Buzzy Pedal Go Kart Reviews

Before you start looking at electric go karts for your youngster consider buying them a pedal go kart and let them learn to maneuver their yard on it. Still thinking why? Let find out the answer of this question from this pedal go kart reviews. When you do buy an Pedal go kart. Your child will be familiar with the riding toy and more capable of getting the full enjoyment from it.

Pedal Go Kart Reviews

A pedal go kart for kids will only reach about three miles per hour at a top speed because the child is powering it. An electric go kart can reach between twelve and twenty miles per hour. I suggest younger children should learn to ride on the pedal version and graduate up to the electric version, and then on to a gas powered go kart.

Buzzy Pedal Go Kart Reviews Based on Features

I love reviewing products that are made with the consumer in mind. The features of this go kart for kids tell me that the design team that developed the toy was thinking about the people who will be using it and their limitations. The following features assure me that my child is going to be able to ride the toy comfortably, and play with the toy a lot longer because of the adjustments that can be made for height.

No Batteries Needed

When you get the Buzzy Pedal go kart assembled it is ready to ride and it is always ready to ride when the child is ready to ride. The electric go karts in the catalogs look awesome, and any child would love to have them, until they discover that electric go karts can be ridden for about forty minutes each day. Then the batteries have to be charged for eight to twelve hours before the child can play again.

The Buzzy pedal go kart is kid friendly and requires no batteries, no charging, and no fuel other than the child riding it. When your child wants to ride they can do so for as long as they want.

Whisper Quiet Tires

The whisper quiet tires on the Buzzy Pedal Go Kart will insure that your children can ride their new off road go kart without disturbing you or the neighbors. I like this feature because when I give a child a toy I want them to get to enjoy it without restrictions or limitations.

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Adjustable Handle Bars

The Buzzy Pedal go kart has an adjustable seat like many go karts for kids have. An adjustable seat allows children of different heights to ride more comfortably, but this go kart for kids also includes adjustable handle bars. The adjustable handle bars insure that the child can ride more comfortably. Many manufacturers forget that when you move the seat forward or backwards on a riding toy you need to adjust the angle and height of the handle bars so the child can hold them comfortably.


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  • Whisper quiet tires
  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable handle bars
  • Swing axle
  • affordable[/wpsm_box]


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  • Some assembly required[/wpsm_box]


Final Thoughts

One of my favorite things about the Buzzy Pedal Go Kart is that you do not have to do any maintenance. You do not have to buy any accessories and you can store the item vertically. Okay, I know that is three things but I simply love toys that are maintenance free. Electric go karts require batteries, and they require me to charge them each evening. This toy is ready to go as soon as it is assembled and I do not have to buy anything to make it work.

You might want to buy a helmet to protect your child from injury if they fall. The helmet is the only accessory you may want to consider when you give your child one of these go karts for kids to ride.


Janice Friedman

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