Fuzion Z300 fully assembled Scooter

If you are a fan of style, beauty and efficiency, then definitely Z300 scooter should be on your priority list. At a first glance, you will be petrified with the magnificent look of the scooter. The blue color blends well with black, not forgetting the striking brightness of the wheel.

The graphic of the grip tape is completely unique and pleasant. The deck is exceptionally decorated with beautiful graphic stickers. The headsets together with the bearings are a unique combination and are smooth and subtle touch. In other words, Z300 creates a magnifying first impression.

Fuzion Z300 Performance

So what about the Fuzion z300 performance? It is an intermediate between the Z400 and the intro Z250. It is an all-round complete scooter that accommodates kids of all ages. It is the mid-level pro stunt scooter that most riders have been yearning for. It caters for those who cannot ride Z400 effectively while at the same time too old for Z250.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

The outstanding feature about the Z300 is the Dog-Bone deck which simply looks amazing. Though the design was first introduced in the Z400, Z300 has unique modification. The deck is light and at the same time tough enough to allow for smooth riding.

There are no specific skills needed to ride Z300 scooter; once you know the basics of riding, you are good to go. Furthermore, the scooter is complete and can be ridden both in the park as well as maneuver with it in the streets.

Fuzion Pro Scooter Complete

Not much assembly is needed, after your order has been delivered, just unpack it and ride it straight to the competition. It weighs as little as 8 pounds hence can be easily lifted. It is also designed for high speed and efficiency. It is also strong enough to withstand any street obstacles as well as skate riding challenges.

Features of This Fuzion Z300 fully assembled Scooter

  • Aluminum deck and neck: Z300 scooter is made of the TG 700 aluminum to make it strong and durable.
  • Dog-bone deck: this is especially designed to make the scooter much more flexible as well as unique. Ensures for even distribution of force as well.
  • Wheels: made of the front and rear wheels measuring 110mm. The wheels have 9 bearings and are made of aluminum to last for long.
  • Brake: Z300 has a flexible brake system to ensure safety
  • Headset: the scooter has a sealed headset bearing for the safety of the rider.
  • HIC: Z300 comes complete with Hidden Internal Compression system
  • Age: it can be ridden by kids of over eight years old.
  • Weight: the scooter weighs 8 pounds and can support kids with weights of up to 220 lbs.


  • Great for kids who love doing tricks such as jump and spin
  • Sells at a pocket friendly price; as a matter of fact the price of the scooter is almost the same as buying a wheel and a fork differently!
  • Can be used in climbing ramps
  • Built of strong aluminum to last for longer duration of time.
  • The scooter is lightweight and robust
  • The neck tube is internally reinforced for strength and durability
  • Have highly flexible brakes
  • The scooter magnificently blended colors to create the first impression
  • It has smooth, solid bearings and headset
  • It is an all- round scooter that is suitable for both park and street riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the scooter be used in skate parks?
it is much possible; my kids used it perfectly well during the Christmas over the skate parks.

Q: Does Z300 have raddling brakes?
No, it uses the flex breaks instead of dial hence does not rattle.

Q: what is the maximum weight the scooter can carry?
the scooter weighs 7.9 lbs and can withstand a maximum weight of 220 lbs

Q: Can Z300 run pegs?
Yes, the scooter is uniquely designed to run most pegs of different sizes

Q: what is the standard age of riding the scooter?
the recommended age is eight years and above. However, it all depends on the child’s ability. I have a son who is six years old and enjoys riding the scooter

Q: Is it ok to ride Z300 on the street?
yes, the scooter is perfectly designed to be ridden both in skate parks and on the street. It is strong enough to withstand any street obstacles.

Q: what are the dimensions of the scooter?
the scooter measures 26.77”X 30.71” X 4.25”

Wrapping It Up All

The scooter is an excellent investment for both a beginner and intermediate rider who want to learn and practice different skills. It has a perfectly designed deck that will surely make you want to try it out.

The hidden internal compression system is very easy to use hence do not require many skills. If you are out to shop something unique and efficient for your kids, then Z300 should be among your priority list.

Fuzion Scooter Complete
Janice Friedman

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