Basic Go Kart Safety Step by Step Guideline

Go karting is a sport that is enjoyed by many, it is a great sport to enjoy with friends and family as well as solo. The best way to get the best out of your go kart fun is to do it safely.

Everyone has to be fun, but it’s not fun when someone gets hurt. So we are just going to go over some of the best safety tips, to keep you safe while having fun. It might sound technical, but go kart safety is easier to follow than you may think.

Best Go Kart Safety Tips

Here are some of the best things to remember, some you may already know. Some are pretty common sense, but it is always a good idea to keep things fresh in your mind. That way things are not forgotten when you need to remember them the most 

  • Helmet, always the first of most sports! Wear a helmet, protect your head from serious injury because when it comes to your head no injury is a good injury. There are many ways while go karting you can get a head injury. Hitting roll bars, rolling, abrupt stops, branches, rocks and etc.
  • Don’t wear loose fitting clothing, there are a lot of spinning parts on a go kart. So the last thing you want is something loose your wearing getting caught in it.
  • Tie back long hair, again another entanglement issue. If you have long hair, keep it up and secure. You don’t want your hair getting caught in any moving parts.
  • Invest in some guards for any of the spinning shafts, this will also protect you and others from any accidental entanglement. They are a cost worth bearing for the benefits, hands down.
  • Don’t ride with anyone on your lap, this is a common sense one. Reasons being similar as to why you don’t do it with other vehicles. You can end up with very bad injuries from many realms you don’t want to experience.
  • Invest in a roll cage, many go-karts come with them. If they don’t look into having one, it will do exactly what it is named after. It will help protect the rider in the case of a roll over. Without one you are susceptible to many different types of injuries.
  • Another common sense safety measure, seat belts! High speed, rough terrain and many other factors put you at risk for possible ejection should an accident occur. So a seat belt will help keep you where you need to be safely in your seat. Seat belts protect against ejection and neck injuries in an accident.
  • There is also protective clothing that can help as well. Better to be over prepared than not be prepared at all. Thick clothing is the best, even though not always comfortable and can be warm it offers the best protection.
  • Check your equipment on a regular basis! Keep your maintenance up on your go kart to prevent accidents caused by maintenance neglect. Check your brakes, steering, tires and etc to make sure everything is operating properly. If you have a manual, follow your manufacturer specs for the best advice.
  • Properly learn how to operate a go kart safely. Just like a car knowing how to properly operate a go kart before getting cut loose and doing something before your ready is the best route. Get to know your go kart.
  • Safe driving locations, make sure you pick locations to drive the go kart wisely. Know the terrain, the last thing you want to do is be on the track and hit an object that you didn’t know was there. Driving your go kart on most roadways and parking areas are illegal. So make sure you are within the laws for where you are riding. You also want to make sure that bystanders stay out of the way of the intended driving area.
  • Young drivers should always have adult supervision. This should not be something that is lacked on even if you think they are experienced enough. Things can happen and happen quickly, so you don’t want to find that out a little too late. So keep an eye on them when they decide they want to play.
  • Speed is another important safety factor. Most newer carts allow you to adjust how fast a go kart can go. If not there are ways you can do so, the last thing you want to do is put someone into a kart they cannot handle.
  • Don’t put let more people ride in a go kart than the go kart is intended for. Extra weight can cause issues with steering and handling. If you want to be able to ride with two people or more, get a go kart that accommodates that.
  • Googles, although not a must have they are a good idea. Especially since go karts typically don’t come with a windshield it will protect your eyes, from bugs, dirt, debris, branches and etc.

Final Insights

Those are the basic things you can do to keep yourself safe when it comes to go kart safety. There are probably many more, the best safety item you can have is you. You are the one to put into play all the safety things that need to be done. Also remember as an adult you are also the one who sets the example for the younger ones.

Teaching the younger riders safety is one of the most important things you can do. Then they will pass it on as they get older. If you are lucky enough to be using someone else’s property to ride with permission. Be responsible and respectful then as well, to make sure that you will have a place to ride in the future. Go karts are a great way to spend some great times together. Common sense is your best friend, take the time to look your kart over too. A quick look after each ride only takes a couple of minutes. That’s all for today, I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have about Go Kart Safety

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