Go Kart Tracks – Which One Is the One for You?

When it comes to go-karting there are two main types of go kart tracks. Thing is you have to remember is not all go carts can be used for both. So let’s go over the difference between the go karts, so when you are building or looking for one you know you have the right one for you. This is important even if you are buying a kit, because you want to make sure you get the correct go-kart kit before it gets to you.

Two Main Types of Go Kart Tracks

If you are not much for the outdoors, dirt, mud or otherwise. Then you are going to want to keep you’re go-karting skills on asphalt. Basically, plain and simple paved surfaces. This type of surface requires different go kart specifications and requirements than one that is used for off-roading. The main differences being height, suspension and tires. Many stick to asphalt too if speed is more of their game.

The other type of track is going to be referred to off-roading. This can include different types of many non-paved surfaces. It could be mud, sand, rocks or a mixture of any. Since you will not always be going over a smooth flat surface such as asphalt, off-roading requires more when it comes to suspension, tires, horsepower and more. This is the type of track where a challenge and the love for the outdoors is what they seek.

What to Look for When Building, Buying or Modifying a Go Kart

If you are planning on building, buying or modifying a go kart you have to decide which type of go kart that you want. If you want an asphalt, dirt or combination go-kart. When looking at go carts you want to make sure you pay close attention to details. So you know you are getting the right one.

If a go-kart is set up for asphalt, it should be easy to spot in most cases. Most asphalt go karts sit lower to the ground, have smaller tires and a less complex suspension. The tread on the tires will typically be different too. They will either have more of a flat surfaced tread or have tread similar to a basic on road car tire. So if someone tells you that you can totally off road with it, even though it looks like it may scrape even on gravel. Then you may want to do your homework.

An off road go-kart is typically obvious if you know the basics on mechanical. An off-road cart will sit up higher off the ground. The suspension will usually be more complex, since the suspension is built to handle more. The tires will usually be on the bigger side. They will also have mud tire resemblance. Since flat tread is not going to work off-road. Those are the common dead giveaways.

Then you have your hard to come by dual purpose go kart. You can build one, but be prepared to spend more time and money than on a regular asphalt go kart. The big advantage here with this style though is that it is ready to go, no matter where you want to use it. You may want to change out tires, but they do have tires that accommodate both as well.

Finding a Track or Off Road Area

Now when you are looking for a place to ride your go kart that is another whole ball game. There are some of us lucky enough to have our own private land to create our own track. However, for many of us that isn’t an option so now you have to look for one. Just like other recreational vehicles you can indeed receive a ticket for operating where not allowed.

So you will want to look online in your area to find out where there are some asphalt tracks that may be open to the public. Otherwise, maybe you have that friend or family member that may have a place to let you play as well.

As far as off-roading there are regulations for many ATV trails, so you will need to find out if there are any trails and what those regulations are. There are many cases though you may have a little bit of a drive, but the fun is so worth it.  Some do try and walk the fine line of playing in town on the road by their home or in their yards. However, if you have neighbors that may not appreciate the noise well that could be a problem.

If you cannot find the information either of the above ways. Look into go-kart clubs that may be in your area or close to it. They may be able to help you with the information you are looking for about available tracks. You may have to pay to use some tracks or areas, but in most cases they are reasonable costs. They are well worth a day’s worth of fun especially if you are making it a family affair! You may also find out where the best meets are for fellow go-kart lovers.

Final Thoughts

If you are just going to keep it basic asphalt is the way to go, costs are a little lower and it is great for occasional fun. If you are ready to get serious and dirty. Don’t mind spending some time and money on an off road monster. Then an off-road go-kart is the way to go for you!

Just remember those accessories items you may need to. Safety equipment, trailer sufficient enough to haul your go kart and extra goodies you may need. You also want to make sure that especially if you are off-roading to make sure you keep your go-kart clean. Always do an occasional inspection on the frame and parts also.

The typical go kart are meant for go kart tracks, but if and when you are ready than a buggy would be your next step up. Those can also be used on the street where allowed, as long as regulations are met for your area.

That’s all for today, I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have about Go Kart Tracks


Janice Friedman

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