Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart | White and Pink

When I was a child we never even dreamed of having pedal cart that were this stylish. We were happy that our pedal go kart had four wheels and could be propelled forward.

I love that we can still buy our children riding toys that allow them to get plenty of physical exercise, and allow them to look stylish while they play.

Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

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Children feel that it is very important to look like the other children, dress like the other children, and have possessions similar to the ones the other children have. Little girls see go carts being ridden and they want to ride them too. With this Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart your little girl can have a riding vehicle as tough as the ones the older kids have, but that looks delicate.

Things I Love about this Berg Buddy Pedal Go Kart

You simply have to fall in love with a pink and white go kart. It is bright, and looks sporty, and it will cause little girls to squeal with delight. I also found several other features that will cause parents to be impressed with this little pink rider.

The Color Combination

Hot pink and white are colors that will thrill almost every little girl between the ages of three and thirty three. A lot of people do not think that go karts and riding toys like these are designed for girls, but little girls love to ride these toys. Little girls are every bit as rough and tumble as little boys are. Little girls simply like to look cute while they are playing. A pink and white riding toy will allow them to look feminine, but play tough.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

We all know that kids are going to grow taller. Sometimes they grow several inches in just one year. The adjustable steering wheel allows you to make their favorite riding toy grow with them. That means that your child will get to use the toy for several years instead of just one year.

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You will also find that this riding toy has an adjustable seat to accommodate the growing legs of your child. Some riding toys suggest the appropriate age of the child that should ride these toys, but they do not take into consideration that one four year old might be a lot taller than the next four year old. Those children will like the same things, but they will need their riding toys to be adjustable so they can ride comfortably.

BFR Braking System

A BFR braking system is a brake, forward, reverse system. When the child pushes the pedals in a normal forward motion the riding toy will move in a forward motion. When they push the pedals backwards the riding toy will reverse. When they stop pedaling the cart will stop rolling. I like this system because the child can reverse if they come to a place where they cannot go forward. It also makes the riding toy work more like the vehicles their parents drive and kids like to emulate their parents.

Swing Axle

When the pedal kart that has a fixed axle crosses rough terrain the axle does not give so pressure is applied to the rear tires, and to the axle. This causes the child to have a rougher ride, and it can cause the machine to break faster than it should. If you want your riding toys to last longer make sure they have swing axles.


  • Four wheels for stability
  • Adjustable steering wheel so the riding toy grows with your child
  • Adjustable seat for positioning comfort
  • Swing axle
  • Brake, forward, reverse system to make stopping easier
  • Easy to assemble
  • Pink and white
  • Made of durable materials


  • Some assembly required
  • Bright pink in color so some boys would not like to have this because they would think it is for girls only

Final Thoughts

I think that I might advice this a little too often for some shoppers, but I advice that all children receive a helmet to wear when they get this riding toy, and a flag that can be placed on the back of the toy that extends above the back of the go kart.

These riding toys are very low profile and if you are sitting in a car you may not see one of these small riding toys when you go to back up, and sometimes when you are going forward. The flags are not expensive, they attach to the frame of the riding toy, and they stick up high enough that people in cars will see them. The flag alerts drivers of the presence of a child’s toy. In my opinion a flag and a helmet are must have essentials for all riding toys, not just for pedal go carts.

Janice Friedman

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