Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter

Surprise your audacious toddler with Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter which only requires simple assembly with the provided tools. You must have noticed how your young toddler envies his older siblings cruising around and just wishing that he could do the same. Put a smile on your toddler’s face by presenting to them with this scooter, which they can call their own!

You will not only make him or her feel worthwhile but you will also enjoy watching your young kid moving around enthusiastically.​

Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter

This scooter is equipped with first-class features which ensure that the toddler enjoys the fun and at the same time assures the safety of your precious little one, which makes it one of the best scooters for 3 years old.

The scooter is designed in such a way that it has a self-standing posture which provides a more stable ride. Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter is fitted with two rear wheels and one front wheel to enhance the sturdiness of the scooter as well as stable ride.

The deck is made of anti-slippery material that ensures that the two little feet are firmly gripped onto the deck while cruising. Razor put into consideration the physical and intellectual ability of the recommended user; hence they designed and constructed the scooter in such a way that it only takes the toddler a few kicks to get acquainted to cruising.

The scooter is a great way of your kid to maneuver around the neighborhood and sidewalk. Your child will enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride on this Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter. It has a padded handle bar to protect the fingers of the user from developing blisters. For durability and safety, the scooter is made of a welded steel frame.

You can further enhance the safety of your toddler by ensuring that he or she puts on protective accessories while riding to ensure maximum protection. These include helmet, knee pad and elbow pad.

Features of This Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter

  • Lightweight: the scooter only weighs less than 5 pounds. The light weight allows the parents or kids to easily carry the scooter whenever convenient.
  • Removable handlebar: the scooter comes with handlebars that can be quickly and easily folded to simplify the transportation and storage process. The handlebars are also padded to make the rider comfortable and protect his delicate little fingers from developing sores.
  • Capacity: Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter has a weight of less than 5pounds with a shipping weight of 6.2pounds. The weight limit of the scooter is 45 pounds.
  • Three wheels: the scooter is made of the solid polyurethane wheels that offers a smooth ride and at the same time ensures stability and safety of the rider.
  • Suitability: the scooter is designed and built exceptionally for kindergarten kids whose age is over 3 years. The scooter is recommended for beginning riders.
  • Measurements: the size of the scooter is 19” X 5.25” X 9”.
  • Steel frame: the scooter is welded with the strong steel to ensure safety and sturdiness of the scooter. The steel also minimizes maintenance costs of the junior scooter.


  • The simple to use brakes enables the rider to stop over effectively without falling off and on.
  • The scooter has smooth wheels that can be ridden over most surfaces on the neighborhood.
  • Built of strong aluminum to last for longer duration of time. Its high grade aluminum steel is also helpful in reducing maintenance cost.
  • It has smooth, solid bearings to keep the rider stable and safe while enjoying the ride.
  • The scooter is easy to ride, will only take your toddler a few times to learn different techniques and be a pro in cruising.
  • Its “lean to steer” design helps in teaching kids, two major aspects: balance and coordination.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can my 2 year old daughter use the scooter?
the recommended age is three years and above. However, it all depends on the child’s ability. I have a son who is two years old and enjoys riding the scooter.

Q: Does the scooter folds?
Unfortunately no, but the handlebars can be easily removed for easy transportation or storage.

Q: Do you need to assemble the scooter or it comes when completely assembled?
The scooter comes when it is almost put together. You only need to do some little assembly such as attaching handlebars using the tools provided.


The scooter not only keeps your youngster physically fit, but it is also important in developing his intellectual skills when learning about different techniques and tricks of cruising. The “lean to steer” makes cruising fun for your kids and also help them develop their balance, coordination and motor skills.

If you are out to shop something unique and efficient for your toddler, then Razor Junior Lil Kick Scooter should be among your priority list. It is exceptionally designed to help kids of over 3 years old to practice cruising techniques.

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