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I love pedal go karts because they provide children with fun entertainment and valuable exercise. Children do not know that riding these devices is good for them. They simply know that they have a good time while they ride. There are too many devices in our children’s lives that are battery powered, or that work automatically. This old style Buzzy Pedal Go Kart lets a child use their own energy, and their own imagination, to create an enjoyable experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

Buzzy Pedal Go Kart

Things I Love about this Buzzy Pedal Go Kart

I do like child powered riding toys, but the following features of this pedal go kart made me love it more than many other riding toys of similar designs.

Adjustable Seat and Handlebars

I work hard for my money, and I am sure that you do too. When I buy something I want to be able to use it for several years. Most riding toys designed for children have to be replaced yearly because the child outgrows them. Sometimes when you buy a child a riding toy you discover that the child has legs too short to reach the pedals and they have to wait until they grow taller to be able to ride their machine. Other times you discover that your child has legs that are so long that they do not fit comfortably on the riding toy you have bought them. If the child is uncomfortable then they do not play with the toy.

This little wheeled vehicle has a seat that can be moved forward or slid backwards to accommodate the length of the child’s legs. The handlebars can be raised so that when your child grows longer in the torso they will still be able to ride their toy comfortably. I like features that increase the length of time an item can be used.

Swing Axle

A swing axle allows the front portion of the axle to sway instead of sitting rigid. The swing axle allows your vehicle to travel over rough surfaces, and around tight corners, without tipping over, and without allowing the wheels of the machine to be lifted from the ground. I advocate buying riding toys with swing axles because the children are safer on them, and the ride is smoother.

Four Wheels

The big difference between this off road go kart and an old fashioned tricycle like the ones I rode when I was young is the fourth wheel. The old fashioned tricycle design had one wheel in the front, and two smaller wheels in the back. When you were riding if you turned a sharp corner one side of the back would lift off of the ground and you almost always turned over. That resulted in a lot of skinned knees, and bruises. This device has two wheels in the front, and two wheels in the back, so the machine is more stable when your child turns corners, or when they get to riding down a hill.

The stability of the riding toy increases the safety of the rider because it reduces the number of times they flip their tricycle over. The feet of the rider can stay firmly on the pedals as they coast down hills, or drift around corners so they have fewer accidents.


  • Four wheels for stability
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Solid tires do not go flat
  • Swing axle
  • Whisper quiet
  • Lightweight construction


  • Some assembly required
  • Pedals still turn when coasting down hills

Final Verdict

I always advocate buying children toys that are safe to play with. We want our children to have fun with their toys, and we know that they are going to get some bumps and bruises, but I prefer to buy things like this child powered device that minimizes the chances of injury.

I love that this go kart for kids requires no batteries, and no other source of fuel. You will not be charging the battery every night so that your child can ride for a few minutes the next day. If the go kart is left outside and it rains you will not have to worry that the battery or the controls of the device will be harmed by the moisture.

The weight limit on this device is sixty five pounds. That means that most children between the ages of three and six will be able to ride this toy. It is crafted with a metal frame so it can withstand all manners of riding.

I recommend this go kart with pedals to anyone looking for an outside toy to entertain their small child. I recommend that a child wear a helmet while riding this toy. I also recommend that parents place a raised flag on the back of the toy to increase the visibility to people in automobiles.

Janice Friedman

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