BERG Toys John Deere Buddy Pedal Go Kart

Every child should own at least one electric go kart in their life. Before you buy an electric go kart for your child you should consider buying a Buddy Pedal Go Kart. A pedal powered go kart for kids cannot move as quickly as an electric go kart so younger children have fewer chances of having an accident that could injure them.

Buddy Pedal Go Kart

Once the child has ridden on a pedal powered device for some time they will be ready to graduate up to an electric go kart. From the experience they gain riding a electric go karts they will become prepared to get their first gasoline powered riding device.

As parents it is up to us to choose the proper toys that will enable our children to grow and learn. Pedal riding toys help children to establish coordination and a sense of balance. Children also gain valuable confidence in their own ability to do something without the assistance of their parents or peers while they ride pedal powered machines.​

Features I Love About This Buddy Pedal Go Kart

I love go karts. I like electric go karts, and I like pedal powered go karts for kids. Each go kart has unique features that make me like it more than I like any other toy. The following features represent the reasons why I suggest this off road go kart to so many people.

Reverse Pedaling

The break forward reverse system established for the pedals of this go kart for kids allows your child to pedal in reverse. There are very few pedal powered riding toys that offer this feature or capability.

Sealed Bearings

The sealed bearings on this go kart for kids will insure that your young rider will have many hours of effortless rolling without you having to do any maintenance. You know that this off road go kart is going to be ridden through dirt and mud, and water puddles. Your child can feel free to ride their John Deere Buddy Pedal go kart through all of these things without causing any damage to the machine.

Check Out More Specifications Of This Product

Adjustable Seat

An adjustable seat allows more children to be able to ride this off road go kart. You want to buy riding toys that have adjustable seats so that as your child grows you can retrofit their riding toy and allow them to get more use from them. The longer your child can ride on a toy the more value you get from the money you have invested in the toy.


  • Rubberized pneumatic tires
  • Can peddle backwards
  • Sealed bearings
  • Adjustable seat


  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

This go kart for kids sits very low to the ground, and that can be a hazard because people in vehicles may not see the device and this could lead to an accident. You can easily solve the problem of low visibility by purchasing flags for the John Deere Buddy. The flags stick up high enough that vehicle drivers can see them so fewer children will be in danger of being hit by a car backing up or going forward. Safety always has to be your first concern when you buy your child a riding toy.

I also suggest buying a riding helmet. I know that this is a pedal powered go kart for kids, but children can receive severe head injuries while riding bicycles, tricycles, and other pedal powered riding toys. To be on the safe side buy the child a helmet that fits them properly and encourage them to wear the helmet every time they ride.​

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