Guide to Go Kart Features Available On Today

If you are looking to buy a go kart, there are different types and features available today. The hard part is going to be which ones to choose for you. You should have an idea what is available before you head out to buy though.

That way you know what you want before getting to the dealership, or ordering one.  That way when you do get one you are getting what you want from the start, with the go kart features you are looking for.

Go Kart Features You May Want to Know About

There are different features that you can get in a go kart, so we are going to go over the most common. That way you know what is available to you. Just remember some features may only be available to certain models.

  • Most go karts today come with reverse, which is great because there is no having to physically move a cart when you need to turn it around.
  • Some also have an electric start engine as well as an additional backup pull start. They can also be found with either or also.
  • Adjustable driver’s seat, which is great if switching drivers. If it is a two seater most cases both are adjustable.
  • Manual choke for all weather starting. For those who decide to use them on those chillier days or times of the year.
  • LED headlights, which will last over time and be brighter. So if you decide you want to do some night time riding you will be able to see clearly.
  • Horn, if you need it. Which comes in handy occasionally.
  • All wheel fenders, which are nice to have if you want to avoid spray back off of the tires. Which is especially helpful in water, mud or dirt.
  • Canopy top, if you want to have some shade. It will even help offer some protection against rain.
  • 5 Point seat belts, which are great over the standard. Which are the best route to go, they hold your upper body in place better than the standard belts.
  • Standard seat belts, if you are only looking for the basic in seat belt needs.
  • Side panels, offer extra protection which is great especially for younger riders. Good for safety for any age group. Helps protect lower body during accidents and from objects that may try to come into the go kart such as rocks, branches and other objects.
  • Adjustable steering wheel, makes it easier to get in and out of. Also great because it can adjust to every driver’s needs. Which is great when you need some extra length or need to shorten it up some.
  • Speedometer/odometer, not needed unless you want to keep an eye on your speed.
  • Nitrogen gas shocks, which are great performance shocks. Great addition for off-roading conditions. These are shocks that only come on certain models.
  • Automatic trans, for those who don’t want manual. Which is great for the younger ones or those who don’t want to deal with a stick shift.
  • Manual shifting for those who want to learn or use manual shifting. Great way to teach the younger ones about manual shifting which is a great skill to have.
  • Adjustable pedals, which is great for drivers of different heights. That way you can comfortably drive without having to stretch or feel compacted in your space.
  • Kill speed governor, so you can control the speed if you need. No going faster than you want the go kart to go.
  • Some even come with a remote so you can have full control over the cart when in use.
  • Live axel.
  • Brake lights, always great to have when someone is behind you. They would appreciate knowing when you are going to stop. Turn signals come with also in some models as well.
  • Battery tender.
  • MP3 player, yes have to keep up with today’s technology. Driving is always better with some great tunes.
  • Disc brakes.

Aftermarket Parts

The above mentioned features are just things that come standard in some models. There are many other items that can be added on as well if you so choose. There are plenty of aftermarket parts that you may find of interest. Sure we could try to write them all down but it would end up with pages and pages of information.

So we just wanted to provide you with a basic list of what is typically available when you buy it new. Aftermarket parts are usually parts that are added after purchase. You may also decide to keep everything stock and that is ok too. Stock is also a great choice if you are still under warranty, because many warranties are null and void if you add aftermarket items. So always check your warranty to see what your warranty allows and don’t allow.

Final Insights

When buying a go kart always make sure you are getting what you want and what you need. Sure it is always great to get a great price, but the question is at what price. Always make sure that your safety needs are always met because that is always a top priority.

The best way to save money is to buy something with only the features you will get use out of and not all the extra money costing things you don’t need. You also want to make sure that you always have what you need for maintaining your go kart. As well as storing it for the off season and having a way to transport it when you need to. There are plenty of place to find out more information about go karting and go karts.

Which some of the best places to get some of that valuable information is go karting club sites. Especially if you are looking for information on places to ride, meets and more. Other members are also usually more than happy to give their opinion on where to buy go karting or give you their opinion on go kart features as well. That’s all for today, I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have about Features in modern Go Kart  

Janice Friedman

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