Vroom Rider Zoom Pedal Kids Kart with Pneumatic Tire

Vroom Rider Zoom Pedal Go-Kart Ride Ons with Pneumatic Tire, Green

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This sporty looking Kids Kart is brightly colored, has interesting decals to make it look like a racing machine, and it is powered by child energy. Child energy is one of the greatest resources. This source of energy will allow the off road go kart to go as fast or as slow as the child wants it to.

The parent gets the satisfaction of giving their child a safe riding toy that requires no external power sources, and of knowing that their child is developing greater coordination every time they ride.

Do not tell your child but toys like these are educational. They help a child to increase their balance, their eye to hand coordination, their depth perception, and their upper body strength.

Each time they ride they use muscles and brain power that increases in strength from each use. You will be educating them as they play, but I would not tell them that. I would simply tell them it is a fun riding toy.

Features I Love about this Kids Kart

I love features that increase the amount of usage my child will get from a toy I give them. This go kart for kids has a lot of features that make it more comfortable to ride, easier to ride, and longer lasting. The following are some of those features.

Vroom Rider Zoom Pedal Go-Kart Ride Ons with Pneumatic Tire, Red

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Pneumatic Tires

When you buy a riding toy you want your child to get to enjoy that toy for as long as possible. A pedal powered riding toy should last for many years, but some of these go karts for kids do not last but a few months because their tires wear out quickly.

Parents are then faced with the option of purchasing more of the tires that will only last a short time, or telling the child to stop playing with the toy because it cannot be repaired.

This sporty looking off road go kart comes with pneumatic tires. That means the tires will last a very long time. It also means that the child will have better control over the vehicle when they are riding on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth. Your little one will be able to take out across the yard on this go kart for kids and ride as easily as if they were on a paved surface.

Vroom Rider Zoom Pedal Go-Kart Ride Ons with Pneumatic Tire, Yellow

High Backrest on Seat

The high backrest on the seat will allow your child to be more comfortable while they ride, and it will protect them also. With the high backrest the child can lean back and will be less likely to fall from the riding toy. Safety is a parent’s first concern.

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Three Point Steering

The three point steering will insure that your little one will be able to control where they are going. This go kart for kids is designed for small children who weigh sixty five pounds or less. You want to make sure that those children can easily steer the machine in the direction they want to go. This will reduce accidents and improve confidence in the rider.


  • Pneumatic tires last longer than any other type of tire
  • Three point steering
  • High backrest on seat
  • Made from solid materials


  • Some assembly required

Final Thoughts

This off road go kart is made for smaller children that weight less than sixty five pounds. It is a great beginner riding toy that is powered by the child, safe to play on, and long lasting. You can give your child a gift of fun, while you know they are using energy and increasing their health. I personally like the look of the toy, and how easy it is to ride.


Janice Friedman

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