Best Dirt Bike Reviews in 2018 
| Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Tugs your soul, doesn't it? You want it so badly that when you see the likes of Ryan Villopoto and James Stewart Jr, all you need is the best dirt bike. Wait a minute, choosing a dirt bike is not like going to a store and choosing a bicycle.

There is a lot. If you are a beginner there is more to it. A dirt bike is not like any purchase that you buy on e-commerce sites and return. That is why you need to have in-depth information about the type of dirt bike you are going to buy.

The good news.

I have solved that problem for you. Here is a 3000+ dirt bike reviews that will guide and help you draw your own conclusion on the kind of dirt bike to buy.

Dirt Bike Reviews in 2018 Compared

Best Dirt Bike Reviews By An Expert

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

When you use Razor bike, you won't miss something to say. Even if it is the most boring bike, there is always that one little something that separate if from all other bikes in the market. First, I would be lying to you saying that it is designed for kids between the ages of 12 to 13 years

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

For that age, the bike is a little bit small and if you have tall son or daughter, you may feel like you have thrown your investment.

In addition to that, Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket weight may not balance with that of the bike and they are likely to outgrow it. With short remarks, this bike is perfect for those parents who have kids that are between the ages 6 to 9 years. Their weight and height will balance perfect with them.

Quick interesting features note


The weight of this bike is 140 pounds. If you have kids that weigh less than 100 pounds, then this is the bike for them.

Assembly time

It will take you 30 minutes to put up the whole bike together. It comes with assembling material such as: open wrench, screwdriver, spoke tightener and two Allen wrench. The things that you do include: tightening screws and bolts and troubleshooting to find out if all parts work together.

Motor and chain drive.

It delivers high-torque of 350-watt on an electric motor.

Single-speed controller.

The single-speed controller makes it easy for the rider to turn the bike on or off. The highest speed it can go is 12 to 14 miles per hour.


No suspension. The beauty of having a suspender is for shock absorbers. Unfortunately the dirt bike does not have a rear or front suspension.

2. Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

It is among the largest bike that Razor Company makes. Perfect suited for kids between 13 years to 16 years. The weight of the bike can comfortably support the child's weight and height. For teenagers who are 17 years they may feel like they have outgrown this bike.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

That is true and it happened to my eldest son. I made a mistake of buying this bike when he was 17 years old.

Quick interesting features to note

Top speed

The MX650 dirt bike is capable of running for 17 miles per hour, with a variable speed electric motor and chain drive.

Dual suspension

It has shock absorbers. It has a solid frame equipped with suspenders making it easier to control the bike on bumpy terrains.


The bike tires provide better grip on grass than on the pavement.

3. Tao Tao Dirt bike DB10

It is a fun bike to ride. It will keep you kids busy and entertained in the summer months. Tao Tao dirt bike made to our list, because its design and capability are clear demonstration on the value of your money. You will love the break system that comes with this bike. It is geared to perform best and facilitate instant stops.

Tao Tao Dirt bike DB10

If you have kids who are a little bits rough, the hydraulic brake system may help them avoid some basic problem.

Quick interesting features to note

Hydraulic brake system

It is something that most dirt bike for kids lack. The system delivers immediate stopping power to maximize your safety. It makes your kid have better control of bike and avoid accidents.

10-inch all terrain tires

Although its tires are small, they are powerful and deserve a say. The tires provide a lower center of gravity that helps the rider have better stability and control of the bike, ensuring premium safety.

Fuel capacity

It is one of the dirt bike that is easy and cheaper to maintain. It has a fuel capacity of 4 liters, that is enough to last your kid for one hour drive.

It also won't eat most of your electric bills that you would experience with other electric bike.

Premium construction and design

Powering through the tough terrain won't be an issue or something to give a second thought. That is because, this bike has a one-cylinder engines that guarantee your kid perfect performance in those conditions.

It is durable and fully automated system that will instill your kids confidence and better his performance and experience.


This dirt bike is a little bit smaller.

4. Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket

Want your kids to have the passion like McGrath a sport champion, then seduces them with Razor McGrath Dirt Rocket bike.

They will enjoy the ride I promise. The Razor SX500 McGrath dirt bike has interesting features-from the design and its premium performance.

Razor SX500 McGrath Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Quick interesting features to note

Variable speed motor

The variable speed motor makes this bike deliver super performance casual riders like kids. It has premium large tires that delivers smooth and comfortable ride to the rider.

Wheels capacity

It has large wheels that are equipped for maximum power transfer to ensure steep dirt hills. This extra addition is something your son or daughter will love.

Dual suspension

It is an additional safety net for your kids to feel comfortable when riding on bumpy or rough terrain with holes. The dual suspension makes it easier for your kids to enjoy the rides without the worry of feeling pain anytime they pass through a bump.


The Razor SX500 McGrath dirt bike is can run for 15mph. That speed can be achieved with a 48 minutes’ drive without the need of another charge in-between. It is a perfect for kids who want to enjoy an hour of drive.


The front end of this bike is made of plastic. That means, it can break easily, if not handled or maintained with care. Overall, it a nice bike for any kids who wants to learn more about dirt riding.

5. Apollo AGB-36 250Dcc Dirt Bike

You may not like the Apollo dirt bike because it is from China. But if you remember well, 20 decades ago, Japanese product entering the US and UK market used to receive bad publicity.

Until recently they have become the dominant in the market. I told you the story to make a point.

APOLLO 5 Speed Clutch 250cc Dirt Bike

All you need is to give the Apollo AGB-36 250 Dcc dirt bike a second look. The Apollo dirt bike is meant for that beginner boy or girl who wants to learn more about dirt bike riding.

Quick interesting features to note

Big gas tank

It has a big gas tank at that price. It won't surprise you to find most dirt bike with these features quit expensive in the market.


The tires have been designed to offer that beginning rider better grip for traction even in tough terrain.


It weighs 210lbs, better weight if you have that teenager daughter or girl ready to face dirt bike racing. It flies a like rocket.


Compared to high-end bikes that have these features, the Apollo dirt bike is a great bargain. You can't break the bank when you get your kids this bike.


This product is from China. And most people won’t like it because of that. But as I have said, it is better to give it a second a look.

6. Rocket Dirt Bike AGB-21

Like the previous one, this is a starter bike. It comes with a favorable price tag on it.

If you want your kids to have a test of the dirt racing, then this is the bike. It doesn't have sophisticated features like others bike.

Roketa Dirt Bike

In fact, it is simple to operate and easy for a beginner to learn more about dirt biking.

Quick interesting features note

Top speed

The top speed is 45 mph that is better speed than some of the bike that I have reviewed here. Great for the beginner to get their feet wet in the race.


What strikes my ego is the immense acceleration the bike has. For instance, the bike has front and rear brakes.

Designed for beginners

The bike offers a balance 0f a smooth ride and torque. You can easily make sharp turns even on a rough terrain without slipping.


There is little information about this bike, when you will know how powerful it is.

Best Dirt Bike Buying Guide

Like most riders, it is tempting to think that you want nothing but the best dirt bike on the market. The truth is, if you are a beginner you need to learn and bike that has less horsepower is better for you.

Here are some tips that will assist you in the buying of dirt bike:


Dirt bikes are expensive. You need to have a budget in mind. Make your budget according to the level of experience and skills that you have.

If this is your first bike, then you don't need an expensive one. You need to have some learning experience and anything not breaking the bank will fit for you.

Second, if you are a veteran or regular rider or participate in motocross. Then something with more horsepower is perfect for you.

The type of ride

What is the purpose of your ride? Are you using the bike for motocross race bike or trail ride? Bikes are created for different races and each has unique gear ratio.

For instance, a race bike will have a less performance, if you are going to do a single-track riding. You will not enjoy the ride. In fact, you will feel frustrated with your bike. The type of ride is influenced by top speed and gear ratios.

Here is a short summary of the types of rides

Track bikes have low gears because top speed won't is not a consideration. When you are riding these bikes, you rarely use top two gears.

The advantage of lower gears in a track is that it helps the rider build speed and have power to cut corners or do that big double jump.

Trail and dual sport bike have lower gears too but not like track bikes. The purpose of these gears is to enable the ride have throttle control and less riding while at the same time have the best top speed.

Two-stroke vs four stroke

The choice between the two depends on maintenance and dependability. Two-stroke bikes are making a comeback and that is because, most riders have seen the benefit attached to them.

The only disadvantage of the two stroke bike is that they are louder and smellier. The good news is, two-stroke bike are easy to maintain.

Four-stroke bikes a better for beginners and casual riders. They have a longer life span and they have a good torque.

With all that advantage, they are bit expensive to maintain. They are a headache when you try to do a top-end rebuild.

How Well Can You Repair The Bike?

Dirt Bike Repair

It is easy to jump to an expensive bike when you lack the skills to repair it. Let's face it, maintenance of cost of a power sport are pretty high.

If you don't have any mechanical skills on how you can repair in the event something happens. You can be footing a lot of cash just do get a mechanic to do a simple repair that you could have done by yourself.

Skill level

Where are you are at in the bike riding? Are you a casual rider, a beginner or advanced person.

You don't have to choose a power sport bike if you are casual rider. If you have any doubt about the skill level you have it best to go down a little bit and choose a bike that is a no-brainer to operate.

How To Be Safe On A Dirt Bike?

Dirt Bike Safety

Riding is fun. It is a thrilling adventure one that cannot be compared to cars or flying a chopper. When speeding along the highway, it nice to have a feeling of adrenaline.

But with these excitements, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind and that is safety. Your safety is paramount. You cannot compare the damage you will get when you have a motorcycle accident.

Here are safety tips that can shield you from such dangers:

Wear a helmet

They are four types of helmet created for bike riders. You can opt for a full-face helmets or open face helmet. Choose a helmet that gives you a snug fit on your head. I much prefer to wear full face helmet because of the superior protection and comfort that it gives.

Adult Off-road Helmet

Worthy every penny you have. It is a combo pack that includes all the safety gears that you need so that you never spend an extra dollar. It comes with gloves, helmet and goggles, all which have superior features for premium performance..

Wear safety gears

You need a gloves, shoulder chest pads, knee chest pads. Wear goggle if your helmet doesn't come with an eye protection helmet. You must dress for accident because anything that happens to you outside there, it will be as a result of ignorance.

Understand the manual

You need to know every bit of it. That means reading it from cover to cover. You will understand the operation, the don's and don'ts. The manufacturer wrote this to keep you safe.

Take safety course

It is something that most people ignore it. If you have been riding the dirt bike for long, you may think that you have it all. The truth taking the safety course will up your game or skills in dirt bike raiding. You will learn more about proper bike handling, steering, stopping, repairing and maintenance.

Don't break the law

Ride your bike, in a safe place permitted by the authority. Dirt bikes are not meant to be used on the street, road or highway, unless you are crossing.

Have the size that fits you

Never buy that a bike size that you can't control. Having a bike that is too large may impede your control.

Check or inspect the bike before riding

You need to know the condition or the state of your bike. Does it have enough oil? Are the breaks working properly? Are the tires inflated? Nothing hurts like going for a ride with a bike that is in poor condition.

No one ever regretted to be in control of the bike at all the time. By that I mean, ride in the terrains that you manage. Never ride in places that are too risk and you can't control your bike. To be specific avoid mud, standing water, snow, rain or steep hills if you can't or lack experience riding in this situation.

Dirt Bike Riding Tips

It is not that simple. You need to be a master of skills. You need to dedicate time and skill for you to learn how to ride a dirt bike. The experience you get can't be compared to riding a car or any two-wheeled bicycle.

If you are not a professional biker or if you have little experience and you are just learning how....It is easy to get discourage if you can't grasp everything within the first six months.

What you have to know is that even the pros struggle with the basic techniques and tricks. But once thing for sure is that you can't get wrong by struggling.

Riding on a dirt bike becomes easy if you know how to ride. If you know how to grasp the raw power. Here is the foundation that you need to cement before you know other skills.

Body position

You won't be sitting on your bike most of the time. For that reason, knowing when to stand or sitting are vital skills. They are both a science and an art.

In a sitting position, you have less power to do most of the techniques, because you won't even race effectively.

The body position incorporates a whole hell of activities that need to be mastered- from the hands, knees, foot, the arm, the back position and even fingers. As a beginner you have to get this basic tattooed on your brain

Never lean straight or back, always position your hand on the handlebars in a crouching stance. This does the following:

  • Provide the right balance of grip for your knees for better control.
  • Helps you determine the best foot pegs for your size and comfort.
  • Leaning forward, keeps your arms and elbow away from the body.


Dirt bike is not like car where you will need a clutch for down shifting. This is what most riders do to slow down.

Never worry about your brake pads. You use it when you want to get a better understanding of the flow of the run.

Brake usage

At time it is tempting to hear the rear wheel starting to kick and the first thing that comes to your mind is to grab the brakes.

In a situation like this, all you need is to drag the breaks, which prevents the suspension from bouncing that can lead to lose of control.

Your foot: How and when do you use it?

It takes a bit of time to learn how to lower your foot. It is something that doesn't come naturally for the first timers.

When you are about to take a turn or corner, you must lower your foot. Doing that helps you balance weight distribution on your bike.

It doesn't come that easily, if you are new to this skill, you need to start putting your leg straight and point your toes up away from the surrounding surface.

If you are a beginner, at one time your foot can get caught up on the sand or mud. It happens with every bigger out there.

Keeping your eyes up

It is common to sweat and feel tired after 2 hours of racing. Even under tight circumstances, it is vital to keep your eyes up.

Never look down. Looking down will make you tired and you will find it difficult to deal with terrain or even continue with the race.

In fact, most cycling and motocross races, when you look down, you start losing track. You drag yourself until you are at the bottom of the line.

It looks like there is something that your eyes do to your energy when you look down. All your energy dries up and you become weak in the race.

If you are just getting started in motocross races, these is a problem that you will need to manage, otherwise it will manage you.

Manage and control speed

Speed is not a priority when it comes to motocross races, but you do have to manage it and maintain a balance.

Too much speed increases the risk of injury or accident. A good rule of thumb followed by most riders is to keep your throttle in check.

You need to manage your speed on steep and downhill train. Always be on the lookout on what is ahead before you decide to increase the speed.

It won't surprise you that you are speeding on downhill only to find you out that you are supposed to take a surprise corner.


Riding is something that you can't get bad at by practicing. Every time you practice, the techniques and skills become natural to you.

If you want to be a serious biker, then you need to practice every day. It won't surprise you that what you were able to do last week naturally, you've forgotten.

In dirt biking riding, repetition becomes the mother of skills. I know it takes time to be a pro, but if you have a love for the race, practice become an essential ingredient to the mastery of the skills.

At the end of the day no one got better by bailing out. Take practice exercise as chance to build up on your skills.

Facts About Motocross And Dirt Bike Racing

Before you read the fact, it is best to understand the word motocross in a green light. Motocross is an off road motorcycle racing that has its route from the UK in the early parts of 20th century.

The races were held to choose winners who had different riding skills and those who won the races were considered the fastest drivers. The urge and appetite for motocross soon spread to Europe and then America.

5 years later Motocross became a sport that is famous and loved by most people around the world. I hope that brief history has helped you learn about this awesome sport.

Now let us look at some of interesting facts since the 20th century.

  • Motocross events or competitions are held in natural arena that has a rural setting and has full of obstacles such as jumps, inclines and other obstructions.
  • Motocross tracks range from 0.5 to 2 miles in length. And the events usually take place in a large piece of land.
  • Dirt bike used on motocross don’t have license, for that matter you must never use it on the roads or highway.
  • Dirt bikes are powered by two engines. It can either be two-stroke or four stroke engines with a smaller two-stroke engines which has better combination of oil and gas engines. On the other hand four-stroke reuses oil that is why it economical for the rider.
  • Dirt bikes have less engine size. It is less than 500cc that is because these bikes are built to provide the user with agility and lightweight for maneuverability.
  • There is a close relationship between motocross and super cross. Super cross borrows the name motocross and it is mostly associated with Americans. That is where the name originated.
  • 30 or 40 racers participate in motocross races. It takes skills for a winner to emerge.
  • Dirt bikes are designed to have a stiffer suspension so that riders can execute jumps and other obstacles in races.
  • Dirty bikes have knobby tires to provide superior traction on both soft and high ground that assist in navigation.

Wrapping It All Up

Buying the best dirt bike on the market is not that tough. What is tough is learning how to use the dirt bike.

Motocross or supercross is dangerous sport; it is more of a mental energy. I hope by now you have in informed decision on what kind of dirt bike you are going to choose.

You now know the factors, you have read about different dirt bike on the market. You have also noticed the difference features that each bike, has.

In this post you found all positive dirt bike reviews with satisfied customers. But like any product, I have also outlined the cons that they have.


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