kart for your money is going to be one that is affordable and that real customers have determined as a tried and true model. That’s why we looked through what real customers think about each model along with the product specification for each kart as shown on the company’s website. While the 3206 model holds up well over time, the 3203 model is also a fan favorite.

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