BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart

When children start to get to be about three years of age we naturally start to consider getting them a riding toy that they can play with outside of the house. I have reviewed several of these types of toys and find this Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart of my absolute favorite go carts for kids.

Orange Pedal Go Kart

Things I Love About This Orange Pedal Go Kart

Most people think that the only differences between one pedal go kart and another one is the color of the toy, the price of the toy, or the accessories the toy comes with. I am here to tell you that no two pedal go karts are created equal. They have different features, and some of those features will make one riding toy more appealing to you than other riding toys of the same type. The following features are ones on this Buddy Orange machine that I found delightful.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires create a smooth ride because they absorb a lot of the chock that the riding toy receives as it is being driven. When you travel over rough ground the pneumatic tires take the brunt of the uneven punishment leaving the rider to feel nothing but a smooth ride. They act like mini shock absorbers, and they also help you to drive the vehicle on different surface areas.

Grass can be very difficult to ride a pedal driven toy on. Most pedal go kart are designed to be ridden on smooth surfaces, so a child who lives in the country, and rides their toy on grassy surfaces, has a hard time getting the toy to move forward. Pneumatic tires allow the child to ride across grassy surfaces, dirt paths, and gravel paths, as easily as a child riding across pavement, concrete, or asphalt.​

Swing Axle

A swing axle on a pedal go cart that will be ridden off road, or on terrain that is not smooth like dirt, gravel, or uneven surfaces, allows the rider to have better control of the riding toy, and it stops the axles of the toy from being broken. When a riding toy has a fixed place axle the axle is put under a lot of pressure when the toy is turned sharply, or when it travels over uneven surfaces. The axles of these riding toys will quickly break due to the stress. A swing axle stops that breaking from happening.

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Adjustable Seat

Children come in all sizes. They have legs of different lengths, even if they are approximately the same height as another child. Being able to move the seat forward, or backwards, will allow you to position your child on the riding vehicle so that they can comfortably reach the pedals and the steering wheel. This feature adds comfort so the child will play on the toy more often, but it also adds safety. When the child is not trying to reach pedals that are too far away they have fewer accidents.

Goes in Reverse

When a child is playing on their riding toy they often ride as fast as they can down a path they think is clear, and then discover that something is standing in their way and they have to turn around and go back, or they need to go around the obstacle. This riding toy is unique because the child can pedal the wheels backwards and reverse the rider. Most riding toys of this sort do not have a reverse feature and when the child comes to an obstacle they have to get off of the toy and physically maneuver it so that they can travel in the other direction.


  • Powder coated tubular steel framing
  • Brake, Forward, Reverse, braking system
  • Goes in reverse
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Sealed bearings
  • Swing axle
  • Maximum weight 150 lbs
  • Adjustable seat


  • Some assembly is required
  • Does not come with flag

Final Thoughts

I believe that safety is the one thing you cannot scrimp on. Your child will be safer if you buy the flag that attaches to the back of this pedal go kart. The flag allows people who are in higher profile automobiles to clearly see that something is behind, or in front of them. That prevents children riding this toy from being hit by a car.

I also believe that every child should wear a helmet for safety when they are riding any type of riding toy. A large number of children are injured each year falling from riding toys. Those injuries can almost always be prevented by having the child wear a helmet, and by purchasing a riding toy such as this one that is low to the ground so the child does not have far to fall if they fall out of the vehicle, or if the vehicle turns over while they are riding.

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