SWAGTRON Swagger Adult Electric Scooter

The high speed swagger electric scooter for adults is uniquely and strongly designed and constructed for adults whose weights are under 250 lbs.

Swagger is one of the lightest scooters in the market weighing merely 17 lbs. When I first bought it, I doubted if the size will be perfect for me because at a glance, it appears too small.

SWAGTRON Swagger Adult Electric Scooter

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All my doubts were cleared the moment I stepped on it and currently, it is my favorite scooter. I can maneuver with it around the neighborhoods, on the streets and even in the parks. I even use it when I need to run a quick errand like going to purchase sugar. In a nutshell, it has changed my life totally; it is both a source of entertainment as well as the mode of transport for me.

Do not shy away from the scooter just because you have never laid a hand on a scooter before hence does not understand anything about it. Riding a scooter is pretty simple, as a matter of fact; I was amazed by how fast I was able to learn to cruise!

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I did not even use the manual to get started. After receiving my order, I just connected the handlebars and kickstand and everything was set. The scooter has an amazing LED headlight fixed to the handle posts, it is bright enough and there is no need of other accessories once you have the headlight.

To make riding simple for you, all the controls are placed on the handlebar that you can easily reach while riding. These include hand-brake, throttle and a display. The three buttons are also included on the handlebar that are used to change the gears.

We have the power button, up button and down button. The display will show you all the adjustments on your scooter: current speed, the current gear, battery level, odometer, rotation speed, travelling time and many more indicators.

Features of the SWAGTRON Swagger Adult Electric Scooter

  • Weight: the scooter is ultra-light and weighs just 17 lbs. This eases the process of transportation and storage. The scooter has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Speed: Swagger Adult Electric Scooter is one of the speediest scooters in the market. It has a maximum speed of 15 MPH. The speed enables you to reach your destination faster, hence saving time. The speed depends on the terrain on which the scooter is being driven on.
  • Battery: the scooter comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery together with a charger rated power of 32W. The battery takes just one hour thirty minutes to be fully charged.
  • Plane compatibility: the scooter is in compliance with TSA for plane travel with a 98.42Wh battery.
  • Run time: the battery life on a single charge can last up to 15 miles.
  • Display: this updates the rider on the current mode the scooter is operating on: current speed, the current gear, battery level, odometer, rotation speed, travelling time and many more indicators.
  • Frame: the frame of the scooter is made of the strong, durable and ultra-lightweight carbon fiber.
  • Hand grips: the handlebars are foldable for easy transportation and storage. They can also be removed whenever convenient.
  • Rider suitability: the scooter can be ridden by all adults whose height ranges between 4’3”-6’6” and whose weights do not exceed 250 lbs.


  • You can easily overcome low inclines due to the powerful nature of the motor.
  • It has well designed wheels for pneumatic wheels to offer smooth riding.
  • The deck has a sandpaper texture to avoid foot slippery while riding.
  • The scooter is well balanced hence providing safety and stability for the rider.
  • The scooter is easy and quickly foldable to make the transportation and storage process easier.
  • It is magnificently designed hence pleasant to look at.
  • The scooter is super-lightweight; weighs only 17 lbs.
  • The swagger is TSA compliant, hence you can easily travel with it in planes.

Questions and Answers

Q: how long can the battery last after a single charge?
The battery can serve you up to 15 miles based on the speed of the scooter, tricks, LED headlights and the terrain on which you are driving on. The battery only takes 1.5hrs to be fully charged.

Q: how many gears do the scooter has?
The scooter comes with 5 gears. Gear 1 has a maximum speed of 5 MPH, gear 2 has a maximum speed of 7.5 MPH, gear 3 goes up to a speed of 10 MPH, 12.5 MPH for gear 4 while gear 5 has a maximum speed of 15 MPH.


Swagger Adult Electric Scooter is one of the most beautiful scooters I have ever come across. It has a beautiful design with no hanging wires as in the case of some scooters. When you are tired of riding or when the power runs low, you can easily fold it and carry it effortlessly with your hands.

The scooter is made of carbon fiber, hence it is ultra-lightweight; 17 lbs. Another reason why you should consider purchasing this scooter is that it is TSA compliant!

Janice Friedman

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