Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart

This Razor electric go kart is one of the finest go karts for kids being made today. The manufacturer took into consideration the ages, the sizes, and the driving skills of the children that will be using the device.

The Razor electric go kart is constructed of solid materials that have been proven to be reliable over the years, and the machine has all of the safety features included that help each rider to enjoy their toy without taking any great chances of being injured. I recommend this product highly because of the design and versatility it has.

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Features I Love about this Razor Electric Go Kart

Each individual electric go kart has something unique that makes it a better buy. One of my favorite things to do is to search for the features of each electric go kart that will cause people to like one item better than another one. Sometimes the features are simple and basic ones that provide you with a solid toy that will last longer.

Steel Construction

Steel construction to me means that I have purchased an electric go kart that has been designed to last. Electric go karts take a lot of punishment because they are ridden over uneven ground, they hit bumps, and children accidentally run into things.

If the frame of the off road go kart you buy is made of thin tubing, or plastic it is more likely to break when it is put under pressure. If it is made of steel then you can rely on the framework holding together and keeping your child safer during their play times, and the go kart lasting a longer amount of time.

Hand Controls for Acceleration and Braking

Small children who are just learning to ride electric go karts should have go karts that have hand controls. When children get older they will most likely ride all terrain vehicles that have hand controls and this allows them to become familiar and confident in using those controls.

It also allows children to have fewer accidents. Many accidents occur because the rider confused the brake pedal and the accelerator and they accelerate and crash into objects. When the accelerator and braking system have hand controls like the ones on this Razor electric go kart there is less of a chance that the child will confuse the two controls.

Cast Aluminum Wheels

It might sound strange that I love the cast aluminum wheels, but I like products that will last and the cast aluminum wheels on this Razor electric go kart help to insure that this product will last a long time. Cast aluminum is a sturdy metal that does not rust or corrode. Since the wheels are frequently gotten wet during riding the cast aluminum assures that the wheels will keep on working for many years.

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  • Steel construction
  • Cast aluminum wheels
  • 2 twelve volt rechargeable batteries
  • Hand operated accelerator
  • Hand controlled brakes
  • Reaches speeds of up to twelve miles per hour
  • Battery charger included


  • Some assembly required
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Final Thoughts

You will need to purchase the helmet to protect your child separately. A helmet is a protective device that should be worn by all children who are using a riding toy, even for a pedal go kart. Head injuries can be serious and you want your child to be as safe as possible when they ride, and you want to instill good habits, like wearing a helmet while children are young so they will not forget later in life when they are riding machines that are gas powered and capable of going much faster.


Janice Friedman

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