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The Realtree design on this best go kart for kids insures that the children will like the way it looks. Many parents have this design on their four wheelers and off road vehicles and children like to emulate their parents.

Monster moto go kart Best Go Kart

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You are going to love the versatility, durability, and ingenuity of this off road go kart for kids. It has design features that will make it an item you pass down through many children before the riding toy wears out.

Features I Love about this Best Go Kart

I get very impressed when a manufacturer thinks outside of the box during the design phase and increases the safety and durability of a product.

This go kart for kids has been created with the safety and fun experience of the child in mind. The following features proved to me that the manufacturer was not just trying to make a riding toy, they were trying to make a riding toy that would last.

Monster Moto MM-K80RT 79.5cc Go Kart - Realtree Design

Overhead Valves

The overhead valve design provides this go kart for kids with an increased amount of power. This engine is a longer lasting design that increases the power, sustainability, and durability of the engine. I like anything that increases the length of time that something I buy will last.

Super Grip Tires

The super grip tires not only allow the off road go kart to travel on surfaces that smooth tires could not travel on, they allow the driver to maintain better control of the vehicle when they are driving.

Better control means the driver will be less likely to have an accident and that is an improved safety feature. I want anything that my child is riding on, or driving, to be as safe as it can possibly be.

Monster Moto MM-K80RT 79.5cc Go Kart

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Tube Steel Frame

The tube steel frame is lighter than solid steel framing is. That means the off road go kart can go faster because it weighs less. It also means that in the event of an accident my child stands a lesser chance of being injured if the off road go kart should roll over on top of them.

Accidents are something we never want to consider but if we consider them when we find go karts for sale we can choose go karts for kids that have more safety features to help prevent accidents from happening.

Color Coordinated Pedals

This go kart is likely to be one of the first powered riding toys a child receives. It has a lot of safety features like a padded steering wheel, and a roll bar, and a seat belt, but it also has an added feature that I found ingenious.

The manufacturer put a green dot on the accelerator and a red dot on the brake pedal. The child will be less likely to become confused and press the accelerator when they meant to mash on the brakes.

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  • Lightweight
  • Tube steel frame
  • Padded steering wheel
  • Super grip tires
  • Overhead valve engine
  • Protective roll bar
  • Formed bucket seat
  • Safety harness/seatbelt
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Colored operational pedal, green for go, red for stop
  • Stylish décor


  • Some assembly required

Monster Moto Go Kart Final Thoughts

This off road best go kart has everything you could want in a riding toy for your child, plus many things that you did not know you wanted. I like discovering features like the color coded accelerator and braking pedals, because I like to tell parents about products that are truly innovative. Reading reviews like this one about the monster moto go kart can help you to choose the perfect go kart for your child, and the way your child will ride the item. You will get more for your money and your child will have more fun.

Janice Friedman

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