Berg Toys Junior Go Karts – White

If you want to give a child that you know a great way to exercise, and a stylish riding toy, then you want to consider buying this Junior Go Karts which is a pedal go kart for kids. The children who receive this item will be able to ride for many years because it is made of heavy materials that can withstand a weight of as much as one hundred and fifty pounds.

junior go karts

Features I Love About This Junior Go Karts

I love that these Junior Go Karts are pink and white because many little girls are not encouraged to ride on toys like this one. The beautiful pink seats, pink wheels and accents make it attractive to little girl riders. There are also other features that I believe make this a great go kart for kids.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

The adjustable steering wheel allows all children to be able to ride this go kart for kids and be comfortable while they are riding. The steering wheel adjusts so that children who are shorter than average and children who are taller than average can all have the same great riding experience as children who are perfectly average.

Berg Toys Junior Buddy - White

Swing Axle

The swing axle will insure that your child has the ultimate amount of steering control when they are riding this go kart for kids. A swing axle is flexible and allows children to ride their toy over surfaces that are not perfectly smooth. Your child will have more fun and fewer accidents when riding. The swing axle truly makes this an off road go kart instead of just a riding toy designed for pavement riding.

Bucket Seat with High Back

When your child sits in the seat of this off road go kart they will be able to lean back and have excellent support for their backs. They will be more comfortable and this will increase the amount of time they will want to ride on their toy. That means that the children will get more physical exercise and you will get a greater amount of enjoyment from watching your children play.

Berg Toys Junior Buddy

Check Out More Specifications Of This Product

Supports a 150 pound rider

These Junior Go Karts for kids will support a rider that weighs as much as one hundred and fifty pounds. That means a small adult can ride this toy and share fun with their child and it also means that children who are heavier than average can ride this toy. They can get the same fun experiences and the same beneficial exercise that their smaller peers receive. I love this feature and I thank the manufacturer for making this go kart for kids durable enough that it can handle these weights.


  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • Swing axle
  • Bucket seat with high back for comfort
  • BFR System
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • All four wheels are always on the ground
  • Supports up to 150 pound rider
  • Solid construction


  • Some assembly required
  • A little heavy and very small children might have trouble getting it going because of the weight

Final Thoughts

I believe that giving children toys that are not battery operated allows you to encourage those children to get outside and get some exercise. I like that this go kart for kids is kid powered, and I like that children of all sizes can ride on it.

Your child will get many years of enjoyment riding this go kart for kids because of the weight it can handle and the ability you will have to adjust the steering wheel so the child can ride comfortably as they grow.​

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