Best Racing Go Karts – Top 7 Revealed

The best racing go-karts come with several high-quality components that are also somewhat adjustable to suit the needs of the driver, and the race course itself. These karts are typically high powered and have been designed for the best aerodynamic performance possible.

Many of these karts will also feature upgrades and other components that can be switched out for other brands or models. Tires are often sold separately and will need to be changed more frequently with regular racing.

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The age groups in Karting frequently have different names depending on the country, but the general idea is the same across the world. The most common age groups in karting are the following:

5-7 Years Old

7-12 Years Old

12-15 Years Old

15+ Years Old

How We Chose Our Ratings

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Finding the best racing go-karts requires a bit of research to ensure that accurate reviews come from actual users and credible manufacturers. To achieve the most honest list, we've collected data from a number of websites, and recommendations from experts as well as the type of karts that have historically performed well in competitions.

We then considered brand reputation in our ratings and also took into account the level of customer service provided and how customizable each kart is for different drivers and race tracks to ensure buyers would be getting the most exceptional performance for the price.

Top 7 Best Racing Go Karts

The best go karts for racing have made appearances at world championship competitions and other international races with some of the best drivers in the world. Although the kart alone doesn’t win the race, many of these brands have continuously worked to improve their karts, and consistently deliver positive results.

  • MXJ rims
  • Standard issue aluminum pedals
  • Front torsion bar

This kart also has an optional front spoiler attachment that is CIK-FIA approved.

​​The Sigma KZ kart by Sodi has some impressive features that led it to be the kart used in the World Vice-Championships and the International Super Cup. This kart has a new frame not currently used on another product line, and a braking system which has undergone a complete overhaul.

The hydraulic braking system is present on the front and rear of this kart, and each set features a 4-piston system. This kart also has a very advanced lap timer that is both GPS and wifi connected, called the Mychron 5 which helps the driver keep track of their location and position in the race.

The newly introduced frame features many different components precisely welded together to ensure optimal performance, even weight distribution, and even tire wear. The changes to the chassis also help it to be more agile around turns and more responsive to adjustments. 

The floor tray on this kart may look simple, but it has a five-point fastening system that allows for easy changes and removal. This kart also comes equipped with a two-stroke, single cylinder engine that has a 6-speed gearbox.

The Arrow X3 features a homologated CIK chassis with 65mm front wheel hubs that are made from billet alloy that was machined. This kart also has a 32mm front torsion bar and a 30mm diameter Chromoly tube chassis.

The X3 also features a 1048cm wheelbase and 50mm hollow axles with adjustable flanges that support the shaft and also determine the seat height. The rear wheels hubs measure 90mm, and the sprocket is made from a billeted alloy and features a 3-bolt design that is lightweight and makes changes quick.

The brake lines are made from braided steel, and the pedals are two joined pieces constructed from forged alloy material. The floor tray features a custom decal, and the seat has self-centering washers.

The front ride height can be adjusted using the camber/caster mechanism, and there are two positions for enhancing steering sensitivity. The tie rods on this kart are also made from machined alloy for extra strength, and all of the aluminum pieces on this kart have been anodized to be black.

The fuel tank on the X3 can hold 6 liters and is secured using a quick-release mechanism. The engine has a 2-piece mount that allows the engine to slide in and out of place, and there is a top plate made from magnesium.

The RY30 S5 kart by Birel features a wheelbase of 1050mm and an overall length of 1600mm with the rear being slightly more narrow than the front of the kart. The chassis is constructed with 30mm steel and features a Freeline axle.

The front and back of this kart can be adjusted to suit the driver and the track, and the 10-liter fuel tank ensures that it can handle longer races. This kart also has a unique motorsport specific steering wheel for enhanced grip and sensitivity when steering.

The RY30 also has a removable torsion bar which allows for greater adjustment to the kart when needed. This kart also has two hubs, front and back, which are both Freeling Hi-Tech. There are also hydraulic brakes and calipers that connect to a master cylinder and a vented rotor for the brakes on the rear.

This kart also has a number of optional features that drivers may want to invest in such as a radiator kit and mount, and additional rear torsion.

CRG offers a wide variety of chassis models for their karts, and some of the most famous racers have started their driving careers with this brand. CRG offers models for both 100cc and 125cc classes, and the sprint kart has several options that buyers can choose from in each side.

The KT4 model features tubes that are 30mm and 32mm and a wheelbase of 1050mm. The front of this kart is slightly wider than the back as is customary with racing karts, and the floating brake disc paired with the hydraulic braking system is one of the most high-tech options available.

The steering wheel has a carbon finish, and the wheel hubs are made from lightweight magnesium. The resin-based seat also helps keep things light, and the fuel tank can hold a respectable 8.5 liters for longer races. 

This kart also comes with a selection of optional accessories including front and rear torsion bars, and a brake system upgrade.

The Eagle racing kart is a lower cost option of racing kart, but it does not sacrifice performance for the price tag. This kart has welded chassis made from chromoly tubing, and American made brakes that are flat disc brakes with steel brake lines.

The Eagle kart also has 10mm kingpin bolts which help to enhance the strength of the spindle and an aluminum floor tray that has been laser cut to a precise shape. The aluminum wheels can be switched out for magnesium, and the quick release secured fuel tank comes in both 3.5 liters and 8.5 liters.

The steering wheel is wrapped in KG suede and padded for the best grip and handling, and you can choose from three different colors to further customize your kart. Many of the components on this kart can be switched to suit the needs of the driver including the floor pedals which come in a particular design for taller drivers.

The frame is assembled in the USA, and the brake pedals and throttle are machined from an aluminum billet. You can also upgrade the bumpers, customize your kart with a sticker kit, and choose from other KG bodywork.

The base model of this kart retails for a bit affordable price, and the tires are sold separately. If you buy this kart from the Comet company, you can also contact them about further customization and upgrades.

The Fernando Alonso OTK racing kart is an excellent option with its 30mm molybdenum chrome and steel tube frame with adjustable front and back. This kart comes with two torsion bars that can be used to make adjustments to the chassis, and there are various other ways to adjust this kart thanks to the uni-ball washers.

The standard parts for this kart are made from magnesium and are the stock OTK components; however, buyers can choose from a few different braking systems including the SA2, SA3, and BSS which coordinates to the class the kart will enter into a race.

This kart also has forged aluminum pedals which are fully adjustable, and more robust exhaust support brackets for reduced vibrations.

This kart has special OTK M65 bodywork which has been tested for the best performance and highest possible level of aerodynamics. This kart also comes with a starter set of stickers.

Buyer’s Guide

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When looking to buy a high-quality racing kart, you'll want to consider several factors before making your decision so that you get the most out of your kart. While buying the right kart for the class and age group you intend to race in is important, there is other necessary equipment to leave room for in your budget as well.


The Right Kart for the Class and Age

Equipment List for Drivers

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