Vokul VK3 Y-bar Splendid Scooter | Review with Features Explained

Currently, scooter riding has become a popular and daunted game to play among kids and even in adults. However, for you to enjoy the ride the way you like it, you need to choose a high quality scooter which is durable, flexible and comfortable. This is what Vokul VK3 Y-bar scooter offers you.

It is sold at a reasonable cost taking into account its high quality amazing features.

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It is an extra tough stunt scooter as it is made of the 6061 aviation high grade aluminum alloy which makes the scooter strong, durable and safe to ride. It can surpass any hindrances during skate park or street riding. The aluminum is made stronger by heat treatment.

Vokul VK3 Y-bar stunt scooter is fixed with a high grade urethane wheel which is smooth, shock absorbent and have high rebounding efficiency. The urethane wheels enable smooth riding and also advances balancing and speed of the scooter. The scooter is uniquely designed for beginners and intermediate riders.

The deck is made of aluminum alloy together with heat treated forged plates to offer maximum durability and safety while riding. Another outstanding quality that cannot go unmentioned is the Y-bar which is made of carbon steel which is further reinforced by three bolt clamp to improve the stability and safety of the rider.

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There are no specific skills needed to ride Vokul VK3 Y-bar Splendid Scooter; once you know the basics of riding, you are good to go. Furthermore, the scooter is complete and can be ridden both in the park as well as maneuver with it in the streets.

Not much assembly is needed, after your order has been delivered, just unpack it and ride it straight to the competition. It weighs as little as 8.4 lbs hence can be easily lifted. It is also designed for high speed and efficiency.

Features Of This Vokul VK3 Y bar Splendid Scooter

  • Capacity: the scooter weighs 8.4 lbs and can have a weight capacity of 140lbs.
  • Frame: it is made of the 6061-T6 aviation high grade aluminum alloy which explains its excellent strength, durability and low maintenance cost.
  • Deck: apart from being made from the high grade aluminum, the forged plates that adjoin the main frame are heat treated to further boost the stability and safety. The deck measures 20” X 4”. The deck is made rough in order to ensure safety of the rider due to solid grip.
  • Urethane wheels: urethane is a strong material that most manufacturers prefer due to its unique qualities; anti-abrasive, shock absorbing and high rebounding PU. All these are aimed at accelerating the riding performance of the scooter. Each wheel measures 100mm.
  • Hand bar: the hand bar measure 18” and is smooth and firm enough to enable the rider enjoy the fun. The grips are firmly put in place to absorb shock.
  • Bearings: the urethane wheels are fixed with ABEC 5 bearings for increased speed of the scooter.
  • The scooter is super-fast and at the same time uniquely designed to ensure the safety of the rider.
  • The standard width of the bars from one another to accommodate riders of various sizes.
  • The deck is extremely light to allow the user to do any trick required
  • Great for kids who love doing tricks such as jump and spin
  • Sells at a pocket friendly price; as a matter of fact the price of the scooter is almost the same as buying a wheel and a fork differently!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight of the scooter and how big are the wheels?
Vokul VK3 Y-bar stunt scooter weighs 8.4 lbs with maximum weight rate of140 lbs. It has both rear and front wheel, each measuring 100mm.

Q: I am 13 year old girl and 5’7 tall; can this scooter be suitable for me?
Yes, it will be ideal for you as I have a granddaughter of the same age and she is 5’9 who does all the tricks imaginable with the scooter

Q: I am a beginner who wants to practice my riding tricks; can this scooter be impeccable for me?
Yes, the scooter is especially designed for beginning riders though those in intermediate level can still ride it.

Q: Is the scooter of high quality and will it last for long?
The scooter is absolutely strong as it is made of high grade aluminum alloy, hence, built to last. The scooter is of high quality both physically and internally.

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Vokul VK3 Y-bar stunt scooter is an all- round outstanding scooter, especially designed for beginners but also can be used by intermediate riders. It has a perfectly designed deck that will surely make you want to try it out. Make your order now and start enjoying the fun.

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