Kandi 150cc 2-seat Kart | Best Go Kart For Kids

Kandi 150cc 2-seat Go Kart

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If you are like me you tend to shop for things that are made by companies that you have developed trust in over the years.

This wonderful kids go kart is made by Honda and we have all developed a trust in the items this company manufacturers. The manufacturer can cause you to show more favoritism towards an object because you know what that company has produced in the past.

You will not be disappointed by this machine. Honda has once again given us a riding device that is dependable, reliable, fun, and filled with innovative features to keep us enjoying the ride.

Features I Love about this Go Kart For Kids

I could not wait to see if this off road go kart was as fun to ride as I thought it would be. I was not disappointed, and I was even impressed by many of the features. This product is filled with safety features to keep the rider protected, and filled with features that will prolong the life of the machine.

The manufacturers have included the following features that help reduce maintenance, reduce wear and tear, and reduce the amount of time I have to spend working on the go kart for kids, and increase the amount of time my children spend riding.

Kandi 2 seat Go Kart

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes do not heat up like drum brakes. This makes them a lower maintenance brake. Mud and dirt gets trapped up in drum brakes but it does not get trapped in the hydraulic disc brakes.

Rear Wheel Drive

You have an added measure of traction when you have rear wheel drive because your weight is sitting over the rear wheels. This allows you to go through mud and slick terrain easier.

The front suspension on the majority of off road go karts is light weight and therefore would not support a drive train without creating wear and tear on the front suspension. You also increase your control over the vehicle by having rear wheel drive instead of front wheel drive.

Kandi 150cc Go Kart

Air Cooled Four Stroke Engine

A four stroke engine does not have to have mixed gas to operate. The air cooled engine is great because it does not require a radiator and radiator coolant. You will want to keep the engine clean so that the air can properly circulate but these engines are long lived and easy to maintain. They are one of my favorite features on this off road go kart.


If you have ever had to get out and push an off road go kart out of a tight spot you know that this can take time and muscle. Having a reverse on this go kart for kids means that when they get that go kart in a tight situation you are not going to have to come push it out for them. The children will be able to ride with you having to get involved less.

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  • Has 2 bucket style seats
  • Hs roll bar with foam padding
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Electronic ignition
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Rear view mirror
  • Headlights mounted on grill
  • Easy grip steering wheel
  • Air cooled four stroke engine
  • Automatic transmission
  • Has reverse


  • No speed governor
  • No remote kill capability

Final Thoughts

This go kart for kids is one of the most amazing off road go karts that I have reviewed. It has all of the safety features you want, plus many time saving features that will allow you to enjoy the item for a longer period of time. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone I knew.


Janice Friedman

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