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There are many reasons to become the next fan of the TaoTao ATV. I know those reasons because I am a TaoTao ATV or you can say a crazy lover of go kart myself! I love the outdoors, so having an ATV is a must have.

I have had many different ones throughout the years. While there are some decent brands out there, I still had yet to find the perfect fit for my needs and wants. That's the main reason behind this best TaoTao ATV reviews.

TaoTao ATV is one of the best on the market and you may be wondering, why? That is a great question, just as well as how it got there. If you stick around and keep reading this article, I will be more than happy to tell you! I am an adventurous guy love fishing and kayaking, mountain biking, stunt pro scooter riding and go-karting. Reason being, I love the TaoTao line and what it offers and I want you to love it as well.

Best TaoTao ATV - Reviews and Analysis By Experts

Before we start, let me describe the Tao Tao ATV, and inform you about two advantages of this ATV brand as compared to other ATVs. It’s reliable and you will be able to count on your machine whenever and wherever you ride. In addition, the company is trustworthy and has affordable price points.

1. TAO TAO 125cc ATV Brand model # ATA-125D -110cc Fully Automatic

When looking for a lightweight and nimble ATV,  The Tao Tao 125cc ATV is a great choice. It can compete with its competitor within the same segment and it’s light weight will come in handy if you need to physically move the ATV around. Which I have had to do when I decided to get a little too deep in the mud.

The Tao tao ATV 125cc has fully automatic transmission including reverse, which brings a perfect balance to the lightweight machine. The ATV is great for any terrain where you don’t want to be bogged down. The 125cc weighs about 255 lbs while its competitors weighs around 300-400 lbs.


  • A 125cc Fully Automatic utility style engine
  • Kill switch that is remote.
  • Dual brakes.
  • Independent shocks.
  • Electric start transmission.
  • Rear drum brakes.
  • Disc front brakes.
  • Chain drive engine gear.
  • 4.2 Liter fuel capacity.
  • Wheelbase 31.89 inches.

Things I Liked About This Product

There are many things to like in this 125cc machine, but there are two primary safety features I particularly like - the kill switch and the speed limiter. These two built-in features add another level of safety for younger drivers. The independent suspensions work well on any terrain making sure there is traction on every wheel.

Another plus advantage is the remote start ignition alongside the built-in electric start system. To prevent any starting issues, make sure that Tao Tao 125 ATV battery is always charged, and all the switches of the ATV are turned to avoid battery drainage.

2. TaoTao Atv Rhino 250cc Big Rugged Wheels (Tree camo) Tao Tao 250 ATV

I use my machine a lot, which means my engine is doing a lot of work. Which creates heat, so I want to make sure my engine stays cool and running. Last thing I want to do is have to hike through the backwoods especially at night. I have done that before, but not since I’ve purchased the TaoTao ATV’s. The Tao Tao Atv Rhino 250cc Big Rugged Wheels,  is air cooled just like any other motorcycle, which also means less moving parts that can malfunction as well.

Others used liquid cooled which if they fail can become catastrophic. You can also check the Tao Tao 250 ATV owners manual on how to properly manage engine heat issues whenever your riding.  So the Tao Tao 250 ATV is a great choice for those who want to address a cooling issue quicker and easier.


  • 4 Stroke electric start engine.
  • Hydraulic disc front brakes.
  • CDI Ignition.
  • 4 Gears including reverse gear.
  • Clutch and electric start.
  • Max loading capacity 364 pounds.
  • Rear drum brakes.
  • Electric kick start.
  • Full Size ATV.
  • Speeds up to around 35 mph.
  • Wheel base measurement 49.3 inches.

Things I Liked About This Product

There is plenty I like about this 250cc ATV! The independent suspension is one of my favorites, as it can handle any terrain. The frame is constructed from heavy-gauge steel that can withstand all the abuse and punishment of off-road riding plus, that holds all the ATV parts together securely. It also features a kill switch and a speed limiter as additional safety features especially for younger riders or anyone with limited ATV driving experience. It is full sized ATV so it is great for those who want to pull away from the smaller sized ATV’s. The handbrake can be easily located for quick braking when needed.  

Starting the ATV is easy through the built-in electric start. The machine has four gears including reverse and features clutch driving. The clutch lets you have full control over the machine when changing gears and will make you fully feel the power of the 250cc engine. The dual brakes assure excellent stopping power whenever needed.

3. TAO Full Size Atv 250cc 4 Gears with Reverse

Why would you want dual brakes? Because dual brakes give you more stopping power. Dual brakes are also great in an emergency situation should one brake set fail you still have another set to slow you down. The TaoTao line features hydraulic front brakes and drums rear brakes. Being able to trust the brakes when you need them is something you can do with the TaoTao ATV’s.

The brakes in the TaoTao ATV line are all dual brakes such as on the Atv 250cc 4 Gears with Reverse. For example, while riding on my 250cc last year, while riding a trail I got cut off. Thanks to the effective dual braking, I avoided a bad situation.


  • Independent shocks.
  • Clutch and electric start.
  • 4 Gears including reverse.
  • Seat height 31.89 inches.
  • ATV weighs 420 pounds.
  • 4.2 Liter fuel capacity.
  • Front hand brake.
  • 12V Battery.
  • Max load weight 364 pounds.


Things I Liked About This ATV

There are many things I liked about this 250cc ATV. First thing it has reverse! While you can go without it, it’s always better to have one in a machine. It makes things so much easier, especially if you have to maneuver your ATV around.

The Tao tao 250cc ASTV is fully automatic, meaning no gears and clutch to worry. It lets you concentrate on driving instead of when to shift with your foot. The dual braking will provide you with the stopping power when you need it.

Having the 4.2-liter fuel capacity, will give you a decent amount of play time before needing to fuel up. Independent shocks help you have control on any terrain you may end up on. The places I ride change from time to time so having it makes me feel assured my ATV can handle it.

4. ATA-110B1 TaoTao Kids Gas 110cc Sport ATV - Army Camo

One of the best things an ATV can offer is a speed limiter, especially if you have children or grandchildren. I do and it helps to put my mind at ease knowing I have the control over how fast the machine can go whenever they ride.

Once I think they are ready for more or are experienced enough, I can adjust the speed limiter per child since each child has different riding skills and needs. Nothing is scarier than a child taking off faster than you can run and not remembering how to slow down.

I have been there but with this ATV I don’t have to worry about that again. They can enjoy themselves as much as I can enjoy watching them ride the ATV.


  • Gas powered.
  • Electric start.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Back rack.
  • For riders up to 4FT tall or 80 pounds in weight.
  • 1-Year engine parts replacement.
  • Assemble handle bars and wheels.
  • Remote control start.
  • Kill switch.
  • Rubber tires.

Things I Liked About This Product

I liked the 110cc because it is perfect for the younger riders who are not quite ready for that step up to the 250cc machine. This ATV have bright headlights, which allows for night driving and increases the safety because it lets you be visible to other riders and vehicles. for being seen as well. The back rack is great if they would like to carry a few of their items, such as if we are going camping and they want to carry their own gear.

It is gas powered so I don’t have to worry about plugging it in to charge it, or change out batteries. Since it is automatic it is easier for them to operate. There is minor assembly when you purchase  the ATV. You have to put on wheels, handle bars, change oil and insert battery. So that’s pretty basic assembly for almost anyone.

5. TAO TAO T FORCE MODEL 110CC ,automatic with reverse

When you think of ATV, you are thinking of all-terrain vehicle and you want it to be able to handle many types of terrain. This is where independent suspension is an important factor to me. When I ride around the property with my kids, I want the ATVs, I and my kids can get where we are going. That is why independent suspension is essential because it lets the machine and us go to any terrain we want.

Independent suspension allows each wheel to accommodate the terrain it is on. It lowers the chance of unwanted flipping or tilting as well if one when one wheel ends up on something such as a rock or a boulder. The easiest way to put it is it let’s each tire of the Tao Tao ATV 110cc hug the terrain it is on.

Other important features that you may like on this machine include:


  • Fully automatic.
  • Remote kill switch.
  • Independent suspension.
  • Basic assembly needed wheels, handlebars, change oil, hook up batteries and attach rack.
  • CDI ignition.
  • Front hand brake.
  • Drum rear foot brake.
  • Speed remote.
  • Great for kids up to 5 1/2 feet tall.

Things I Liked About This Product

This is a mid-sized ATV, Thus, it is a great option for riders 4-5 ½ ft. Having a remote kill switch is also great, especially if you have a couple of those no fear type kids around.

6. TAO TAO Brand UTILITY Model # ATA-125D - 110cc Engine

If you like to travel with your ATV’s like I do, gas powered ATV is your best option. With a gas powered you can always bring extra fuel with so you can fuel up on the trail. You are allowed a very limited time with electric, Your ATV also tends to have more power as well.

A great example is the ATA-125D TaoTao Utility ATV. It is one of the best gas powered kids ATV’s on the market. It is definitely a great choice when looking for one for the young rider ready for that step up.


  • Air cooled engine.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Front rack and back rack.
  • Front and rear tire size 16 inches X 8-7 inches.
  • Has reverse.
  • Speeds of up to 33 mph.
  • Electric start.
  • Seat height of 24.81 inches.

Things I Liked About This Product

I like this ATV because it is great for small riders. I can control the speed through the speed limiter, and I can bring it down as low as 5 mph. This is always a great feature that will give me a peace of mind.

That way I can keep track on those new drivers when they want to drive on their own. The headlights allow them to be able to drive at night or in any dark environment if needed and to help them be seen.

The 125cc engine is still powerful enough to take on any terrain and to go up hills.

7. Atv 110b Fully Automatic Atv 110cc 4 Stroke Engine

Being fully automatic is a definite bonus, especially to the young riders that would be using the lower displacement engines. In most cases, they are new drivers and just learning the skill of driving, thus it's more important for them to move forward​ than getting the shifting down. Shifting is a skill that can be learned over time. So being fully automatic puts their attention where it needs to be.

It also alleviates the worry of having to replace a clutch sometime down the road as well. For example, Atv 110b Fully Automatic Atv 110cc 4 Stroke Engine by TaoTao made it a breeze to teach my grandkids on. I didn’t have to add in the extra training of how to use a clutch. Which was great since they are already coordinating brakes and gas already. It allowed them to pick up the skill of basic operation even quicker.


  • Dual brakes hydraulic disc front brakes and rear drum brakes.
  • Front hand brake and rear foot brake operation.
  • Front dual adjustable shocks with A-arms.
  • Rear mono adjustable shock.
  • Frame is constructed of single tube steel.
  • Fuel tank capacity 1 gallon.
  • Speed governor, can be governed down to 5 mph.
  • Kill engine tether that goes around waist.

Things I Liked About This Product

You can’t go wrong with this 4 stroke 110 fully automatic ATV. It is a perfect starter gas powered ATV for your young rider. You have the control over the speed, which is a great asset for obvious reasons.

My friend John Dean, editor of HotHomeAir first introduced me with this cool kart. He purchased this vehicle for his son. If they are anything like some of the young riders in my family, they just want to go. However, sometimes faster than what we would like. So having the control to set speed depending on their skill is great.

Since it has a dual braking system, you can be assured that they will be able to use both to stop. If they haven’t gotten it down to activate both they usually will be able to use one or the other until they get it down.

It comes with a tether that goes around them as well, that will shut the ATV down should a situation happen that arises for it.

How to Change the Oil in a Tao Tao ATV

Changing the oil in your Tao Tao ATV should be high on your routine maintenance list when owning one. This maintenance step can be read on the Tao Tao Service Manual which can be done at home.  It's much like a car oil change except you don't have to crawl under the engine.

Fresh synthetic and high-quality oil keep the ATVs engine parts lubricated and protected. It's a standard rule that an oil change should be done 25 hours of total riding, but you can check the manufacturer’s manual since different brands and models will vary in how many hours of how many mileage before doing an oil change.  

Once you've done several oil changes on your vehicle, you'll be able to change the oil without any help and head scratching. It's easy and shouldn't take more than 20 minutes to complete the process.

This all-terrain vehicle oil change guide is for 4-stroke engines. Oil change on a 2-stroke engine is more straightforward since there's no oil filter to remove and replace which will be shortly discussed later.

What you need in your Tao Tao ATV oil change:

  • Premium oil SAE 15W/40

  • Oil filter

  • Oil Pan

  • Wrenches

  • Funnel

  • Rags or paper towels

1. Run the vehicle’s engine first to let the engine oil to get warm. A warm or hot engine oil flows better and suspends engine contaminants making it flow out of the engine.

2. Unscrew the drain bolt and let the oil drain into your oil pan. Don’t lose the drain bolt. Wear rubber gloves to prevent oil from spilling on your hands. About a quart of oil will drain out and leave it for a few minutes until the last drop. You can also use an engine flush to make sure no contaminants will be left out.  

3. Remove the oil filter by using one of the wrenches to remove the oil filter cap. Use your hand on the kickstart to roll the engine to push out more oil. Clean around the oil filter cover and oil filter port using the rags.

Put some fresh oil around the rubber lip or seal of the new oil filter before placing it inside. Insert the new oil filter carefully.  If you're using a reusable metal oil filter, then wash it thoroughly using a water-based degreaser and make sure that it's totally dry before installing.

You can use compressed air to dry the filter faster. Once the new filter is in place, put the filter cap back on and then tighten.

4. At this stage, all the oil are drained. Clean the drain bolt and screw back in. Pour the new oil using the funnel and be sure to measure according to the manufacturer's manual.

Some 4-stroke models may have two drain bolts because they have two oil compartments, one for engine oil, and the other for transmission oil. You need to change them both according to the manufacturer’s manual.

When you do an oil change, it’s also the best time to check your off-road vehicle for damaged parts that need to be replaced.

2-Stroke Engine Oil Change

For a 2-stroke ATV engine, you're just changing the transmission oil. You have to drain and fill the transmission oil much like you would the engine oil on a 4-stroke engine.

What Type of Brake Fluid Is Needed for Tao Tao 150cc ATV

The Tao Tao 150cc ATV uses DOT3 brake fluid. It’s a glycol-based brake fluid with a low boiling point.  In normal operation, brake fluid is a liquid and can’t be compressed, so the brake pads and shoes can be properly aligned and applied.

But under hard driving, the high temperatures created by the friction of the brake pad on the disc can cause the brake fluid to boil, and it starts turning into a gas.

This means it’s compressible and braking will feel spongy.  The brake’s effectiveness will be reduced and may fail. This reverses once the brake fluid cools. DOT3 brake fluid wet boiling point is 140C or 284F.

2-Stroke Engine Oil Change

For a 2-stroke ATV engine, you're just changing the transmission oil. You just have to drain and fill the transmission oil much like you would the engine oil on a 4-stroke engine.

What Type of Brake Fluid Is Needed for Tao Tao 150cc ATV

The Tao Tao 150cc ATV uses DOT3 brake fluid. It’s a glycol-based brake fluid with a low boiling point.  In normal operation, brake fluid is a liquid and can’t be compressed, so the brake pads and shoes can be properly aligned and applied.

But under hard driving, the high temperatures created by the friction of the brake pad on the disc can cause the brake fluid to boil and it starts turning into a gas.

This means it’s compressible and braking will feel spongy.  The brake’s effectiveness will be reduced and may fail. This reverses once the brake fluid cools. DOT3 brake fluid wet boiling point is 140C or 284F.

Final Thoughts on The Best TaoTao ATV 

No matter which ATV you choose to buy, you will not be disappointed. They are some of the best built machines on the market. I have enjoyed every minute I have used mine over the years. So will you, once you have tried a TaoTao ATV you won’t want to use any other ATV. Hope this Tao Tao ATV reviews article help you to choose. You can also cheek Tao Tao ATK – 125A for full review.

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