Y-Bike Yexp203 Explorer 2.0 Deluxe 3 Wheel Kids Go Kart – Blue

If you want your child to have a riding toy with 3 wheel, I mean to say 3 Wheel Kids Go Kart that they can start to use when they are only three or four and still be using when they are fifteen or sixteen then you want them to have this particular riding toy. You will be amazed at the way the frame adjusts to accommodate the growing of the child and the fact that the lightweight frame allows smaller children to be able to ride as well as older children.

3 wheel kids go kart

This is an exceptional 3 Wheel Kids Go Kart. That is a great value because instead of having to buy a new riding toy each year, you can simply lengthen the frame on this off road go kart and that provides the child with a bigger riding toy.

The pneumatic tires allow the child to ride form many years without having to get new tires for the device, and the pneumatic tires insure that the ride will be smooth even when the child is riding over a rough surface.​

Features I Love About This 3 Wheel Kids Go Kart

I want to go on record as saying that I love pedal powered devices so it is not surprising that I loved so many features included on this pedal powered go kart for kids.

3 wheel kids go kart blue

Directional Pedals

The directional pedals allow your child to pedal the device forward or in reverse. Not all pedal vehicles allow that feature so this is an amazing feature that will allow your child to ride in places they normally could not ride most go karts for kids.

Easy Grip Steering Handles

The easy grip steering handles replace a conventional steering wheel or traditional handle bars. It takes a little bit of time for the child to adjust to using the steering handles but once they do they will find that they have more control over their bike and they will enjoy riding more than they ever have before. This off road go kart is revolutionary with the three wheel design and the steering handles that allow you to control the rear wheel as well as the front wheels.

ybike explorer go kart

Check Out More Specifications Of This Product

Aluminum Framing

Aluminum is a lightweight metal and the lighter the frames of the off road go kart is the faster that the machine will go. Aluminum is easier to bend than other metals and I know that some people will be concerned that the aluminum frame will not hold up as well as other metals, but I am here to tell you that aluminum frames do very good under normal riding conditions. I like the aluminum because it is lightweight and small children can easily power the device.

Adjustable Frame

The adjustable frame insures that as your child grows this go kart for kids will grow with them. I like buying things that can be used and enjoyed for a long time. I like manufacturers that realize that children do not stay the same size for long so they make their products capable of being enlarged so as the child grows their favorite toys grow with them. The adjustable frame makes this toy grow with the child and that makes it a more valuable investment for you.


  • Comes with safety flag
  • Directional pedals allow you to move in forward and reverse
  • 154 pound weight capacity
  • Back wheel steering
  • Two easy to grip steering handles
  • Adjustable frame
  • Aluminum frame


  • Some assembly required
  • Easy to tip over

Final Thoughts

I am very impressed by this particular pedal go kart for kids and I would highly recommend it as a safe, and fun toy.

Go Kart Review Team

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