Razor E300 Electric 24 Volt Motorized Scooter

Razor E300 is a super-sized deck, framed properly to facilitate effective and efficient ride for users of 12 years and above. This motorized electric scooter is featured with numerous amazing abilities. It rides up to a maximum speed of 15 mph.

E300 scooter developers were particularly intense on quality and high performance. The chain-driven motor incorporated in this scooter is of admirable superiority. It produces little or no sound at all as it rides.

Razor E300 Electric 24 Volt Motorized Scooter

In addition, the super-quiet motor guarantees a smooth ride that commences and progresses beautifully. Learning how to ride on E300 has never been hard for many children. The motorized scooter contains twist-grip throttle that offers a variation on speed acceleration.

It is also featured with a special place where repairing tools are kept. Besides, it also contains an electric charging system and a separate charging device. It is always essential for clients to understand the right ways of operating and handling scooter.

No matter how stable and durable an equipment might be, if not properly handle, it might not last for the desired time. There are several guidelines and precautions provided on how to use E300 scooter. Make sure you’ve gone through the entire manual, and that you’re properly acquainted with the basics on how to use and operate the scooter.

For instance, you should essentially understand that the minimum charging time is 12hours, but should be done till the 24th hour. If charging is done just shoddily, it will possibly deteriorate the durability of the battery.

Features Of This Razor E300 Electric 24 Volt Motorized Scooter

  • The E300 electric scooter is blue in color. However, other scooters of the same model have been designed in different colors and appearances.
  • E300 has the following dimensions; 20 x 8.75 x 43.25 inches.
  • Moreover, the scooter has a moderate and a tolerable weight. It was designed this way to ensure easy, swift and effective movement. It has a display weight of 23 pounds and shipping weight of around 54 pounds.
  • It was created in 2014.
  • It is the fastest electric scooter, and can run for up to the speed of 15mph.
  • Charging time of between 12 to 24 hours.
  • After it has been charged, the scooter can run for up to 40 hours continuously.
  • It has a super-quiet chain driven motor.
  • It has a twist-grip throttle that facilitates easy movements and quick accelerations.

Advantages of using This electric 24 volt motorized Scooter

  • Due to its fast ability to accelerate and to move quickly, E300 the most advocated.
  • It can serve for a long time after it has been charged. It works for more than 40 hours.
  • Typically, the entire process of charging takes very little time. It only requires a maximum of 24 hours, before the battery gets fully charged. Sometimes, users are also allowed to recharge the battery for only 12hours, if they urgently need to put it into use.
  • Although the description explains that the product is basically meant for small children, it has proven to be strong enough to support adults also. We’ve seen big and hefty men, even in their late 50s, riding on a scooter.
  • Unlike other scooters, or even other transport devices, the scooter has an amazing feature. It barely produces noise. It is incorporated with a unique position motor chain that fits properly to the entire motor system. This ensures that the scooter is as silent as possible, even at its highest speed.
  • It is particularly easy to learn how to ride on E300. It only contains a simple twist grip throttle that allows learners to quickly master the basics of driving it.

Questions and Answers

Q. When I purchased scooter, will I receive the whole package along with its charger? Or do I have to purchase the charger separately?
. The charger is included.

Q. Can I ride the scooter on any surface, including the sandy and muddy surfaces?
. The scooter works perfectly on grass. I have seen people riding it on lawns as well. However, the scooter can run efficiently on sandy and muddy surfaces. Just ensure that the surface is well compacted, if you’re to achieve better performance.

Q. What is the difference between E325 and E300 scooter? I need to buy any of them, and I only wish to pick the best.
. E325 has a seat, whereas E300 doesn’t have. Picking the best largely depends on whether your child loves seating or not. Mostly, I have seen children prefer the one without a seat.


E300 scooter is among the best scooters presented in the market. Its ability to move at high speed makes it unique amid all the other scooters. Apart from that, it is a lifelong equipment that lasts for considerably extended periods. Although most people presumably think scooters are meant for children, older people are also allowed to enjoy riding on scooters. E300 is strong enough to facilitate easy and quick movements on short distances.

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